• The trolls are swarming today, trying to shore up the Palin pick and keep the Hillary wounds open.

    It's getting tiresome. There's good information being unearthed here, good ideas on countering the republican strategy of this pick, good message testing and counter-argument forming.

    But the trolls are like mosquitos, buzzing around and pulling threads to the margin with their sniping and shilling.

    I'm out for the weekend.

    Obama's speech was inspirational, and McCain's response is laughable. I'm going to take my good mood about it all into the weekend and celebrate the value of labor by chilling out at the lakefront in the sun.

  • Sorry, I find your opinions naive and barely coherent. I'd rather not respond to them except to say that, once deciphered, they reveal an agenda that is more supportive of republican candidates and conservative ideology than to Democrats and progressive ideals.

    That's just my opinion, of course.

  • What a maverick! He does things without even thinking them through! He's a spontaneous guy! He chooses his running mate not on the basis of what's best for the country, but on what he's TOLD is best for him politically!

    I mean, holy shit. The nation is seeing a would-be emperor already strip himself naked right before their eyes while still maintaining that he wears the clothes of a presumptive king. It would be laughable were it not for the fact that there are still substantial numbers who still refuse to see the naked truth. But I think those numbers are going to start falling.

  • on a comment on Palin: Hillary is a "whiner" over 5 years ago

    First McCain's chief economic advisor calls America a "nation of whiners" and then it's revealed that his VP pick called Hillary Clinton, during her historic campaign, a whiner.

    Well done!

  • The primary is indeed over. Too bad you're still fighting it.

    That is, unless you're openly advocating for McCain now. Is that it?

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    Is the primary ever going to end for you? Did you get so addicted to the energy and conflict and confrontation of those months that you need to keep reliving it over and over at this site?

    Or are you just trying to keep alive your own resentments, and keep them stirred up in others?

    Do you really think pushing these same arguments over and over is constructive in some way? Do you think it's going to bring about some kind of change in attitude or behavior among anyone that matters? Or do you just like hearing yourself talk?

    I mean, seriously: what's your purpose here? I mean that sincerely. Because this is rapidly getting very, very old.

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    It was a desperate move, and to me it suggests they're pretty much conceding the election, and hoping to salvage some downticket races in deep red states, where Pavin will help. That doesn't mean Obama has a cakewalk -- he still has to turn out the vote, keep enthusiasm high, and avoid any major gaffes. But with this VP pick, the GOP is practically handing him the keys to the White House.

    Pavin's brand of conservatism may win some votes in southern Ohio and western PA, but won't carry those states. She's not going to swing any blue states. The people of Colorado are moving away from the GOP brand and she's not going to change that. The entire evangelical base isn't as big or as dependable as it was in 2004.

    The fact that she's almost laughably unqualified to take over the presidency is going to scare away Independents who will be seriously alarmed at the prospect of her being a heartbeat away.

    Nope, this is about saving a few Congressional seats by marketing a rabid right-winger in deeply conservative areas. Anything else the GOP gets is gravy, but it's not going to be the White House. In that respect, yes, it's a brilliant move.

  • comment on a post Biden's debate question for Palin over 5 years ago

    That's the kind of question that hurt Dukakis in 88 during a debate. It was regarding the death penalty, and involved the hypothetical rape and murder of his wife, IIRC. So these kinds of questions aren't without precedent.

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    lori's doggedly promoting Sarah Palin in the context of not-so-subtle attacks on Obama's experience. She knows, as does the McCain camp, that the selection of Palin undermines the experience argument against Obama, and so she's attacking the point of greatest weakness. By equating Obama's background with Palin's, she's trying to diminish Obama as much as raise Palin.

    If she just made her case and moved on, I'd respect it more. But she's keeping the argument alive, repeating her memes over and over. That's  trolling, no matter how nice she is.

    And frankly, I'm just tired of reading, at a Democratic blog, how terrific Sarah Palin is, how bad terrible this is for Obama, and how this is great for republicans. Discussing challenges and strategy is one thing. Open advocacy for the opposition is not what I'm here to read.

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    Your assessment skills are seriously lacking. Nobody gets hired based on resume alone, and comparing positions without analyzing context and achievement is lazy at best. I'll assume you've never been in a hiring position.

    Since you have a clear and consistent anti-Obama bias on this board, it colors every comment you make. You've backed yourself into a corner on this one. Step back, and try again tomorrow.

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    Why are you arguing with someone who supports the republican ticket?

    Is that what MyDD is supposed to be? A sparring ground for Democrats and republican trolls?

    Seems like a waste of time and energy. This kind of "debate" is pointless and just makes people cranky and depressed. Except the trolls, who are getting tons of lulz from it.

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    When voters look at who McCain picked to be that heartbeat away, and compare her to the choice Obama made, the diference in judgment is going to be obvious.

    McCain made a political choice. Obama made a governing choice. McCain chose someone who'd help him win the election. Obama chose someone who'd be able to lead the country in a time of crisis.

  • This is absolutely going to bring the rest of the Clinton Democrats home.

    That's why the trolls are swarming the blogs today, trying to drum up support for Palin.

  • You certainly don't communicate like someone with lots of political experience. Color me skeptical of your claims, or at best, unimpressed by the evidence.

  • The choice of Palin will actually put the identity politics of this primary to rest.

    I think for a fair number of women, gender was high on their list of reasons for supporting Clinton. Given that Obama and Clinton differed little on matters of policy, it probably felt safe and right.

    But with the policy differences between McCain and Obama as wide and stark as they could possibly be, women around the country will have to ask themselves: am I voting my gender, or am I voting in the interests of my country?

    I think it'll clarify a lot of things for a lot of people, or make them come to difficult realizations about themselves.


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