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    only sampled the South, that would be a valid indicator of that part of the nation that has the Senate in a stranglehold via the filibuster.

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    (which is how we got Samuel Alito).


    The other important in getting Alito was the threat to invoke the nuclear option on judicial filibusters.

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    Whether they'll compromise is not unknown. They won't.

    the prospects for compromise with the Taliban are better than they are with the Republicans, who, unlike the Taliban, want to destroy Obama's Presidency and represent the real long-term threat to our democracy.

    The presence of Frank Luntz at the front table yesterday was telling.  We have a collection of people masquerading as a serious political party, totally preoccupied not with public service but with winning messaging wars and polluting our discourse with lies and demagoguery.


  • if these clowns have ties to the GOP.  Anybody know?

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    which is put about by the likes of David Brooks by way of explaining the motivations of the Teabaggers, is garbage.  You would like to point out to the many grey heads you see at their rallies that the government sure seems to do a good job of sending that Social Security check and paying those Medicare bills, doesn't it?  And for those of you affected by the recession caused by Republican mismanagement, why do you take the extended unemployment checks and subsidy for COBRA if you mistrust government so much? And I'll bet more than a few of you worked in the defense industry, or maybe government itself.  Many of the baggers live in States that are in fact parasitic on the Federal government.

    What motivates the Teabaggers is nothing more than classic Republican sore-loser-ism, resentment of a black President, particularly one whose educated airs remind one of one's own inferiority, and resentment of Democratic Party achievement.

    We are headed into a very dark place if these people get the upper hand.

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    with Volcker backing him up.  Volcker has enormous authority, being the one who wrung inflation out of the American economy, and no one would ever think of accusing him of playing populist politics.

  • on the Court argue that corporations and persons are equivalent, limit an individual corporations's contribution to that for an ordinary individual - $2300 per corporation.

  • I think this should be a workable approach, since no Republicans and no jackasses like Lieberman and Nelson would be needed in reconciliation. I have been a Democrat for 45 years, and will always show up to pull the lever for them, but unless they give it a college try on this I am basically through with the Party.
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    Mitch McConnell says the politics of HCR are bad for Democrats however they proceed. But do the Republicans really want to take the onus for killing it on the 1-yard line, where the villain of the piece is all too clear? Killing it at an earlier stage would have diffused responsibility, but I don't think anyone is going to put too much blame on Obama, Reid, and Baucus for tactical mistakes. I'm not sure the politics of HCR are that good for Republicans, either; it is going to boomerang on them. Our country will remain one where, if you do not have healthcare due to a pre-existing condition or cannot afford it, and your child gets H1N1 and spends a few weeks in ICU, you will lose your house, you will go bankrupt, and that child can forget about college. Total barbarism.
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    but I think the rising stock market is our friend this year.  It is unmistakeably signalling a recovery that is stronger than expected, meaning joblessness will be coming down faster than expected.  A rising stock market probably means deflated Republican expectations for 2010 mid-terms.  Added to that the growing optimism of reputable economists, and you probably have a sinking feeling in Michael Steele's stomach.

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    attempted to eradicate the Hazara prior to 2001.  Those advocating a quick withdrawal from Aghanistan should be prepared for the same thing.

  • Republicans will try to spin this as Obama "not keeping us safe" (Dick Cheney will emerge from the crypt soon enough to do that).  But the real problem is airport security in Nigeria-that is what broke down here.

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    The problem isn't the merits of the law, it is that people like Clarence Thomas and Scalia are probably itching to get involved in this debate and render a "service" to the nation along the lines of Bush v. Gore.

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    It is the greatest of tragedies that the House-Senate committee bill is still filibusterable.

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    No one is forcing any of these clowns to vote for the bill; all they have to do is vote for closure.


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