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    Yes but what if the woman candidate is not a very good one?  One knows that one needs more women in office, but an American Margaret Thatcher is not exactly progressive.

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    Obama would make a fine president.  He would get my vote.

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    You are so right rssrai.

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    Excellent diary, as always from you.

    Honestly, one only wishes that Hillary would break with her husband's failed policies-based upon a complete, and self-serving, misreading of American history in the late 20th century-and be her own person.  That's what being feminist is all about, isn't it?

    That includes her husband's advisors as well.

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      "If people want change so much, why isn't Obama winning by a great margin."

    That proves nothing.  The fact is, people who are voting in these primaries seem to be more conservative than the public at large.  And yes that includes women and Hispanics.

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    I am sorry, but did'nt Shaheen reimpose the death penalty upon her state, against the wishes of her fellow Democrats?  And why is she opposing Shea-Porter?

    She does not sound very liberal to me.

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    We need more radicalism in the Democratic party, not centrism.  We need to return to the ideals of Bryan and Wilson, of FDR and Truman.  Thus I will support Edwards to the very end.

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    The comment just above is so true.  This is just more DLC talk and, frankly, we do not need more of that, the centrists have been dominating the Democratic party for the past 50 years, with miserable results.

        Critique the teacher's unions for being too pro-Clinton and moderate, like AFSCME, and not on public education issues.

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    Indeed, identity politics actually plays into the hands of The Establishment, mainly because it is so narrow.  You can be a strong supporter of civil rights-and of feminism, gay liberation, zionism, etc.-and still back unrestrained free-enterprise capitalism.

    One of these days hopefully we shall get beyond these constantly repeated themes.

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    Most of these comments are pretty good, just to add my two cents though...

    Feingold is a pretty good senator but not the greatest.  In particular, at least for this unrepentant Keynesian, he is much too hung up on balancing the budget and consequent fiscal nit-picking.  America does not suffer from too much government spending-on the contrary, America has the lowest spending rates of all the advanced economic nations.  In large part due to people like Feingold, we are in this situation.

    The late Paul Wellstone, actually, was a better progressive.

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    This sounds like nothing but a recipe for endless war against all these "adveraries."  Prehaps in conjunction with Israel, that saint among states.  But wait a minute, are matters really all that bad?  Is a nuclear Iran really a threat to the world, or even Israel?  And repeating Republican talking points about the Iranians killing our troops-when in fact it is we who are killing our own troops by extravagant firepower, strewn about the country, which the enemy then uses to build anti-personnel weapons-is not exactly the best thing around.

    Do you think that violence and force are the only solutions to foreign problems?  Basically this is not that far from Bush, you only think that he did'nt handle it competently enough.

    Carter's foreign policy was not that bad, only the neocons (in their first incarnation) made it out to be so.  The then Soviet Union was not a threat to our national interests, and Carter's decision to support Brzezinski was his worst error in foreign policy.  But the basic reason behind the Carter debacle was his excessively conservative domestic policy.  


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