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    "It is more likely that a big censure fight would have the effect of rallying folks to his side," said one Democratic strategist and former Clinton aide.

    Exactly what demographic group of "folks" would Feingold's censure resolution rally? The O'Reilly crowd? I'm having tremendous difficulty even imagining any group that would rally to Bush's side in support of not informing Congress about secret programs to spy on American citizens.

    At some point you have to begin wondering if the Democratic Party is capable of mustering even token political opposition to the GOP.

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    Ergo, Russ Feingold is unelectable. There are all kinds of reasons that every Democratic candidate is unelectable. Just ask Rush Limbaugh.

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    E-mails and phone calls are good. Writing is better. Nothing says you're really serious about an issue like a personal visit. Let's stop by in person and say howdy. Here are their office locations:

    Senator Perata  Senate District 09

    Capitol Office

    State Capitol, Room 205
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 651-4009
    Fax (916) 327-1997

    District Office

    1515 Clay Street, #2202
    Oakland, CA 94612
    (510) 286-1333
    Fax (510) 286-3885


    State Capitol, Room 3067
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 651-4037
    Fax: (916) 327-2187

    Palm Desert

    73-710 Fred Waring Dr., #112
    Palm Desert, CA 92260
    Phone: (760) 568-0408
    Fax: (760) 568-1501

    Moreno Valley

    13800 Heacock, Suite C-112
    Moreno Valley, CA 92553
    Phone: (951) 653-9502
    Fax: (951) 653-9524



    State Capitol, Room 5094
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 651-4018
    Fax: (916) 322-3304


    5001 California Ave., Room 105
    Bakersfield, CA 93309
    Phone: (661) 323-0443
    Fax: (661) 323-0446

    Sometimes the mountain will come to Mohammed:

    Ashburn's Mobile Office Hours

    Sen. Ashburn's Mobile Office Hours program is coming to your community. The program brings his staff to cities throughout the 18th Senate District to provide you with helpful assistance and information. Drop by for a visit.

    Upcoming Dates:

     Fri., February 21 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM
     220 E. Mountain View Road,
     Barstow, CA 92311

     Wed., February 22nd from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
     Taft Chamber of Commerce
     400 Kern Street
     Taft, California 93268

    Frazier Park
     Thur., February 23rd from 8 AM to 10 AM
     Healthy Start Family Resource Center
    3015 Mt. Pinos Way, Suite 201
     Frazier Park, CA 93225

     Thur., February 23rd from 9 AM to 1 PM
     Mojave Veterans Hall
     15580 O Street

    Senator Bowen
     Senate District 28
    Capitol Office

    State Capitol, Room 4040
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 651-4028
    Fax (916) 323-6056
    District Office

    2512 Artesia Blvd., #200
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    (310) 318-6994
    Fax (310) 318-6733

    Senator Cedillo
     Senate District 22
    Capitol Office

    State Capitol, Room 5100
    Sacramento CA 95814
    (916) 651-4022
    Fax (916) 327-8817

    For media inquires, please contact Shannon Murphy or at (213) 219-2836

    District Office

    617 South Olive Street
    Suite 710
    Los Angeles, CA 90014
    (213) 612-9566
    Fax (213) 612-9591

    For media inquires, please contact Shannon Murphy via e-mail or at (213) 219-2836

    I'm stopping by to see Cedillo and Bowen in person. Is there any chance we could blogswarm this issue? If every single one of these Senators got even five or six personal visits and 10-15 letters it would get their attention.

  • The progressive blogosphere is greater than the sum of its parts. You are ascribing a minority view to the whole blogosphere. I have written very harsh diaries against Lieberman, Biden, the DLC, Al From, Beinart and the Robust Liberal Hawks, etc.

    It shouldn't be necessary for me to point out that I am not a front page poster for a number of good reasons, among them being that my views of the Democratic Party are harsher than the majority opinion in the progressive blogosphere.

    My chief criticism of your viewpoints on the progressive blogosphere is that you oversimplify and mischaracterize. The claim that the progressive blogosphere is ineffective because Markos has a 15-0 record is a perfect example. You are using the typical M$M horserace analysis to determine effectiveness. That grossly understates the impact that progressive political blogs have and will have on the political structure and not just on the Democratic Party.

  • But in general, I don't think the party is in so much trouble that it needs to undertake this kind of revolution just yet. Once you're back in power, that's the time to start enforcing party discipline.

    Your comparison between the Club for Growth and the progressive blogosphere is a false analogy. Characterizing support for primary challenges as a desire to "enforce party discipline" is a false characterization.

    The overall complaint in the progressive blogosphere for several years has been a failure to oppose Bush/Republican legislation. Asking the Democratic Party as a whole to stand up to Bush on destroying Social Security and warrantless wiretaps is hardly a clarion call to "enforce party unity."

    The same principle applies to opposition to Lieberman, Cuellar and Casey. There is absolutely no reason for progressive Democrats not to support a primary challenge for both Lieberman and Cuellar simply because their behavior and conduct has been more supportive of Bush than of the Democratic Party. Chris Bowers and Jonathan Singer have both made pleas for progressives to support or at least vote for Bob Casey that have been very poorly received because Casey's politics are anathema to progressive activists.

    In point of fact, it is the Democratic Party apparatchiks who are attempting to enforce party discipline by rigging primaries and supporting primary candidates who are running against progressive Democrats, in direct violation of their own policy of primary non-interference.

    Speaking for myself, I frankly don't give a damn about what is "good for the party" as defined by Ed Rendell, Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel. If defeating Bob Casey in the general election costs the Democratic Party majority status, that's their problem not mine. If Bob Casey wins the primary (quite likely), I plan on doing everything in my power to help Rick Santorum win another term as Senator of Pennsylvania.

    That will piss off a lot of people here at MyDD and I'm OK with that. We are not a top down Borg Hive at the beck and call of hot shot bloggers. I could care less what Markos, Armando, Bowers or Singer think about Bob Casey. I believe he is a political disaster and am willing to exercise my free will to oppose him.

    My goal as a DFA activist is not to make anyone else happy.  I do and say what I do based on my informed political conscience and am answerable to no one. That pretty much describes most of us in the progressive blogosphere.

  • You might want to re-read Eternal Hope's diary Michael. Your comments as well as your troll ratings are not responsive to the substance of what Eternal wrote.

  • You appear to be responding the the wrong diary. When was the last time Republican talking points included slamming Bush and Negroponte?

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    Gay rights, minimum wage, the environment and Social Security are all issues that will never come up for a vote. Every single issue that Bob Casey is supposedly "good" on are throw away issues that a single vote will never make a difference on.

    The issues that Bob Casey is Republican leaning are abortion, the Iraq war, future Bush judicial picks, The Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping are issues that Casey will help make Bush look bi-partisan on.

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    There sure are a lot of logical fallacies being used to defend Casey.

    Wait a minute! Maybe it's a choice between Blue Cheese and Thousand Island Dressing. No. That's not it. I've got it! It's a choice between Rick Santorum Spam I Am and Bob Casey Green Bologna With Moldy Cheese.

    No. That's not it. Wait a minute .  .  .  it's coming to me .  .  .  Hey! I know! It's a choice between a Republican anti-abortion, pro-war, pro-warrantless wiretapping, Bush Suck Up and a Democratic anti-abortion, pro-war, pro-warrantless wiretapping, Bush Suck.

    Now how could anyone have a problem with that?

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    It's interesting how everyone keeps bringing up other Democrats, instead of defending a vote for Bob Casey. Are you trying to suggest that Al Gore and Bob Casey are in the same ideological camp?

    Hey! How about Charlie Rangel? What about Barbara Boxer? Are they pure enough for you Gary?

    Do you have any other strawman arguments you would like to try on for size? They seem to be a perfect fit.

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    I don't have a clue what you're talking about, do you?

    Do you think you want to match credentials with me pal? I went to Arlington West yesterday and sat on the beach with my BUCK FUSH sign so everyone on the pier could see it. Two young ladies came up and asked to take my photograph. On my way to the Arlington West Memorial I received all kinds of "Right On"s from total strangers who liked my sign.

    What have you done in the last thirty days to fight back against GOP fascism?

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    Bob Casey will be the one getting big warm smackers from Bush, not me.

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    Where would this injection of resolve and spine come from?

    All of the predictions about an emboldened Democratic Party ring very hallow. There were at least a half dozen votes that the Democrats could have stepped up to the plate and demonstrated a little spinal fortitude. They could do it right now on warrentless wiretapping.

    How is Bob Casey going to make the Democratic Party any less spineless? I don't see it. If anything Bob Casey just firms up Bush's support in the Democratic Party. Another DINO Bush can split off on any number of votes.

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    Question:What will progressives gain from a Harry Reid/Bob Casey majority in the Senate?

    Answer: Not a damn thing.

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    Casey's "popularity" is based largely on name recognition and his empty suit campaign. Is Casey going to refuse to debate Santorum the same way he has refused to debate Pennacchio?

    Has Casey's "popularity" been broken down in any polls to distinguish between Republican support and Democratic support? How "popular" is Casey with pro-choice Democrats? Is Casey going to get NARAL's endorsement or is he going to be running against them the same way he is running against Move On?


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