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    Team Fudge Haus?  Team Diarrhea?

    He should pick one and pledge to put the other in the cabinet as Team Hershey Squirts, hitting both on chocolate and poop themes.

    I also like that the sign in back says "unique impressions."  In this one, McCain is pretending to be competent.

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    No one seriously thinks Obama is "change" in a real sense that will matter in our daily lives.

    Yes, I do.

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    How sad.  I looked at the picture and immediately thought "Wait, didn't that just happen recently?"

    I'm happy that they were able to be married before this happened.  No matter what bigoted laws the GOP manages to enact in the future, this is one marriage that can't be dissolved.

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    I don't know when or where Gustav will hit, but if the first image after the GOP convention is some combination of Obama, Biden, anyone named Clinton, and a lot of folks from local churches and VFWs...well, it creates such an obvious contrast...AND it gives the media an excuse to point out that this is a repeated theme.  Obama was in Iowa to help with flood relief before it even became big news.  

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    Did he really pray for rain?  What an ass.  Anyway, the weather folks on the net seem to suggest a stunning 0% chance of rain in Denver, tomorrow.  

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    You remind me of a supernova.  All out of anything worthwhile, you make one last glorious show of it before fading into nothingness.

    Apparently something upset you, tonight.


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    How about one good reason.  I believe in internationalism.  And the key to moving to a more liberal conception of foreign policy --- one where force is used as a last resort, where it's used for collective security and not aggressive war, and where the international community truly operates as such --- the KEY to achieving that is a consistent, American foreign policy along those lines.  We had that under Bill Clinton.  Hell, we even had it under George HW Bush.  But Bush, Jr. has totally fucked up the program.  He's set back the cause of true internationalism, of ending the role or theme of "America, the world's policeman", more than we've in quite some time.

    OK...two more quickly.

    1: We need a Democrat to get us started, in a very serious and full force fashion, on the path to clean energy.

    2: Because America has never been as solidly behind healthcare as it is now.  If we elect McCain, and the economy improves, it could be eight, twelve, sixteen, or twenty years before America is behind it while we have strong Congressional majorities.  We need to take advantage of that while we can.  Once healthcare is a RIGHT in this country, once people see that "socialized medicine" (as it would be called by the GOP if the gov't chipped in $50/year toward your annual) is hardly an evil, I do not think they'll ever be able to take it away.  And that will be great!

  • Wow...that's just awful.  Did I actually see some sort of rape scenario in there?  What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  • A great line...but in the era of the soundbite, "sidekick" is probably the winner.

    Of course, I'm still waiting for Costanza to come out and use "jerk store."

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    Good line, indeed!

  • I disagree completely, but mojo'd to make up for unfair troll ratings.  Stating an opinion, particularly one about striking the right political tone rather than actually an attack on anyone, isn't TR worthy.

  • Obama has the harder sell, I feel.  McCain has had more time and Republicans, for all their faults, do a remarkable job of burying intra-party divisions and getting together.  Mitt Romney went from McCain's most hated opponent to his biggest spokesperson.  Same with Limbaugh and the "we won't ever vote for McCain" blowhard crowd.

    It's easy to be better at politics when you have such an enormous deficit in principles.

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    One minor criticism...they should have claimed to leave a large tip ($100, for example) but then the waitress only found $1.26.

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    Instead I was treated with comments alternating between blaming Hillary Clinton, PUMA, etc. and comments from Obama haters saying that its no big deal and that we are overreacting.  I am so ashamed of all of you.  

    Wow...really?  I must have missed out on this portion of the night's activities.

    I don't know how you can "overreact" to guys with sniper rifles and a plan to kill a Presidential nominee.  And, of course, there's no reason to think that these are Hillary supporters gone nuts.  

    So, yes, I echo the sentiment of this diary, against all who would play political word games about an issue this serious.  

  • Fuck off with your petty insults.


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