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    You go, guys...
    We're fighting Capito over here in Shepherdstown!

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    or despise what we become.

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    That great Alaskan blogger Mudflats has a piece out about Sarah Palin and her relationship with "The Bridge To Nowhere" that Ted Stevens tried to get the Federal Government to fund. In fact, Palin's statement in her acceptance speech was:

    I championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress -- I told Congress, `Thanks, but no thanks,' on that Bridge to Nowhere. `If our state wanted a bridge', I said, `we'd build it ourselves'.

    But Mudflats gives us this piece from the Ketchikan Daily News:
       "People across the nation struggle with the idea of building a bridge because they've been under these misperceptions about the bridge and the purpose,' said Palin, who described the link as the Ketchikan area's potential for expansion and growth.

       Palin said Alaska's congressional delegation worked hard to obtain funding for the bridge and that she `would not stand in the way of the progress toward that bridge'.

       `We need to come to the defense of Southeast Alaska when proposals are on the table like the bridge and not allow the spinmeisters to turn this project or any other into something that's so negative,' Palin said."
        Ketchikan Daily News 9-28-06

    Looks like she makes things up. Read the whole article.

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    Pandagon shows the organizational proof that PUMAs aren't Democrats at all, but a ploy set up by the Republicans.

    They never really supported Hillary, they certainly won't support Obama, and they are proven contributors to McCain.

    Are we ever going to get the Karl Roves out of politics?

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    Last night's speeches at the DNC had some real standouts: Teddy Kennedy who, even under the burden of his brain cancer therapy, brought the house down for Obama; Former Republican Congressman Jim Leech who said:
    "As a Republican, I stand before you with deep respect for the history and traditions of my political party. But it is clear to all Americans that something is out of kilter in our great republic. In less than a decade America's political and economic standing in the world has been diminished. Our nation's extraordinary leadership in so many areas is simply not reflected in the partisan bickering and ideological politics of Washington. Seldom has the case for an inspiring new political ethic been more compelling. And seldom has an emerging leader so matched the needs of the moment;"
    and, of course, Michelle Obama who was radiant, well-spoken, and really made the case for Barack.

    Thankfully, we had C-Span which let us see all the speeches without interruption by the TV commentators who are more interested in their own comments than showing what's being said (you wouldn't have heard Leech at all if you stayed with the networks.)

    It's tonite I'm worried about, since so much of the focus goes to Hillary Clinton. I know that she addressed the NY contingent at breakfast yesterday to get them behind Obama, and she protested the McCain ads that are using her primary words to attack Obama and build up McCain. However, she is still going to be taking up more space than any other speaker who is not primarily part of the Obama push. Her endorsement is important, but her effectiveness is still being measured by her own desires to eventually run for President.  And Bill Clinton gets a big space tomorrow... and he is, reportedly, still upset with being chastised for what appeared to be racial remarks in the primary campaign.

    I'll be watching tonite intently, as I expect my readers will as well.
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  • Do you vote for the media or for the candidate? Had Hillary taken the primary, I certainly would have voted for her to defeat McCain (and I woud NOT have insisted on Obama as VP).

    To not vote for the Democrat because Hillary lost the primary IS petty if that is the reason.

  • Do you vote for the media or for the candidate. Had Hillary taken the primary, I certainly would have voted for her to defeat McCain (and I woud NOT have insisted on Obama as VP).

    To not vote for the Democrat because Hillary lost the primary IS petty if that is the reason.

  • Do you think WE should be allowed to develop nukes?

    Do you think Israel should be allowed to develop nukes?

    Do you think ANYONE should be allowed to develop nukes?

  • Do you think WE should be allowed to develop nukes?

    Do you think Israel should be allowed to develop nukes?

    Do you think ANYONE should be allowed to develop nukes?

  • Like most of the Hillary supporters, everything I see in this article, and especially in this poll where there is no fair answer relating to Obama's actual stand on healthcare, ispretty biased.

    I'll be glad when Obama is recognized as the nominee and we can move on to defeating McCain (who I assume you will be voting for like a typical Hillary Democrat).

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    To be a Democrat has, for me, always meant to be fair and to recognize the majority vote. In my 62 years I have voted for many Dems who didn't get elected, but were defeated by other voters according to the rules. The crushing of the rules in the election of George W. Bush was a devastating blow to all Democrats, yet I expected all of us to go on following the rules, knowing that being true to our principals will eventually win out.

    Now we are confronted with Hillary Clinton and an attempt to break the rules that everyone else was following through the primaries. What is the difference between her actions now and the Bush campaign in Florida in 2000? Not much.

    The Superdelegates see what is happening... they must. We have to urge those who haven't stated their endorsement to back our candidate, Barack Obama, now. And those who have endorsed Clinton should, at this point, be encouraged to switch. There is no other way.

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    For Thanksgiving 2007 I've prepared a list of what I am thankful for:

    - Thanks for the Democratic contenders for the Presidency who as a whole and as individuals outshine the entire Republican contingency.

    - Thanks for Scott McClellen's revelation that Rove, Libby. Cheney, and Bush all lied about the Valerie Plame incident and had the poor young man pass on the false information. Maybe now someone will bring Rove, at least, up on charges.

    - Thanks for all the Republican insiders who have resigned in the past coupler                of months - may their numbers increase.

    - Thanks for the World Wide Web which carries the progressive blogs that keep the truth in front of everyone.

    - Thanks to Keith Olbermann for... well, for bringing enough humor to the situation that we don't get so depressed we can't hope for a better future.

    And happy Thanksgiving to All.

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    It's a done deal for today. The House vote was 273-156... 13 votes short of Overriding Bush's slimy and inappropriate veto (gee... do you think I have an attitude here?). And, of course, as I predicted this morning, my own Congressman, Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-MD) voted with Bush.

    Roscoe is trying to make it look like he's really with the poor kids... this is from the recorded message he put out:

    I am really concerned that children of working poor families will have better health care coverage. That's why I helped to create the S-CHIP program, which provides health insurance for these children. I am confident that this important children's health care program will continue. The extension until November 16 allows time for a better bipartisan solution.

    Today, I have co-sponsored a bill to continue and improve S-CHIP. This new bill will make great strides towards helping 75,000 children of working poor families in Maryland who currently have no healthcare coverage and would not have been helped by the expansion bill that I opposed.

    A better bi-partisan solution, indeed! This is a way to make himself not look like the child f*#ker he is in supporting the veto. Bush is doing the same thing. Of course, both of them would approve just about any amount for continuing the war and spreading it into Iran.

    I'm sorry... I just can't buy Roscoe's drivel. If he wanted to provide health care for poor children he would have gone along with 273 of his colleagues (and, of course, most of his constituents).

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