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    Don't blame Americans too much.  If the administration were not so neoliberal things would be better.

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    Be careful here.  Native Americans have produced people like Ben Whitehorse.

    That said, one would truly like to help Native Americans with legislation such as FDR's 1934 act.
    Still, the best way to help Native Americans-and the rest of the poor-is to help everybody, through a mixed economy and a universal welfare state.  That is something that FDR, old-style American radicals, and West European Social Democrats-but not LBJ, New Leftists, and people over at the Open Left-understand.

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    Sorry Bair was meant.

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    Please, oh please will someone end the domination of Reaganite economics?  They have lasted through 5 administrations and nearly 30 years and they are still killing us.  Bring back the New Deal!

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    Hear, hear for the comment just above.  Obama should break with the failed Clinton policies of the 90's (they never worked that well, just gave us a whole lot of part-time, temporary, low-wage jobs) and be more of a Populist.  Appoint Joseph Stiglitz, Elizabeth Warren, Elliott Spitzer, and Sheila Barr to high positions!

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    It is pretty clear that U.S. soldiers were terrible in their treatment of other people.

    That said, are these tribunals that believable?  Why were no tribunals set up by these people-Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur-when Saddam Hussein was killing his million or so people?  One is hard pressed not to avoid the conclusion that these people are selective-that they are interested only in some atrocities, not all.

    And the Iraqis-many of these people giving testimony are probably Sunni Arabs.  Where were they when Saddam Hussein was killing hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Marsh Arabs?

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    Yes!  Although the U.S. role in Latin America is often grossly exaggerated, still a non-inteventionist, "Good Neighbor" policy seems better for the situation.  It seems that people want things both ways, attacking American "imperialism" and yet urging the U.S. to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

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    Is this not a little easy?  One does not support the bases in Okinawa, one indeed would like to see military spending cut in half, but all the same this attitude that America can do no right in the world gets a little tiresome.

    Go ahead, destroy America.  One wishes that one were never an American.  Does that satisfy?  And will there be the same amount of criticism for the other imperial power that-in all probability-will take our place?

    Oh, and by the way, let's start talking about the intense chauvinism of Okinawans and Japanese, and the lack of any diversity in their societies.  Maybe that has something to do with their dislike of Americans.  (Read:  foreigners).  

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    Corzine should also have repudiated Goldman-Sachs.

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    Good for her, she has long been very progressive on economic and fiscal issues-notice the constant attacks on Wall Street, and the administration as well for being unwilling to take on organized wealth in this country.

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    In re comment above:  Obama should cut military spending to where it was before Ronald Reagan took office.  He was the real culprit in this situation, more so than GWB.

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    On the contrary people will vote their interests, it is just that no one advocates them.  Oh, they are very good on "issue" and "group" politics but socioeconomic reform eludes them.

    As well, the subgroups-including the racial minorities and the ethnic blocs-tend to be more conservative on these issues than society as a whole.  Appeals should be made to the whole population.

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    Well, why does'nt he do something more about unemployment?  It is not just Mr. Kent, people like Robert Kuttner and Paul Krugman are raising questions. People here can be snarky about it, but the President should still think about the common people a little more, and hobnob with the heads of big financial concerns a little less.

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    No, we should not be conservative on deficits and spending, least of all in a "great recession" economy.  America has long had the lowest government spending of all the advanced nations, and this should really come to an end.  In particular, we should bring about a "cradle-to-grave" welfare state for all Americans, and start helping not just the poor but the middle income groups as well.

    If you want to be fiscally conservative, raise taxes back up to 90% top rates, and cut military spending in half.  That will solve all of the fiscal problems.  

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    You mean to say that minority males cannot be quite brutal towards minority women?


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