• I really think you people are slow on purpose.  I mean, really?  The scandal (besides Obama's affiliation with the slumlord in the first place) is  in the fact that the seller wanted to sell the house and the land together.  Obama couldn't afford both and his best buddy, Rezko, bought the lot next the house for him.

    Stinking Crook!

  • Yeah, Olberman is in the tank for Obambi as well.

    When Pat Buchanan is the only voice of reason you know you have a problem.

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    From a New Yorker, THANK YOU!

  • If you already have insurance that you are happy with you will be able to stay in that system.  so, explain to me how anyone will be forced in to the government system.  the only people who will be forced to do anything are the people who don't want insurance.  boo hoo for them.  the overall costs will go down for everyone.  that's the other 385M people.

    it isn't like everyone will see a new line on their paychecks for the government system.  that is a misreading of the plan.

  • It isn't true that everyone will have to pay a monthly premium.

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the plan, but the only possible people who could/would be garnished would be people who are trying to cheat the system.

  • 1.  People who already have insurance that they are happy with will be able to keep their current insurance.

    2.  The only people who wages could be garnished would be people who are trying to game the system.

    It isn't like she is trying to set up a government run system that everyone must join.  There are 2 tracks.  The current track via your employer and a new tack to buy in to the congressional plan.  If you go for a job and you don't elect insurance you have to prove you have insurance elsewhere.  If you can't then you are a punk and  you need your wages garnished or some other way to participate.  The economics of it means all cost will go down (including those on the employer track).

    Am I missing something?

  • This is silly.  Most people who might care about something like this already have health insurance and are, therefore, already paying for health insurance and will not see any additional costs.

    Where is the problem?  With people who are trying to avoid paying for insurance?  Well, they are the joe homeless under the bridge who would be paying for health insurance for themselves, no?

  • I'm not convinced this will be such a hard sell.  Unlike the 90s it seems that the vast majority of people (including the various business industries and unions) recognize the importance of reining in the health care problem.  Also, most people know how the basics of insurance economics works.  It really isn't that hard to grasp.  So long as people's out-of-pocket expenses are the same or lower no one will really care.  

    Do the elderly people have a choice with regard to medicare?

    I just don't believe it is a big deal and the fine points can be negotiated.

    Now starting out with something less than universal health care is problem.  Where is your room for negotiation there?

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    No, not really.  I don't have much better than that.  

    I'm convinced Obamatrons are delusional if they think this man is electable this cycle.

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    Yeah, and?  I can choose to dislike whomever I wish.  I can honestly say I never cared for Maria and her reporting sucked.  As for Oprah...well, I definitely think less of her now.  She can suck my toe.

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    so, why not go back there?

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    Agreed.  I was just thinking that early tonight that this feels an awful like New Hampshire.

    I'm so sick of the "elders".

    And why any cares about what Caroline thinks is beyond me.

    Oprah is off my TiVo.

    Go Giants!!  Go Hillary!!  Go NEW YORK!!

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    Maria (married to a fugly Repug) and Oprah (married to her own image) can kiss it!

    Go Hillary!

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    Best SuperBowl ever!  Brady blows.  18-1!  ha, ha!

    Hillary's response was priceless.  Simply great.

    Go HRC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just came back from some Hillary phone banking here in NYC.  There was quite a diverse group there.  Young, old, male, female, black, white.  

    I'm heading to a rally tomorrow in Union Square.

    Pumped for HRC!!


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