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    Multnomah and Lane counties are 75% outstanding and voting for Merkley in overwhelming numbers.  He'll carry the state by +4%.  

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    In Missouri?

    Fishy, but whatever.  Missouri doesn't want to be part of progress.  Every year they keep trending further and further away, and for all the wrong reasons.  I hope in the future, we can just write that place off from the start and not have to send candidates there masquerading as "bigot-friendly" to get votes.  We have more than enough of a base to not need that identity crisis.

    IIRC, it was the first state to ban gay marriage with over 80% of the vote?  Disgusting.  

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    Thank you!

    I voted for Obama here in Pennsylvania, contributing to Obama's LANDSLIDE PA victory against McCain.  Pennsylvania is true blue.  There's no pretending anymore.  Please let the GOP realize this and stay off the airwaves here!  I hate them.  

  • Serves them right.  Weren't they the party opposing election reform all decade?


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    Because of Virginia's demographics, white men aren't as much of a problem there.  Virginia has about 3 times as many AA's as Ohio & Indiana to offset the NASCAR bigot vote.

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    They were just icing on the cake.  Really, it's rather amazing that we're considering any of them going blue.  All of us who've been paying close attention know that Missouri is nowhere near the center of American politics anymore.  It's more like +10 Red at this point... disgusting.

    Now, the center is probably Colorado, surrounded by PA on the left and VA on the right.  

  • Georgia, of all states.  Congrats.  

    4 years ago, I told a classmate that within 10 years, Georgia would be competitive and trend blue.  He laughed at me.  He was a Federalist and a major conservative.  He came into school the morning after the hideous 2004 election saying what a "wonderful" day it was.

    Now his map is drowning in blue.  

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    Yes.  Gallup's state polls were really bad in 2004.  It was a one time release the Sunday before the election.  Kerry winning Florida (8% off from actual result), Bush winning Pennsylvania by 4%, and while I don't remember which one it was offhand, they had one of the swing states at +7% Kerry.  It may have been Ohio, Iowa, or Wisconsin.  

    I'm not worried about Gallup's national polls being off though; I think we're going to win.  

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    "I don't even know what I"m talking about.  I won't sleep tonight, that's certain."

    It doesn't matter.  You still get mojo for being a Dem.

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    Thank you for sharing.

    I will help kick John McCain out of Pennsylvania forever today.  :-)

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    It was +3, my mistake.

    http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicsele ctions/nation/polls/2004-11-01-florida.h tm

    Maybe it was Ohio where they had a big lead for Kerry.  They had Bush up +4 in Pennsylvania.  

    http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicsele ctions/nation/polls/2004-11-01-pa.htm

    I am nearly certain they had Kerry up +7 in a pivotal swing state that he ended up losing.  For some reason the number sticks out in my head because I remember it giving me great comfort.  I was out of town, drove back to Philly, read these polls on a Sunday night and went to bed happy.  (I knew the PA one was wrong in my gut).  

  • No one would believe them.  It seems that no matter what the Repukes try to scream from the top of their lungs, people just aren't listening.

    Both Hillary and Obama would win this election.  With this kind of national spread, Hillary would be up 10 in Ohio, 8-10 in Florida and 15-20 in Pennsylvania.  PA is a big sinkhole for both campaign's resources, but with Hillary on the ticket, it would be in the bag.

    She wouldn't be pressing in Virginia or North Carolina.  I think she'd be doing just as well in Indiana as Obama if she contested it.  New Mexico would be solid Hillary, and Colorado would be at the tipping point (instead of +6 Dem where it appears now).  She and McCain would both be in Denver a lot.  

  • Thanks!

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    America is an all white center-right country and Virginia is a "solid" red state.  Ha!

    Time for these Goopers to look at the calendar again.  It says 2008, not 1980.  

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    Thanks.  I always thought the tape existed but that it had been misconstrued or misinterpreted.  If it turns out the tape doesn't even exist...

    Well, at someone gets a good grade for creativity in deceit?  


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