• Article 5, Section 2 (PDF):

    The National Chairperson, the five Vice Chairpersons, the National Finance Chair, the Treasurer, and the Secretary, shall be elected:
    (a) at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee held after the succeeding presidential election and prior to March 1 next, and,
    (b) whenever a vacancy occurs. The National Chairperson shall be elected and may be removed by a majority vote of the Democratic National Committee, and each term shall expire upon the election for the following term.

  • As Chair of the DGA, I believe it is Brian Schweitzer's duty to slap all three Dem Governors backside the head for their Senate appointment bungling.

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    Totally just lost all respect for Bon Jovi -- paying off the debt to Penn from after Clinton lost but wouldn't get out is disgusting.

  • It isn't that Reid is as bad as Lieberman (nor should that ever be the test). The point is that in both cases we can do better. That should be the test and if Reid really is the best we can do, so be it.

  • Doesn't weigh self-identified progressives at all.

  • 1. It is about national.

    2. Since it is about national, it would start out about national until the longstanding local cracks come to the surface.

    3. Now if only he could have opposed the bad stuff as a leader in DC

    4. It will be interesting to see how other public polls track with Kos' poll, but it sure does look awful.

    We'll see what happens, but a successful primary would solve the duel problems of the DSCC liability with Reid on the ballot and the need for new leadership. It would be good for the country.

  • This comment seems to prove my point (see below) that your real beef is with his leadership of the Senate, not his representation of Nevada.

    32% re-elect and lack of leadership in DC allows the potential to nationalize the race

    You may not think he deserves it, but Reid enjoys solid support in this state from rank and file Democratic voters and activists.

    44% re-elect among Dems
    63% approval among Dems
    (way lower than Lieberman before he was nationalized and primaried)

    As for a self-funded wealth liberal, self-funded candidates have an atrocious record in this state.

    Need to use a 21st century model of leading a movement, not buying the vote.

    Because of the relatively high degree of new voters and the by-and-large piss-poor media, name recognition is a much more valuable commodity here than in someplace like CA.

    I think Nevada offers far more opportunity for a self-funder running a movement campaign than California. And the new voters are nothing but opportunity.

  • Nope. Couldn't name Ned Lamont at this point in the cycle. But I knew Democrats would be better off if he were primaried.

  • I know. And knowing that is why it is in the overall best numerical interests for Democrats for Reid to not be the nominee. A new majority leader is just the bonus.

  • Any?

    Every single one of the thousands of potential self-funders in the entire state would be DOA?

    At the very least, maybe Reid would climb out from hiding under his desk and have to explain to the voters why he's been doing such a crap ass job for the last two years.

    Right now, the polls show Reid is vulnerable. Whether a good candidate emerges remains to be seen, but you can't say "any primary challenger to Reid is DOA" when Reid has consistently gone out of his way to demonstrate publicly that he is weak.

  • They need to go down to where they deserve to be.

  • Hopefully Reid will no longer be a problem after the primary, but if he makes it to the general it could easily be a 2-3 challenger seat DSCC cash suck. It would be unbelievably stupid to waste money on Reid instead of picking up seats, but the table is being set for an incumbent protection cycle with scraps to the challengers.

  • You are either dumb as Arnold or a lying sack of shit. Either way, you have no business discussing California's budget situation.

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    They looked simply awful. I almost started the ol' "Poooooor Grizzzzz" chant.

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    The University of Montana Grizzlies are a nationally televised embarrassment.


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