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    when i hear about crap like this, it make me realize just how selfish and people really are. when did partisan hack-jobbing become the standard modus operandi of 'concern.'

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    palin lesbian diaries are more your thing.

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  • yes - your characterization sounds about right - although i would say more snarky than satire. the community at large pretty well unanimously thought the diarist crossed the line. best response to the diary:

    This is preposterous... (23+ / 0-)
    ...unsourced, unsubstantiated, misleading, and incorrect on the particulars.  You're taking the word of an Ashkenazi (if I know anything about Israeli attitudes towards the Ethiopian Jews) individual about who is Jewish and who isn't.  You're conflating a non-profit group with the US government.

    This is garbage.  Good day to you.

    that's all i have to say on this really.... i actually don't really care about this all that much and frankly reading the multiple linked articles here has been rather humorous. but it was quite irritating to see meteor blades being smeared is all.

  • since i am not a TU at kos i cannot reference the diarists comments as they were hidden - but i assure you - no where, at least from what i saw - in the comments (or the diary itself) was this suggested to be satire. not in the tags. nor in the diary.

    only when the community called out the the diary did the second one go up and these claims were made.


    perhaps mainstreet and you are right - kos is a right-wing likudnik site where all the majority of users and administrators have an agenda and call out anti-semitism even on 'satire'

  • what does the larger of 'this' mean? discussions of racism and abuse of authority should be vigorously discussed - but we all know that in this case, it has become a circus.

    better put - do you think the media and obama should focus on the lack of health care for millions, abolishing DOMA DADT, the housing crisis, sky-rocketing unemployment rates, dealing with foreign policy issues like north korea, israel and iran or the actions of a police officer in cambridge, mass?

  • never mind - i found what you were referring to here:

    http://www.mydd.com/comments/2009/5/5/95 922/80294/9?mode=alone;showrate=1#9

  • i have no recollection of this incident - care to provide a link?

    i also note that there was a time in which a a smear-like comment like the one just made above would be hidden into oblivion - but i guess those days are long gone here, so kudos to you and mydd!

  • from what i know of the situation - i think its absurd that gates got arrested and indeed degrading. didn't he have a cane for pete's sake? i definitely support an investigation into the matter and appropriate steps be taken. but all that said - as louis and JJE note as an example - what about healthcare? what about the hundreds of other challenges facing the US and the world? are these not more pressing and indeed more important at this time than the actions of one massachusetts police officer?

    it just seems like a strange and surreal issue to be focused on in both presidential press conferences and media publications across the globe rather than say the ongoing housing crisis or environment issues lets say.

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    why is this being made into a national saga? i'm not speaking to the actual incident or its injustice, but with all that is going on in the world is this worthy of this much attention?

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    how are ya???!!??

    i agree with the first part but the second not so much. lemos is alright.

  • please stop smearing meteor blades.

    sorry but he did not recant or back away from the allegation of anti-semitism, in fact - its plain to see in the comments of the first diary.

    as to your continued defense of anti-semites - no thanks. i won't bother responding anymore.

  • where is the disagreement? the first three words of the second diary are:

    I recently posted

    the admin didn't back off of anti-semitism charges which was bannable for the first account and her sockpuppetry on the second account was why the second account was banned.

    as to your claims about the admin at kos - its plain absurd. not surprising that's your opinion though.

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    the person first wrote the first diary and never in the content or subsequent comments ever claimed it was satire.

    then... when she was appropriately called out, wrote this:

    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/7/4/1 8320/75869?detail=f

    suddenly now it was satire! also in writing the second diary she admitted that she had sockpuppets (strangely with lower userid # than the first) and was banned from both accounts.

    kudos to daily kos admin for you know - actually managing their site well.


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