• i beg to differ. bibi's popularity skyrocketed in israel because he uttered those three little words last week.

    he walked a tightrope in that speech to be sure - however he's now in a reall political pickle because if he goes any further his motley crew coalition will bring down the government. remember the majority of israelis voted for different leadership...

  • i disagree with most of your comment i'm afraid.

    obama simply needs to tread carefully moving forward. netanyahu seemed to live another day - but most assuredly their will be new leadership in the coming months - especially so if the administration plays their cards right.

  • come now - this is hardly productive.

    perhaps if this cycle of victimology and hyperbole was stopped on all sides we could move forward.  let's leave the tit-for-tat to those who do it best ;)

  • i'm not sure that i disagree. while i'd like to see other polls of this type - these numbers have to be concerning to the WH. after all - peace can only be achieved with the israeli public behind it.

  • no that's not what i am saying.

  • good point.  

    i'm not sure - but at this point we should just assume that israeli public opinion is pro-apartheid, ethnic cleansing and right-wing likudites. every israeli concern is a red herring or another excuse to imposing suffering on the palestinians. we are looking at at a group that is pure evil here people.

    and fuck em' - public opinion of the US president in israel is unimportant. obama and the rest of the world should rest easy that this administrations' perceived neutrality went from 40% to 5% in a month in a half. that means we are on the way to peace am i right?

  • the article says "pressure on palestinians" - not arabs - and i find your phrasing distastful and distracting.

    as to the content in the diary - perhaps this is what reid is referring to when he made this statement. these poll numbers are alarming.

    but i gotta say - the degree in which this topic is discussed here is beyond vile from both sides of the political spectrum.

  • on a comment on Allah-U-Akbar ! over 5 years ago

    perhaps you need to read up about this a bit more - but the green revolution is about reform not religion.

  • of course another red herring.  as is any israeli concern right?

  • on a comment on Allah-U-Akbar ! over 5 years ago


    the chants you hear in iran are not about god, america or anything else. rather they are about having their voices heard. 'down with govt' 'down with dictatorship' i believe are the exact translations.

  • well i'm think more about the more recent events...

    The Arab League should continue to press for a "just solution" to the Palestinian refugee problem, but Arab states which once had Jewish communities should also offer an equivalent "right of return". Perhaps many Jews, particularly those living in Israel, would not accept this offer, but it is the virtue of the thought that counts.

    but just trying to point out a slippery slope.

  • it is extremely difficult for me to believe that this crap was legislated into law - it literally boggles the mind.

  • i would also add another wrench to the proverbial mix by asking what of the nine hundred thousand Jews who were forced out of arab countries in the region?

    they have been refugees for many years.

    most of them, about 650,000, went to israel because it was the only country that would admit them. most of them resided in tents that after several years were replaced by wooden cabins, and stayed in what were actually refugee camps for up to 12 years.

    they never received any aid or even attention from the UNRWA, or any other international agency. although their plight was raised almost every year at the UN by Israeli representatives, there was never any other reference to their case at the world body. is you start down this 'right of return' road - what message does this send?

  • perhaps this may be the first time we disagree - i must note this in my calendar!

    i find it highly unlikely that any israeli (or zionist) would agree with any plan or legislation which could make jews a minority in their own state. the return of palestinian refugees would put an end to jewish self determination and the notion of a jewish homeland. obviously the above claim goes against the interests of israel's founding and its equivalent would be americans agreeing to rip up the constitution.

    so i am not sure what would be the middle ground here is - in the here and now.

  • that's gibberish.

    i must proof my comments better. please let me know if you need clarification on any points.


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