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    The "bipartisanship" that you're talking about is mostly Democrats screwing their own caucus.  We're hoping for something better than that;

    We're hoping for "better than... Democrats who screw their own caucus" by clinging to Joe Lieberman, thus ensuring that people like Ken Salazar, Mark Pryor and Bill Nelson feel free to screw the party at will, knowing that there will be no consequences?


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    I love how you make an argument for maturity and common ground by relentlessly insulting people who disagree with you. Is that something most adults do, in your experience?

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    Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, Chuck Grassley are going to vote differently because Joe Lieberman's feelings are hurt?

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    Yeah, poor Joe Lieberman. I'm such a bloggy meanie. It's not like he's done anything to earn people's contempt or mistrust. He votes with the Dems 85% of the time! And the only thing he disagreed with Democrats about was that pesky little war. And torture. And habeas corpus. And the Unitary Executive. And letting Cheney get away with pretty much everything.

    And Obama may be a socialist, it's a good question. And he "fears" (his word) Democratic control of Congress, but that doesn't mean he's not a good Democrat. And it wasn't like he said that only Obama voted to cut off funds for American troops in combat. He said it about a bunch of other Democrats, too. No big deal. And that whole "liberals think President Bush is the enemy, not Osama bin Laden"? Not like that's poisonous demagoguery (and of course he was talking about the Iraq War, which has nothing fucking to do with Iraq, but only a loony, foul-mouthed vituperative blogosphere type would get all worked up about pesky little details like that. Like when Joe says that "Al Qaeda in Iran" is the biggest threat to America. What am I, some nutbag who thinks he's trying to scare Americans' into bombing Tehran, just because he's said that's what he wants a few dozen times. What's the big, dood?)

    And I agree with him that Susan Collins and Norm Coleman are much better for the country than Tom Allen and Al Franken (another meanie). And Katrina? A little bit of rain. Why tie up valuable Senate time looking into the deaths of a couple thousand people by government neglect. The French Quarter's back in business! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    I sure do feel bad for "thinking the worst" about a swell fella like Joe Lieberman. I'm gonna go read me some Rick Warren to learn how to look on the sunny side of life!

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    The scorpion and the frog fable does not apply to the Lieberman situation.

    Not yet. We'll see in six months. Actually, I think it will be less than six weeks after the Inauguration that Dems will be howling and whining (and Mitch McConnell lauging and Broder nodding with sober "nonpartisan" approbation) at the first big Fuck You Lieberman delivers to Obama  and his protectors in the Senate. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it happens before the Inauguration.

    This isn't about "ME" or "US" or "the BASE". It's about making the country a better place, and Obama and the Dem Senators have just made that harder for themselves, and us.

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    Keith and Rachel should play those clips--"hug and kiss", cutting off funding, and "that's my fear"--every damn day, and make every official Dem attempt to justify them. Chris Dodd and Ken Salazar and the idiots promoting Lieberman should be called out publicly from every possible forum.

    This is disheartening and sickening.

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    He also wrote an op/ed for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune supporting Norm Coleman over Al Franken. I don't know how it resonated, but look how close that vote is. And it's worth mentioning that Franken used to host/perform at fundraisers for Lieberman. Nothing earns Holy Joe's hatred like the notion that he owes you something. Just ask the Clintons and Obama.

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    Heh. I'm going to send Al $100 tomorrow. I wish there were some way I could do it in Joe Lieberman's name.

  • You come back just to abuse the ratings system, Dummy?

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    I'd be very surprised if this new nym is actually a new poster. More likely an old acquaintance back to stir up shit.

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    Her chief strategist didn't know that delegates are awarded proportionately, a rule written by her second ranking advisor, Harold Ickes, JR; maybe if they had been able to put their hatred of each other long enough to have a conversation, they might have realized this was a problem. Her camapign manager took two days off in February to catch up on the "Gray's Anatomy" dvd release. Her husband was hostile, arrogant and bewilderingly off message. She let Archie Bunkerbuffer careen around Ohio insulting Democratic voters and donors (people like me) so that she could demagogue her way to win the primary.

    She ran a really shitty campaign.

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    One final thought. Who wins debates does not matter. Who comes out in image does.

    What debate were you watching? I watched "That One", where McCain couldn't scurry out the back way fast enough and the Obamas posed for pictures and handshakes for twenty minutes, that snap polls say Obama won two-to-one, that was viewed by forty three per cent of US households (iirc).

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    So the S.S. Wackadoo sails on, oblivious to the iceberg?

    She's almost an endearing eccentric at this point, like the old guy on the quad preaching about the evils of fooooOOOORRRRnicashun!!

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    To me, Frank Galvin is his best role, standing up to corruption and abuse, the Catholic Church and the old money establishment.

    that bleak filming and the Mamet script.

    love that movie.



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