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    That is, we don't have ten voters yet. It doesn't go by the number of candidates.

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    You can only give him one, Steve. Somebody cold give Dick Cheney one too! Which ones could you possibly stand for. Remember, this is a deliberative process.. You can give Gore a vote up until the final tally. This is just the first round.

    You can still put more candidates in, as we don't have ten yet!

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    You summon a randomly picked jury from among the voters who go to each polling station. The participants are forced to serve just like court juries. They are chosen from a large, pre-qualified pool three days before the election. They count the vote and run everything, with no interference from "Secretary of State" characters. They are legally required to stay home from work the next day, but are well compensated by the election system. Give the money and the time off to the people instead of the hackers!

    There are no machines, the juries just hand count the ballots on the night of the election. Then they publish and announce the results (at each individual polling station) prior to handing them up to tabulation pools. They are all required to take home a complete record of their local results. There would some few errors, but not systematic errors. Even if some juries were biased, other juries would be biased in other directions, so any biases would canceled.

    Recounts are useless because the chain of custody of the secret ballots is such a weak link. The results taken home by all the jurors would certainly be expected to agree, anyway.

    See, then we wouldn't have the worries, would we? Does anyone here want to keep the super-complicated electronic lightning rods for election fraud? Really? Why?

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    First MSNBC established rules concerning who could participate. Then, when it later turned out that those rules would allow Kucinich to participate, they changed them. What is this? Calvinball? I say it stinks.

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    Obama might make a good president, but his campaign so far has been miserable. When asked if he would meet with leaders on Bush's enemy list, he just said "sure." He could have said he would first need to determine if such meetings would be likely to be productive; then the embarrassment of that would have been avoided.

    The Kerry-like concession at the New Hampshire primary was very disturbing. He should have at least made a little noise about the computer voting issue.

    Now it seems he is allowing himself to be swiftboated by libelous spammers, in yet another Kerry-like maneuver.

    He should at least fire his entire staff of advisers if he wants to have a serious campaign. I have had it with the habitual blunders of this particular campaign.

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    Please just look at these simple tables. It's Important. Just ponder these numbers!

    What About This NH Primary Question?

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    If you are willing to just study and consider these numbers, you may discover something.

    What About This NH Primary Question?

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    The Clintons have built their entire lives around politics. She went through the whole awful impeachment hell. Then she (mistakenly, I would think) went with the whole "inevitability" strategy. I think she might have cause to weep a little. I almost predicted that. There is such a thing as having too much politics in one's life.

  • We have a brand new black governor here in Massachusetts, the Democrat Deval Patrick. Oddly enough, he is similar to Obama in many, many ways. He came more or less straight out of the business world, with practically no experience in politics. He did some politically rather naive things at first, like propose three gambling casinos. (Seems he's backing off on that.) But he's learning very rapidly, and I think he will be easily reelected.

    And Massachusetts is not really as liberal as many suppose; it has a profound Puritanical streak. But also, It's voters are very results-oriented. And I think the nation as a whole is about to become extremely results-oriented. We all know that our economic outlook is less than bright now, and I wouldn't enjoy presiding over that situation.

  • I think I've become leery of saying anything about any of them anymore. (I'm still for Kucinich.) Also, I never believed the public would ultimately go for Bush/ Clinton/ Bush/ Clinton. I mean, overall, that hasn't worked all that well for us.

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    They count for something in my book.

    I would go with Edwards, at this point.

    The rest of them are just spinning wheels.

    Why go with vague images?

    Go with Edwards!

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    .... backs next!

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    Now this is damn strange, folks. I mean, even coming from a hard-edge DUCT-TAPE blog, this is damn strange...


    Is there any validity to this? How crazy can it get? (Unless the duct-tapers are totally full of it.)

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    .... too bad the Monkey Man screwed the Oil gathering operation into such a clusterfuck that we will get no Oil whatsoever. She has NO plan to pull out of that tailspin.

    I mean, what frickin plan does she have? Anyone?

    Any answer? I thought not!

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    I'm sure it had paragraphs, originally. This poster's edit window was probably stuck in "HTML" mode. When that happens, only "p"...."/p" or "br /" codes will insert paragraphs, and ordinary line breaks vanish. It might be possible to cure this by editing the post, and shifting from "HTML" mode to "Automatic" mode.


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