• I don't either but I really wanted to put this out there and see the reception the idea might get.

    A number of you suggest that the base has strategic importance. Guantánamo does seem to play a role in drug interdiction. That is pretty much its only strategic importance. It is clear to me that future GOP administrations will use Guantánamo as some sort of interrogation area given its proximity to the US and yet its unique charatcer as being totally inaccessible. Part of my rational for pushing for its return to Cuba is that it keeps the US from sinning. It would force the US to tackle the issue of rights of the detainees head on. I assume that many of the detainees in Guantánamo are not angels but they are human and they do have rights. Keeping Guantánamo gives US policy makers an option of avoiding hard questions.

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    that the two clearest long term solutions were for Israel to either abandon its Jewish nature, or for it to abandon its democratic nature.

    This is, of course, the question and it pervades throughout the Israeli-Palestinian question. The right of return would undo in a fell swoop the Jewish character of the Israeli state which is why Israel has long opposed it. Still demographics are not on Israel's side, the bomb that Israel hears ticking now is the explosion of the Palestinian population. How Israel confronts this I have no idea.

    Great post.

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    Israel today banned two Arab parties from participating in next month's elections.

    Israel Bans Arab Parties

    I sympathize with Israel's right to secure borders but whatever moral high ground the Israelis have, it is rapidly being eroded.

    I also wonder what people who advocate capital punishment are doing on a progressive blog.

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    Well that's three more years than the lunatics over on the Confluence give him. There they honestly believe that Obama will be forced to resign by year's end over some yet-to-be-named scandal, then Biden will appoint Hillary as VP and presto Hillary is President in 2012.

    Those PUMAs give Free Republic a run for their money in terms of lunacy. They have launched a new umbrella group called Pumasphere (dot com, I think) where they are advocating Harriet Christian as the next Senator from New York. Pumasphere is a coalition of 36 blogs including one called Team Sarah, which is a coalition of women dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process. Yes because no one represents what Hillary Clinton stands for better than Sarah Palin.

    On Obama's prospects, I think it important to constantly remind the American public how we got here and who is responsible for this mess. I understand the post-partisan stance to a degree but at the same time he needs to be very clear on assigning blame.

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    I'm just thankful that this is behind us and that the law was followed. I'll judge Burris by how he votes in the Senate.

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    Tom Watson is a good man and a great read. I'll have to pick up the book.

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    I hadn't seen your post. Thanks for pointing it out. I read it and found this to be most worth sharing.

    My point is simple: Don't underestimate your enemy. The enemy here are the GOP and Conservative Democrats pushing a separate agenda from economic recovery and investment. They are pushing big business interests. Not the general American public interest. This is true even today as we face one of the worse economic downturns in decades. Never forget that.

    I agree. We can never forget.

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    Enrique Peñalosa changed Bogotá with its TransMilenio BRT system. He broke the bus mafia. I'll write a post on it sometime. Here in SF, we're working on two BRT corridors. One for Van Ness and another for Geary. Frankly, I'd like to do a light rail for Geary asap.

    I had hopes that Peñalosa would run for President. I'd even move back to Colombia and work for him but it doesn't appear that he will.

  • on a comment on Ciclovías over 5 years ago

    Well thanks. I was going to post on Canada and Sir John MacDonald but I'll just let you read on my blog.

    Talking with Canadians.

    I am curious if you could update us on the prorogue.

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    I agree. Pakistan is a very serious problem facing the international community. It is an artificial state to begin with and an odd assortment of ethnic groups. The Punjabis largely run the roost but the Sindhis are the largest ethnic group. While the Sind in its entirety became part of Pakistan, the Punjab did not. The other half (and the wealthier part) is part of India. Then there's Baluchistan which is also split. A third of all Baluchis live in Iran and few more are in Afghanistan. The tribal areas are a mix of ethnic groups but the Pashtun are clearly wedded to their Afghan cousins. Then there's the fact that Pakistan's ISI is a state within a state. There are elements of the ISI that will never agree to any accommodation with India on a score of issues. But let's be clear, elements of the ISI are state terrorists. The Army is the other pillar of Pakistan. Like the IS, it too is dominated by Punjabis.

    But the Pakistani state is a weak one. The over 10,000 madrassas are completely outside govt control. There are areas where the army dare not thread.  What to do about Pakistan is a question that perplexes policy makers the world over.

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    kindly to being misled by the title of a post.

    Surely you can get people to read your posts w/o using deception.

  • Wow, it was a pleasure to read this. I learned a lot. Thanks.

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    It's not just low taxes that have brought us though that is certainly a part of it. It's the whole notion of free markets, free trade, a strong dollar, no barriers to capital flows. What caused my anger, was Pat Buchanan's recitation of a bankrupt ideology as the cure for what ails us. In truth, there are a number of edits that I would do to revise this post.

    I wrote that "there is no such thing as a free market." I should have written "free markets are not free, there are costs to free market." Same with free trade. It isn't free. There are costs.

  • Agreed. One too many Democrats have bought into the mantra of "limited government."

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    Perhaps I failed to make the argument as nuanced as I should have. It's not that they hate the country but that in their assault on government, they can't seem to differentiate between government and country. By aiming to destroy govt., they are destroying the country. But they just don't see that.


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