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    If you haven't seen the Danish documentary series, Cities on Speed, you should. The one on Bogotá covers the transformation that took place post 1995.

    Jaime Lerner, the mayor of Curitiba in Brazil who is the one who first implemented the BRT system, notes that true creativity begins when one cuts 000s from the budget. 

    Bogotá's BRT moves 1.6m people daily at one-tenth the cost of a subway. And Peñalosa notes, if we had built super highways we'd have no money left over for schools, for parks, for clinics. We in the US have made one fatal bet. We bet on the automobile forgetting that cities are for people. I want to ban cars on Market Street. I want a pedestrian mall somewhere in the city. I want a BRT down Geary and down Van Ness. Forget the Central Subway. Take that money and change SF by making a city for walking and biking.

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    this is good news for a change.

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    perhaps for charity but this is a breakdown. violence only begets violence.

    It's not like our own Congress hasn't seen episodes of violence. The caning of Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts by Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina in 1856 comes to mind.

  • I'll have a post on who Antanas Mockus is and his political agenda up soon. Today or tomorrow.

    Well more progressive than Santos or Uribe that's for sure. It's a team based approach. We're really electing 4 men to run the country: Mockus, Fajardo, Peñalosa and Garzón. Garzón is a former union leader and a former member of the Colombian Communist Party. His ideas do permeate the party in terms of social investments. The whole budget will pivot if the Greens get elected. More will go for education than ever before and taxes will go up for the wealthy.

    Colombia is the third most unequal country in Latin America which is really mind boggling to be frank (only Haiti and Bolivia are more unequal). 65.4% of the land is owned by just 1.4% of the population. These issues will be tackled.

    The core of the campaign is really values. Who are we and what sort of country do we want to be? It's resonating and Facebook is allowing people to connect outside party machinery. It is unprecedented.


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    "is a center-right state."

    Not really. Nebraska yes. Oklahoma most definitively. Kansas unfortunately so but Iowa has been a hotbed of progressive populism for over a century.

    Interesting that in his litany of complaints, gay marriage was the first he mentioned. 

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    A dark day in the US.

  • The two traditional parties lost their ideological character in the 1970s and just became political machines. So the voters became disenchanted. The Liberals are sort finding their ideological compass again by tacking left but the problem for them (and I grew up a Liberal) is that a) corruption is endemic b) some in the party is seen as too close to Chávez and c) there's a new far left party that eats into their support. The Liberal party candidate is a good friend of mine, we worked together once during my brief stint in government. But Mockus is capturing the center with a non-ideological campaign that is centering on moral and cultural themes. Life is sacred, public funds are sacred, we are all in this together, we can be the country that we want if we respect the laws. The campaign really has caught fire. It's amazing to watch.

    Moreover, they are running a very volunteer based campaign. I'm living on Facebook right now connecting with all sorts of people. 

  • I attribute it to good genes. Longevity runs on my mother's side. Most live to about a 100. My grandfather's three sisters all made it to 105. And he lived to be 96. My mother is 88 and still going strong.

  • I attribute it to good genes. Longevity runs on my mother's side. Most live to about a 100. My grandfather's three sisters all made it to 105. And he lived to be 96. My mother is 88 and still going strong.

  • dude, I'm not 50 until October. But yes I look younger than I am.

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    otherwise, I'd contribute more. But thanks for the plug.

  • A majority is half plus one of the seats. A plurality is the most seats but not necessarily a working majority that is required to form a government. The Tories are likely to win a plurality of seats but Labour in coalition with the Lib-Dems seem probable to form a majority coalition government.

  • As it stands now the Tories would win about 100 seat plurality but fall far short of a majority. I didn't include it in the post but other parties will also win constituencies. The far-right BNP and the regional parties (Ulster Nationalist and the SNP) will certainly win a number of seats.

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    I can't seem to navigate back to the front page without having to go through my bookmarks.

  • I probably should have been more nuanced in the post. The question I have is Obama a corporatist by conviction or by electoral necessity?


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