• Fair enough.  You deal with him/her, then.  ;-)

  • Maybe.  :-)

    Do you mean "boy" as opposed to "middle aged or older guy" or "boy" as opposed to "girl"?

  • Florida's results are indeed more Democratic than in 2004.  It has shifted +7 blue, while the national popular vote shifted +9 blue, putting Florida 2 points behind with respect to other states.  

    I think Texas is ripe for 2016.  I do believe that within our lifetime, we will come to a point where Texas is more reliably blue while Florida hovers in the swing zone.  Texas has a younger population and the Latino population is more Mexican than traditionally more conservative Cubans.  

  • No more picking on David please.  Like many of us, he was heavily emotionally and politically invested in Hillary Clinton.  Everyone deals with it in their own way.  

    We have a new president elect, a new Senate, a new House, more governorships & state legislatures--nothing to be defensive about.  We can weather a few residual frustrations from the primaries.  Honey catches more bees than vinegar.

  • We can't be unrealistic though.  Florida is actually 3 points redder with respect to the center of American politics than it was 4 years ago.

    In 2004, nation = Bush +3.
    Florida = Bush + 5.
    Florida 2004 = +2 Red tilt.

    In 2004, nation = Obama +7.
    Florida = Obama +2.
    Florida 2008 = +5 Red tilt.

    In four years, +3 to the Red tilt in Florida.
    +2 in Missouri as well.  

    We need to do as well as we can in Florida, but in the next Presidential election, it need not be a primary focus as it was in 2000 or 2004.  Same goes for Missouri.  Considering the way states are trending, we're better of focusing on Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, and Virginia.  Note that each year, Texas (w. no campaigning) gets bluer while Florida (w. campaigning) grows redder.  

  • We've done our work for now, no?

    I voted and rallied some voters for Obama in Pennsylvania.  I don't know what more I could do aside from being a digital pundit until the next election.  The officials do most of the work.

    I think for the time being, a little celebration is in order.  I mean, we do still technically have Bush till 1/20/09.  I feel happy and joyful now.  I hope others do as well.  

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    I believe it.  Props to St. Louis and Kansas City for coming through but unfortunately nothing is ever enough to counter what seems to be an unabated growing hate vote there.  Please be sure to correct anyone who now or in the future refers to that place as a bellwether.  The bellwether is Virginia.  

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    Good job.  I knew that Missouri would be the toughest of them all.  Despite it having been much closer for us in the past, I knew it would trail North Carolina and Indiana.  Missouri is a hate state.  Let us put that off our map entirely, and redirect any resources instead to Arizona in 2012.  If we ever win Missouri, it will be our 400th electoral vote (in the future, Arizona won't have a home state effect).

    By 2024, I predict Missouri will be among the Top Ten reddest states in America.  That place is no bellwether.  And yes, I really don't like Missouri (first in the nation to ban gay marriage via const. amendment).  Fuck that place.  

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    This is so self evidently trashy.  Obama won many states because Hillary's true supporters believed in her vision of America and in overwhelming numbers, we opposed McCain.  This isn't the time to piss on Hillary; she did the nation and our democracy a favor.

    Look at the states we eked out in the end: NORTH CAROLINA and INDIANA.  You think we would have won them without all the attention and infrastructure they received?  Face it, the primary put those states on the map.  And now they're blue.  Thanks to Democrats, both Obama and Clinton supporters.

  • The thing about "GBCW's" is that they're predicated on the assumption that people really care whether you post here or not.  

    In my experience, something always brings the posters back anyway (like Hurricane Katrina), so it's best to eschew melodramatic GBCW's and afford one's self the liberty to return without inconsistency in behavior.  

    When I leave a forum for a few months, I do it quietly.  Then I come and go.  There is no drama about it.  

  • I hit "post" before writing.  Oh tis late...

  • It's hard to imagine what inspires you to celebrate Obama's victory with a boast to Hillary Clinton supporters, a GBCW, some insults, and a few comments here designed to showcase your "flawless!" analytical skills and writing ability.  

    If you want to interpret the United States election as, of all things, a vindication of you, by all means go ahead.  I think there's a little self-importance going on here.  

    Nevertheless, thank you for leaving us with a protracted acedemically guised "ZOMG I wuz rite; u were rong! na na na na na ZOMG hehe I am so smart LOLxxors"

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    Thanks for the cite and the link, but at the risk of sounding immodest, it's pretty obvious to me that whatever celebrity status he may have, my pro-integration diary is more thoughtful, more "big picture," better written, and more meaningful than his half-a-page-long rant.  

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    Muchas gracias, amiga.  


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