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    It will forget him.


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    Read it and weep:


    To avoid getting embarrassed again, I'd urge you to move on to some real news outlets; you'll find that "Washington Monthly" doesn't have much of a following. The same Gallup poll that you cite also shows that 50% of the public favors repealing Obamacare. The RCP summary includes those findings; your little magazine conveniently left them out.....wonder why.

    Maybe Obama can consult with Malia to figure out a strategy that will boost support for his health care effort.....although I must say, her counsel hasn't been much of a help on the oil spill.

    In the meantime, this White House occupant is proof of the old saying: "never send a boy to do a man's job!"


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    There you go again.....but I am curious where you came up with this whopper:

    "Public approval of the HCR bill has improved steadily since then, to now where more people approve of the bill than disapprove of it."

    Check out the most recent RCP average on Obamcare, which compiles polls taken between 5/21-6/21:

    Favor: 43%; Oppose: 49.8%  (-6.8%)

    That bill is a pile of crap, and the voters realize it. The conventional wisdom that voters will always favor entitlement programs once they're passed is a tired and shopworn idea; too bad Obama and his clowns so stupid that they really believe it.


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    Kos always featured their "Research 2000" poll results prominently, and it would be kind to even call them an outlier. On any given issue, they were so far separated from the results of the major polls---Ras, Gallup, NBC/WSJ---that an impartial observer knew something was fishy.

    Yet if one dared to question these fictitious numbers in a comment on Kos, it was like a Catholic questioning the Vatican....you were a heretic to the liberal orthodoxy, and risked excommunication. It's somewhat gratifying that others will now see that the liberal emperor Markos has no clothes.


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    Maybe you should ask a few people in Oregon what they think of the vanquished Vice President (all 400 lbs. of him).


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    The conflict in Afghanistan isn't going to mean squat come 2012; right now, it polls at about 4% in terms of the average voter's concerns relative to where the country is headed.

    Let's just use Obama's own words to measure his performance while he has been in office. He stated that restoring our economy, and in particular "jobs, jobs, jobs", would be his #1 priority.

    After promising that unemployment wouldn't go past 8% if Congress pass his "stimulus" bill, it promptly soared to 10.2%. The economy lost 4.1 million jobs during Obama's first year in office.

    Can anyone here say, with a straight face, that his performance on the economy has been a strong one? Do you really think that in 2012, voters are going to look at his term in office, and say "wow, I want four more years of this!"

    The answers to those questions are obvious. What we're getting from Obama isn't leadership. He's not even a convincing bully.

    He's just a failure.


  • Yeah, "talking to himself" is pretty much what Main Street is doing here; I think he's set some kind of MyDD record. The article has 11 comments, 10 of which are his own.


  • Many have attributed her anti-semitic remarks to senility, when in fact, Helen Thomas has a long history of hostility to Israel and the Jewish people.

    Adding insult to injury, she has frequently minimized the terrorist threats to our country, refusing to recognize the evil and danger of Islamic Fascism. She is a vile woman, and we are well rid of her.


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    Yes, the deficit under President Reagan increased from 2.6% of GDP when he took office, to 2.9% when he left. When you compare those numbers to what we have today in the age of Obama-nomics, that increase seems fairly trivial.

    In exchange for this massive runaway spending under President Reagan, we got a reduction in inflation from 14% to 4.3%, a reduction in unemployment from 7.6% to 5.2%, and an economy that grew by one-third. GDP increased from $4.9 to $6.6 trillion dollars over eight years. And interest rates came down from +18% to 6.3%, allowing small businesses to borrow and the economy to grow.

    I'd say that as a country, we came out ahead--with optimism, hope, growth, and opportunity. And I doubt that anyone would want to go back to the malaise, failure, and misery of Jimmy Carter.


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    With all of your gobblygook, you've probably convinced yourself that Jimmy Carter was a raging success, and one of the greatest presidents in history. And all of Ronald Reagan's success was just dumb luck. 

    Reagan grew the economy and GDP from $4.9 trillion to $6.6.....a 33% increase, essentially eliminating inflation and reducing unemployment at the same time. And getting interest rates down from +18% to single digits.

    So President Reagan restored our economy, won the Cold War, made America strong again, and restored respect for us around the world. You go ahead and take the misery of the Carter/Obama administrations, I'll be very happy calling myself a Reagan/Clinton Democrat. 


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    Liberals like you are the reason George W. Bush became President. In the 2000 election, the only thing poor Al Gore had to do was to look at W in one of the debates, and ask him a simple question:

    "Governor, just what is your problem with peace and prosperity?"

    Gore never asked the question; like most liberals, he made things way too complicated, and insisted on imposing his own guilt and misery on the rest of us.....losing an election that should have been a cake walk. 

    The fact is, the 90's were great: For openers, President Clinton created 22 million new jobs. NAFTA served as the catalyst for incredible economic growth, which roared throughout the Clinton years. You should read a few of Tom Friedman's books, and you'll undertand that free trade lifts all boats.

    And I'm puzzled by your whining that single mothers and children were somehow penalized by the Clinton administration. After NAFTA and the Capital Gains Tax Cut, Welfare Reform was President Clinton's single greatest achievement. Child poverty was reduced by over a third; I don't know why you would have a problem with that. Unless it's the fact that most liberals would prefer to have poor people in a cycle of dependency, rather than working and contributing to society.

    As President Clinton famously stated in 1995, "the era of big government is over." Get over it.


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    President Reagan inherited inflation from "Jimmy" that was at +14%. Expecting him to reduce it to 2%---instead of the 4% that he actually achieved---is like asking why he only carried 49 states in 1984 instead of all 50. Get a grip.

    And to suggest that inflation was at 2% "in previous times" is incredibly ignorant; it's that kind of remark that keeps bloggers from being taken seriously. Prior to the Reagan miracle, four Presidents failed in their efforts to deal with inflation. LBJ was too consumed with Vietnam to even notice. Nixon tried Wage & Price Controls, which failed; Ford issued "WIN" buttons (Whip Inflation Now) which didn't do much better. And Carter just wandered around looking worried all the time, mumbling about malaise.....

    We should all thank Divine Providence for Ronald Wilson Reagan.


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    President Reagan inherited a recession from the hapless Jimmy Carter, so Reagan's successful efforts to end inflation can hardly be regarded as its cause. And you make it sound like "wringing inflation out of the economy" was a bad thing. Four Presidents---LBJ, Nixon, Ford, and Carter---were unsuccessful in their attempts to conquer inflation, which is the cruelest tax of all on working people. It took Ronald Reagan to actually get it done.

    As to tax cuts, you're wrong on that one, too. Reagan signed tax increases in 1982, but they were a fraction of the supply side tax cuts he enacted the previous year. Nervous Democrats in Congress didn't have the guts to stay the course with the Reagan Recovery plan; they were soon proven wrong when the economy came roaring back. 

    So let's see how "Barack" does with the economy; so far, the only thing he's done is to take the unemployment rate from 7.7% to 9.9%.....even after spending a trillion dollars on a stimulus (actually, a sedative) plan. Although things should look better this Friday.....amazing what 300,000 temporary census jobs can do for the numbers.


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    You may not like to admit it, but the Reagan 80's are remembered as good economic times: hope, growth and opportunity. He inherited 14% inflation, 18% interest rates, and 7.6% unemployment. By the time he left office, inflation was under 5%, and unemployment had been cut to 5.2%. Reagan ended the Keynsian myth that you can't fight inflation and recession simultaneously.

    What you need to understand about deficits is that most economists measure them as a % of GDP, not in absolute dollars. Reagan grew the economy by a third, so that the deficit only grew from 2.6% of GDP to 2.9%....not significant when you consider that he had to rebuild the military after the neglect of the Carter years.

    I don't think you'll want to dicuss deficits once the Obama record is laid out. And time will tell how successful he is when it comes to his #1 priority....in Pelosi's words, "jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs!"


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    trying to change the subject. And in the process, you still haven't addressed any of the three points I outlined. The Medicare "doc fix" is a $370 billion sham, and you're babbling about tanning salons. You're in the weeds, "Vecky".

    Talk about complete know-nothing, you got slammed yesterday by the founder of MyDD for your ignorance. To paraphrase him, I'm done with this. Your inability to reason and debate is getting famous around here.



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