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    It's a boycott, not a strike. You're not fighting for something honorable. You're whining about not being in the majority at DK.

    And the whole thing is really laughable, so it's never going to look like anything more than sour grapes. But continue with the delusions of grandeur if you must.

  • Do you really think admitting that he heard something he disagreed with is really going to change the field? He "admitted" that in the speech, which you can find on YouTube, if you're so inclined.

    You must be extremely limber from all your stretching.

  • I'm sure that's just rhetorical flourish. It really give the narrative that extra "oomph," don't you think?

  • This has got to feel like shooting fish in a dixie cup for you. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy.

  • I think you're referring to two states (not "a lot" by my definition), and they sort of disenfranchised themselves, didn't they?

    Quit trying to make the false case that Obama had something to do with the poor decision made by legislators and parties in FL and MI. It's a really weak, disingenuous argument.

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    Can you please explain to me what you think the penalty should be for FL and MI for breaking the rules? I don't have a problem with a revote, but good luck getting their respective legislatures to come to a consensus. Obama has been a passive observer in this whole chaotic mess, and I wouldn't expect him to take an active role now since this is clearly an issue between the national and state parties.

    Hillary has decided to take an active role, but long after the fact which is, in the least, a little dishonest. And trying to project some degree of responsibility onto the Obama campaign is disingenuous.

    I just don't see how it will happen. The idea of large private donations funding a revote is a slippery slope that I'll bet none of us would like to see the evolution of, so the only option is for the state parties in collaboration with the legislatures to come up with a solution. Perhaps they'll eventually work something out, but it's incredibly hard to see how right now.

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    It might alienate the other candidates' supporters in the short term, but you can't honestly tell me you think that in Obama's case the AA community would come back in 2012 as if nothing happened. Let's be serious, k?

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    Jim VandeHai made a rather salient point yesterday evening on the NewsHour in asking the rhetorical question (not verbatim), "Are the superdelegates really going to step in and take the nomination from the candidate with the most delegates who is an African-American?", his point being that he doesn't think the party would risk alienating 90% of that particular voting demographic in any case.

    I agree. It would have a devastating effect on the party's relations with the AA community, now even moreso in the wake of Obama's speech.


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