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    Are you kidding me?
    Shouldn't she have her ass tossed out of the CPC for her endorsement of Lieberman?  Seriously.  I'd say that she and Barbara Boxer are forever damaged.  They're club members, not progressives.
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    Lamont - 56.3%
    Lieberman - 43.3%
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    Could be Clinton again, couldn't it?

  • Well...I kinda hope McCain runs for president too.  I would never vote for him, but I like him better than people like George Allen and Sam Brownback.
    On a lot of social issues, McCain's voting record isn't much different than theirs and his recent appeals to the Bob Jones-types have been duplicitous, but he's more respectable than most of their potential nominees, so why shouldn't he run?
    I think he deserves it.  But that's not an endorsement.
  • My guess is that it was a very small and unreliable sample.

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    Ensign's approval ratings are not strong, he's a first-termer and Nevada is closer to blue than AZ or VA.  Jack Carter would be a great senator.

    I'm delighted that Klobuchar is doing well and Patty Wetterling is a real class act.  She's got a good shot at winning her Congressional race.

  • but that's the last the DSCC will get from me unless I get a response.  Here's my e-mail to them:

    I'm stunned to hear that the DSCC might ignore the will of its own voters and support Lieberman's independent bid if Ned Lamont wins the Democratic primary.  As an Illinoisan, I could understand it if Lamont were some LaRouchie who won the nomination on a fluke, but Lamont's views seem more in tune with Connecticut and Democrats, than Lieberman's.
    So I want to know on what basis the DSCC would support a Lieberman independent bid.  Is it because he's an incumbent or is it that you find Lamont's positions reprehensible?
    In order to continue to support the DSCC, I'd like to know why you might choose to ignore Connecticut's Democratic voters.

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    Argh!  I hate it when Dan Hynes is called a machine candidate.  He's less a machine candidate than Attorney General Lisa Madigan, whose father is Speaker of the Illinois House and has run the IL Democratic Party for decades.  You never hear her referred to as such.
    Hynes's "machine" is the goodwill his dad built in one ward on the southwest side of Chicago.  
    I like Dan.  I think he's a true progressive and I'm proud to have voted for him over Obama in the primary.
    Hynes marched in Sunday's gay pride parade, although his reelection is assured.
    Where was Barack?  
    Probably at a fundraiser for Lieberman or something.
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    He had an excellent progressive record as a state senator.  He used it to secure the endorsement of the blogosphere and progressive organizations in Illinois.
    He ran as a firm opponent of the war in Iraq.  He was the candidate of every Chicagoan with a "Bomb Iraq? NO!" button on their backpack.  His position on Iraq is now indistinguishable from Bush's.
    He is Clinton, not Feingold, and Lieberman, not Lamont.
    In a recent interview with David Sirota, he "dismissively labeled Wellstone as merely a 'gadfly,' in a tone laced with contempt..."
    The sad thing is that when Illinois sent Barack to Washington, we thought we were sending a Wellstone.
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    I agree that it's not a very strong political message.  It's too susceptible to criticism of class warfare.
    But he's right.  There are Two Americas (two Chicagos even).  Most of the problems confronting the poor and disenfranchised on the south side of Chicago are the same problems confronting the poor in rural Missouri.
    And because it's not a particularly rewarding political message (the poor don't contribute or vote as often as the rich), I admire Edwards even more for sticking with it.  
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    I won't vote for Obama.
    In fact, if he runs I hope he gets his ass kicked and decides it's time to work for the peoples' interests again.
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    In fact, in an e-mail last December I told friends that one of those three would be the nominee.
    It's merely prognostication (and your point about Edwards is reasonable) but they are the most well-positioned thus far.  Clinton has gender and legacy, Feingold has progressive cred, Warner can call himself electable and might strike some as Kennedyesque.
    Of course, in the summer of 2002, few people had heard of Howard Dean, so there's recent evidence that this is far too early to bet on anything.  It appears to me, however, that 2004 was a lot more wide open for Dems than 2008 will be.

    Give me a break with the Obama speculation.  I wish everyone would stop worshipping him for a few minutes and give his head a chance to deflate.  A presidential run is incredibly premature and the next SUSA poll will show a substantial drop in his approval ratings.  Again, that's prognostication, but his detractors are doing an extremely good job tying him to Lieberman.

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    Obama has no other choice but to start acting like the progressive he was elected to be.  If he doesn't start delivering on that promise, he'll lose the lefties that gave him the primary win in 2004 and be extremely vulnerable to a challenge by Lisa Madigan (unless she decides to pursue the governorship instead).

    His quotes on Wellstone are revolting and I certainly don't regret my primary vote for Dan Hynes.

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    Rep. Dan Burton has an illegitimate son who he refuses to acknowledge.  I think Pat Robertson's firstborn is also a bastard.

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    Or how about Guiliani's wife finding out he's divorcing her when she hears it on TV?


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