• I never said they were true to fiscal conservatism, that is just the line they use to get elected...and the media gives them a free pass with it.

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    If they go for race, it could create a backlash, most Americans don't want to have to publicly state they are racists. Because of his lack of history they really don't have a lot to throw at Obama. Hillary on the other hand...

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    No we need hope in a better future and in our leadership. How much can a President really do? His primary job is to motivate the people to do what needs to be done or to acquiesce to his judgment. For the last eight years that motivation has been fear and division. My concern is that with Hillary those divisions will be magnified not lessened.

    So, it is more than just help. I work with people all the time who get help, but because they have no hope the help they receive does not alleviate the deeper issues and they find themselves repeating the same behavior that required the help in the first place. I am afraid our political and social discourse is stuck in that same viscous circle.

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    The sad part about so many of these responses is that there is almost a "hope" that he will fail. It is almost as if there will be a delight in watching him fail. I don't know if it is so people can say I told you so or if it is a deeper cynicism of life. Either way it is this type of distrust and cynicism that fuels the current state of American politics and culture...

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    The problem is that too many people are like the middle-aged women I meet a lot, they have been through so many frogs that they wouldn't know a prince if he bite them in the ass.

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    Currently there are about 14 that completely do and the rest use some forms of reinstitution based on different criteria...

    Sentencing Project.pdf

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    As a recovered person myself, I too understand the devastating effects of drugs on all communities. What I know is that all the laws in the world will not stop people from doing drugs, from eating too much, from shopping too much or anything else they want to do. The difference is that we have taken one component of bad behavior and said this is the worse, while we allow all types of other dangerous behavior which we treat with education or as a public health issue.

    While I personally am opposed to drug usage, I know that there will be people who do use them and will continue to do so, regardless. The answer is not to lock them all up.

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    It's there towards Hillary just not to the degree that exists between Obama and Hillary. He barely shook hands with her after the last debate as well.

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    That's interesting I have never heard of this. Thank you.

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    I don't think the Pakistanis are simple enough to be swayed by just the color of an individual, while that would help, it is still going to be the policies. Fascism is fascism no matter what color the face of it is...

  • I don't speak for anyone but myself. Thank you anyway though.

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    Maybe to you it is not a burdensome thing, but that's why we have empathy. You might try it. I would understand your point if there were some proof of rampant voter fraud, but there isn't and obviously you don't live in the "hood", because if you did you'd know that you can do all those things without a photo id, except maybe the passport. I don't think there is much of a demand for passports though.

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    I'm sorry what male politicians can you cite who cried in an election and won?

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    I disagree, in order for Mr. Huckabee to get the Republican nomination he will and has made statements that have alienated voters he will need for the general election. In addition, the "establishment" as you call them will have leaked enough dirt to call into question everything from his ethics to his sexual preferences. Do not underestimate the power of the fiscal conservatives, they have all the money and most of the media...

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    God doesn't have a country, He has people and they live all over the world...


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