• I'm sorry but your facts are wrong. I speak with Norm on a near weekly basis. I was never booted from One Good Move. Ask Norm. OGM isn't a political blog, it was prudent to create my own space which is what happened. Norm actually did all the work to get BTF up and running.

    Second, I allowed NQ-USA to pull posts from my blog but I actually don't contribute there. I allowed it to go on because it drove traffic but it was a mistake in hindsight. The incessant chatter over the COLB was offensive. As per the PUMA movement, that too was a mistake. They don't care for me much either. I'm not much for those who parrot right wing talking points.

    Politics isn't static. I do speak my mind, that much is true. If you read my writing through the election, I largely focused on the polling and the ads. And I actually had a number of good things to say about Obama. He has flaws and attributes just like any other politician. I thought him unelectable and I was wrong. He's not my ideal either but you dance with what you got. I am cautiously optimistic that Obama can be prodded leftward. Oddly enough as his supporters have become disenchanted even before he assumes the oath of office, I have been more supportive of some his moves.

    I wouldn't say I am a bomb thrower but more of an occasional provocateur certainly. There is little question that primaries were a divisive exercise but we stay in that mind-set, we will accomplish nothing.

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    Funny story that is. I actually started out as an ABC voter (Anybody But Clinton) but ended up a NBC one (Nobody But Clinton) though I largely supported John Edwards through January 2008. The poverty is a moral imperative really captured my attention. I also admired Dennis Kucinich but thought him unelectable. Hillary was off my radar screen until she found her voice in New Hampshire. That speech floored me. Obama I found largely to be an empty suit (though he is filling it out nicely and he has clearly grown during the campaign) and I didn't like his post-partisan approach (some fights are worth having) among other things (his vote for the Bush-Cheney Energy Policy and his clear inexperience on foreign affairs to name two). Still on Election Night I was pretty tickled pink. I did flirt with the PUMA movement for about two months but their spouting of right-wing talking points led to a complete break. My view of Obama is that he is a politician with flaws and attributes. During the primaries, I focused on his flaws. Now it's time to focus on his attributes I think and prod, push, cajole him leftward.

    There is all this talk of FDR lately. My own take on FDR is that FDR was a pragmatist and an experimenter more than some committed liberal ideologue. He was willing to try any approach and see if they paid results. It just so happens that more "radical" programs was what paid dividends.
    LBJ was the radical but he also governed in a time of plenty with an America still ascendant. We don't have the luxury of time on a whole host of issues.

    If I have a favorite Democrat, it's Barbara Jordan. If I have a favorite Republican, it's Chester Arthur.

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    Amazing turnabout in the polling. Kadima was ahead in the first few polls but this is stunning and frankly worrisome.  A Netanyahu win effectively ends at any chance at the Saudi peace initiative.

    Timing is everything and it is saddens me that as we turn the corner in the US, Israel falls off a cliff. I suppose I won't yet despair because elections are not until mid-February and my sense of Livni is that she is tough as nails.

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    To me, Sarah Palin represents the failure of Republican America. She's obviously a talented, bright, hard-working, driven individual. But she is so ill-informed and poorly trained that it boggles the mind. How can this great nation produces such leaders? The answer is that Sarah Palin is the product of Reagan's America.


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