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    Let me add that we need to push the DNC to revamp Dem only primaries.

    We had it in Maryland, and it worked great.

    Obama won with a 20% margin by REGISTERED democrats.
    Party Registration deadline was over in December.

    I am sure HRC'ers HATE this,  why, well because it cost Hillary the election in Maryland, an unfortunate DLC state (not for long we hope)

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    You people are the farthest thing from Feminism.

    Why don't you go and protest outside of the UN over the complete lack of attention to the many rape victims in Iraq.  American and Iraq women.

    Why dont you yell at the MSM for barely covering it,  oh yea your most hated guy Olberman was one of very few to cover it.

    You say the MSM is sexist to Hillary, well I spit on you just like I do KBR.  KBR and the DOD is sexist against rape victims and you guys only care about a nomination that is 6 feet under.

    Shame on you.

    Shame on this site for NO DIARIES covering this issue.
    For those DLC'ers who could care less about real issues and care more about your dead DINO ideology, watch this real progressive radio host and Nation author cover the most recent issue:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5GigADEv OA

    If you find the posters video more moving to call you to protest over the Rape story, then you have real issues and need to rexamine your humanity.

  • Ill make it again, I don't want to be telling my children stuff like "whining makes you as annoying as Hillary supporters"

    You guys hate Caucus's and Primaries in general because they are horrible for DINO's and DLC'ers

    In another post here I gave props to ActBlue.com, and I all heard was silence.

    When will you get it through your heads that the DLC Bush Dog Democrats days are done?

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    for ActBlue.com

    they are saving our party one election at a time.

    When ever I brag about our wonderful Progressive movement I always bring up ActBlue and the 30 MILLION raised last year.

    I also remind them of an enormously important victory we had in MD with Donna Edwards.

  • So what is so sexist about it, its a term used in Politics all the time.

    I would gladly say that in public and not feel a sexist bone in my body.

    My point is this poster put that snippet in there not to bring sexism to the surface but instead entice emotions in someone who assumes that every clip in the video is a sexist attack against Hillary.

    What a shame, Donna Brazille was totally right.

  • I believe he did this deal with the Colombians as an "easier out" for his little company.

    He is trying to get himself fired so when Hillary does drop out he is not standing next to her.

    I think the campaign won't "Fire" him for the simple reason they won't let him get off scot free.

    Also is it normal for these advisers to work for so many foreign governments?
    I find that very despicable, for instance lets go back to 92'.  
    James Carville came into the team after the nomination and for the general election, after Clinton won he left for years and worked for other countries.
    What? he didn't think the Dems needed him?  No he didn't care, he wants the highest bidder.

    I have an idea in my head of what an American Patriot is, and Carville and Penn are far from it.

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    Seriously I am trying to wrap my head around this Penn thing.

    First and foremost I hope this is his last election with the Dems, it would be in our interest in the RNC hired him.

    Second, I am tired of these "global" campainers like Penn and Carville.  I don't like the idea they are winning elections in foreign governmetns.  If we cannot serve in foreign armies, we shouldn't serve in their political machines.

    Now my main question is, do you guys think Mark Penn did this deal on purpose hoping it would sink Hillary's campaign?

    His motive I assume would be he would rather the campaign fail based on a single "mistake" of judgment, versus just a bad job all year.   This would make his company not look as bad.

  • If it's so absurd then I guess you feel charges should be brought against the state leaders who ruined the privileged to vote in a party nomination.

    The DNC must be respected, they really made a 180 with the 2006 elections, and I think are going to make political history with the next one.

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    What was so sexist that Snyder said the thing about the barn.

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    Please do this protest, it will be funny for us "Leebrals" to watch on the evil Olberman.

    What is it with you people, do you not realize that why we went with Obama.

    We are a political party with a PROGRESSIVE base.

    How do you expect elections to be won if we feel we got another default president who didn't represent the direction of the party.

    Also don't forget this, ALOT of people wrote Hillary off along time ago because of her connections to the DLC.

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    This is a joke from Obama supporters right?  


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