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    They'd both be ahead.

    Clinton had strengths in +Florida, +Ohio, +Pennsylvania, +Missouri, +West Virginia, +Arkansas, +Kentucky, +New Hampshire

    Obama has strengths in +Iowa, +Virginia, +Colorado, +North Carolina, +Georgia, +Oregon, +Wisconsin, +Washington

    But the Dem tide is strong enough now that they'd both overlap with each others states much.  Obama is performing well in OH, FL, and PA.  Clinton would have the upper Midwest and Pacific Coast in the bag as well, and probably be poised to win Colorado by a little.  

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    I love it.

    I do want to point out though that in 2004 the final Gallup poll in Florida was Kerry +7.  That buoyed my spirits that Sunday night SOOOO much.  

    Really hope Gallup has it right this time.

  • Thank you for sharing!

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    I think you're right!

    All of this stuff was so explosive back then but now it's really stale.  Good points, Anna.  :-)

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    I always had a suspicion that when the counter arguments arose that Michelle was really saying, "And George Bush!  WHY'D HE let New Orleans drown?  WHY'D HE ignore millions of people and put them in stadiums?" that the proponents of the "whitey" tape had major egg on their faces.  Last thing I saw about it a while ago was that McCain would "only" use it if he was down by 80 electoral votes the week before Election Day.  

    Um....  !?  ... drum roll  ...?

    Yup.  It's the "Why'd He" tape.  

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    Spot on, correct.

    For those of us who wanted Hillary for admiration as well as genuine electoral map concerns, given that the Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina strategy appears to be working, we have nothing to complain about.  

    I'd much rather be wrong about my doubts on the nominee in April than make the wrong decision with consequences that will last until I'm in my seventies (me, being 28, and the threat of a young McCain appointee sitting on the bench for 40 years--it really can and would happen).

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    It's astonishing to me that this late in the game, the GOP vice presidential pick will be campaigning in Raleigh.  NEVER in a million years would I think that so quickly (2008) would we see North Carolina seriously in play.  I love it.  

    And both Biden and McCain will be in Indiana.  McCain will be in Indianapolis.  That's pathetic!  It's basically like being the Democrat and having to campaign in Boston or San Francisco.  LOL

  • Someone needs to give McCain a map and a Census.

    "Sorry John, but look here.  It turns out that Eastern Pennsylvania has more than twice as many people in it than Western Pennsylvania."


    Some fun facts.


    PA Population = 12,500,000

    Metro Philly = 5,000,000
    Metro Pitts = 2,000,000
    Metro Wilkes-Barre = 650,000
    Metro Allentown = 700,000
    Metro Reading = 400,000
    Metro Harrisburg = 650,000
    Metro Lancaster = 450,000
    Metro York = 350,000
    Metro Erie = 175,000

    Only Lancaster and York are GOP.  

    Eastern Pennsylvania rocks.  And we're going to get rid of McCain, just like we got rid of every GOP troll who tried to flirt with our state in the past two decades.  

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    This diary was wonderful, and hilarious too.  Tips for you.

  • McCain is desperate.  And that's all he proves with these tricks.  

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    After the bruising of 2000 and 2004, I too was very thrilled with the prospect of a Dem candidate who was poised to restore competitiveness and real victory to Ohio, Florida, Arkansas (an auto +5 Dem bonus right from the beginning, yay!), Missouri, and West Virginia and locking down Pennsylvania once and for all.  Being a big math/strategy freak, the idea of sacrificing all of that for what seemed to be only marginal advantages in Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia bothered me much.

    I am thrilled to see that not only have the advantages in CO, IA, VA materialized in a best case scenario (seems we are winning), but the mood of the country has become so anti-GOP that even those states where Obama is less strong than Hillary (Ohio, Florida, etc.) look poised to go blue.  

    I would have to be a sociopath to wish John McCain on the country just to "prove" I was right about something in the primary.  And I think I wasn't off in my assessments either; Hillary was stronger in OH/PA/FL while Obama was stronger in VA and the west.  Fortunately, everything is so strong for us right now (hope it sustains!) we may just sweep it all.  

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    Thank you, that's the only explanation I ever came across that makes sense.  Muchas gracias.

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    Joe the Plumber, Lipstick on a Pig, and a thousand iterations of "My friends! My friends!"

    Yea, that ship sunk.

  • I'm sorry I missed this comment earlier.  What region of the state are you from?  I've been back and forth b/w Philly & Wilkes-Barre.

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    Well, yes, it's some form of intimidation.  The symbolism of the bear is what's lost on me.  


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