• North Carolina Obama field coordinator urging his volunteers to call in sick and lie to their bosses.

    LIE to their BOSS?  How DARE they!

    If this is what outrages Hillary's supporters, then their support for working America, populism, etc., is even more shallow than I'd expected.

    Want an America where you are your employer's property?  Vote Hillary!

  • She supported NAFTA and welfare reform publicly and repeatedly.  Any suggestion that she didn't was so well-hidden that the only witnesses were former employees - all of whom remained silent until she yanked their chains to claim that she had silently opposed it.  

    In fact, this is the first I've ever heard that she supposedly opposed welfare reform - and I've been bringing it up from day one.  Really, tell me another one.

    Otherwise, the suggestion that welfare reform was a "significant improvement" is ridiculous.  Clinton's own HHS secretary, Peter Edelman, resigned in protest over the damn thing.  Do you think he believed it was a "significant improvement?"  Did Clinton's much-touted mentor, Marian Wright Edelman, believe it was a "significant improvement?"  Hell no.

    I am so tired of the effort to airbrush Clinton's participation in the worst offenses of her husband's administration.  She can and should be held accountable for her participation.

  • When she supported NAFTA, welfare reform, and DOMA - but then, none of those involved standing up for working-class people, did they?

  • Continue to drink your Kool-Aid.

  • This is 1) an old story, diaried many times and 2) a transparent lie, repeated many times, even at that.

    'I want to rip his eyes out!' she said, clawing at the air with her fingernails. One of her advisers gave her a nervous look. 'Kidding!' Obama said. 'See, this is what gets me into trouble.'

    Clinton supporters whine about a one-day smear of Mickey Kantor and then repost smears like this for months.  No integrity.

  • You are both worthless.

  • comment on a post Oil companies as a target over 6 years ago

    Mention that Clinton opposed a gas tax cut when she ran for Senate in New York?  Yet we always hear that Obama supported it in Illinois.

    "[W]hat gets lost in the whole 'protect your candidate' mode of discourse" is honesty.  And good policy.

    Really, Obama has been excoriated by Clinton supporters for attacking her health plan - and defended by his own because his plan is "good politics" by comparison.

    Now, Clinton's supporters are promoting a bad policy because it's good politics.  And attacking Obama because he dares to say so.

    Fucking tedious is what this primary is.

    That said, I do appreciate this brief policy-centric respite from the spin-centric Wright bullshit that JA had been reporting.  Kudos for that.

  • Would help those who are harmed by high gas prices - the "regular" Americans who Hillary and her supporters have recently discovered - but wouldn't reward Hummer-driving wannabes for their excesses.

    Contrast Hillary's and McCain's plan, which would, in fact, reward those Hummer-driving wannabes.

    Why, one might almost call their plan elitist by comparison!

  • comment on a post Even More Bad News for Hillary over 6 years ago

    Counts as two votes."

    Now, now.  It's not quite two, more like 5/3.

  • It's not different from what you said - you believe that Obama's winning because of his race, but Clinton is surviving for some reason other than her race and gender.

    It would be really nice if you could be as charitable to Obama's supporters as you are to Clinton's.  But clearly, that's too much to ask.

  • You think Barack Obama's the beneficiary of affirmative action but Hillary Clinton, in spite of similar statistics, is winning wholly without respect to her race or gender.

    Nice little world you live in, D.

  • The supposed ideal of 50-50.  But only one is considered evidence of identity partisanship.  Wonder why that is?

  • Two-thirds to one-third.  How is that not monolithic?

  • That she's inviting us to contrast Hillary's "hard working" supporters - "average" Americans - against those other people who aren't so hard working, or so average, as them.

    The "latte" drinkers, who aren't hard-working, who are barely human, let alone American.

    These culture wars are bullshit when Republicans fight them and they are destructive when Democrats fight them.  But don't let that stop you - ride it to victory, if you can.  I'll be glad when the time comes when that sort of campaign isn't as good a bet as it is now.


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