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    But then I always disagree with Jerome.  That's not to say I always agree with the President, rather that so far the President has always agreed with me.  That's why I voted for him.

    Electing a President is like getting married.  Once you have chosen one it's to late to change him/her.  I assume Jerome did not vote for Pres. Obama and therefore he feels free to constantly criticize him.  If he did vote for him, I have to ask why?  Obama is doing what he said he would do, nobody should be surprised by that.

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    When I was a young girl, the First Family were John and Jackie Kennedy and their two beautiful children.  I was proud of them and I wanted others in the world to see in them what Americans are like.

    I haven't felt that again until now.  We've had Presidents that were good since then (and at least one really bad one) but it wasn't the same.  

    I hope people in other countries look at Barack and Michelle Obama with their two beautiful children and see them as stereotypical Americans.  We're most of us not that beautiful or smart and we don't all even support the President but that's internal business to us.  Elsewhere, I want people to think of Americans as like the Obamas.

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    The barber, the cab driver, the waitperson and kitchen staff at restaurants, the nanny, the gardener, the housekeeper, and all the other hardworking people these rich characters looked down on, gave up tax money that could have been used to fix schools in their neighborhoods or repair roads.  They did that to save the company and save the jobs of AIG employees.

    It's right that the AIG employees should give something back that might save someone else's job or help rebuild our infrastructure.

    Besides, they won't gain any more status spending that money than a bankrobber gets spending the loot.

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    Think of the Republicans like the posturing dictator of a middle eastern country (saber rattlers).  Think of the Conservadems as the diplomatic corps of the Democratic party. (extending hand to those who will unclench fist)

    The Republicans have been hunkering down in their bunkers and refusing to cooperate to get legislation passed.  They have offered nothing but obstructionism.  

    The members of the Conservadems do not intend to obstruct the passage of Obama's legislation and budgets.  Their job is to accept any positive suggestions, ideas or alternatives coming from the conservatives and present them for consideration.  The President encouraged formation of this group.

    I talked about this with Senator Bennett's assistant yesterday and she confirmed they will not obstruct the passage of Obama's agenda(s).  Both of CO's Senators are members and I told her many of us were concerned.

    President Obama is very savvy when it comes to politics.  We should trust him.

  • The same people who worried out loud that Obama didn't have a chance of winning in November and were proven wrong are still worrying.  They were also the people who said Obama wouldn't fulfill his campaign promises (he's been knocking them one by one off the list at a ferocious pace).

    I can't help but wonder if those people just worry as a habit.  Personally, I avoid worrying unless it's warranted...unless there is something I can do to fix whatever I'm worrying about.  

    I believe Obama is the best person we could have elected to do the job.  If nobody else could do it better, what is the point of worrying?

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    1.  Obama did not run as the anti-war candidate.  That was Kucinich on the D side and Paul on the R side.

    2.  Obama is drawing down the troops at a pace that will ensure their safety and the safety of those who remain.  That's all I ever expected. Remember this?  "We will be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in."  That's Obama.

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    Re:  Sprint vs. AT&T.  Sadly, only Cingular/AT&T gets a decent signal in my area.

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    You and I are on the same page but you put it more succinctly.

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    Fair trade promotes real choice, free trade promotes all retailers maximizing profit by purchasing the cheapest wholesale goods.  I swear whether I buy a sweater at Nordstrom's or K-Mart, it was knitted by the same group of children in a sweatshop somewhere in China or the South Pacific.

    A company's job is to maximize profit so they can't be faulted for doing what is in their nature.  It's government's job to set the guidelines within which they may operate.

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    Hmm, my original comment went poof.

    I got a 361.

    I started thinking about free trade, cheap goods, cell phones and toilet paper after taking the quiz.

    My blackberry won't take a charge since last November.  I didn't report it immediately to AT&T because I was too busy at the time.  A month or so later when I did report it, they said it was just over 1 year so my warranty was up.  I said "That's okay, I'll pay to have it fixed".  The response was "We don't fix them.  You'll have to buy a new one."  A one-year-old Blackberry that cost $300 is a throwaway?  So here it is March and since I don't have a cell phone anymore I guess I can cancel my cell phone service.

    When people are tightening their belts (like now) they don't want to buy new things, they want to get the old things fixed.  And often, they will do without rather than buy that new thing.

    Free Trade provides cheap throwaway goods.  That's okay for toilet paper (I always buy the single-ply cheapest) but for electronics and small appliances, I don't want to have to keep replacing things that should be fixable.

  • Looks like Steele had a change of heart.  That didn't last long.

    http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/ 03/steele-apologizes-to-limbaugh-praises -his-leadership.php

  • was the person who said Steele shouldn't piss off Limbaugh because Limbaugh has 22 million listeners and a Republican can't win without kissing his ass.

    My assumptions:

    1.  All 22 million who listen to Limbaugh actually agree with him
    2.  Those who don't listen to him don't agree with him.

    My conclusion:

    1.  A Republican can't win with only the 22 million Limbaugh listeners.

    1.  A Republican can't win without the 22 million Limbaugh listeners.
    2.  I'm going to have to listen to many years of rightwingers whining about why they keep losing. And that doesn't bother me to much.

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    The rightwing are trying to have a grassroots movement but it just highlights what the rest of us mean when we talk about wingnuttery.

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    Does MN have so much extra money to throw around just to satisfy Coleman and the RNC?  I doubt it.

  • how did the people raiding the place know that it employed the aliens?  Somebody knew they were undocumented yet they were still employed.

    Employers have ways of checking that the documentation they get is valid but they are either too lazy to do it or they don't want to know.  My money is on the latter.


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