• There is no popular vote?????

    That reminds me of what an Obama supporter said to me ten days ago: "the only way Hillary has gotten the most votes is if you count the votes of people in Michigan and Florida"

    Well, uh, yeah...that's kind of the point of democracy.

    After which, she said, "damn it...the rules are the rules!"

    Such is the intellectual slum that has become the Obama candidacy. Good luck.

  • the biggest pair of goddam balls in Washington! It would probably take a dump truck to move them. As he said, you bet your ass the process was screwed up....and the millions of people who took time off from work, arranged rides to the polls, and took the time to go out and vote deserve to have their votes counted.

    That mess in DC today reminded of me of some Banana Republic, and only contributed to the idea already out there (thank you, Nancy Pelosi!) that Democrats just can't get it together, much less govern.

  • Not only Hillary, but her supporters as well, have been subjected to more snide comments and insults than there are Bush gaffes in a week.

    But what do you expect? We have a nominee who thinks we are bitter, his  wife thinks we are "mean", and his minister refers to us as "blue-eyed devils". If some of us end up in the McCain camp, perhaps it's because we'll just receive some basic respect. And that's a lot more welcome than the kind of hate and disrespect spewed by Father Pfleger and his ilk.

  • I'm a gay white man, and have serious reservations about Senator Obama. His ignorance of basic fundamentals--especially in Economics, e.g., free trade, how capital gains taxes work--is as appalling as W's feeble grasp of the issues. After 8 years of the amateur hour, I fear we'll be getting the exact same thing with Barack Obama.

  • as well, and we've all watched it unravel over the last eight years, to the detriment of the country.

    Take NAFTA: after Barack managed to piss of the Canadian trade minister with his continual rants against free trade, he clumsily dispatched an aide to assure the guy (David Emerson) that he is really for NAFTA.

    (See, Obama was against NAFTA, before he was for it)

    Bottom line: now that Bush and Company have alienated most of Asia and Europe and turned them against us, Obama and Pelosi (who torpedoed the Columbia Trade Agreement) are trying to do the same here in the Western Hemisphere! Folks, you have to try hard to piss off the Canadians...besides which, no country has been a stronger ally and better trading partner. Perhaps Senator Obama would just like to deep-six NAFTA, and see if Hugo Chavez will sell us the billion barrels of oil will we get from Canada? I suspect he has no clue that we import more from Canada than any other country in the world.

    Just one example of an issue that this clown is completely ignorant about, and has already managed to botch. Bottom line, we've just 8 years of the "Amateur Hour"...we don't need Barack to give us another four years of the same.

    btw--can ANYONE here tell me if Obama is for NAFTA, or opposed??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • It couldn't have been THAT great a speech, since Barack repudiated it just a few weeks later. He had the gall to say that he hadn't spoken out against Rev. Wright's statements, "because he hadn't seen them"....even though this garbage had been in the mainstream media for well over a year. When Cheney or W pulls a stunt like this, you folks scream bloody murder.

    The Philadelphia speech, hailed by some as being on a par with the Gettysburg addresss, used a flawed kind of "moral equivalence": equating an elderly relative who uses an occassional racial epithet, with a deranged minister who spews vitriol and hate from the pulpit. If Obama can't discern the difference between the two, then he's about as dumb as W, and that's pretty dumb.

  • Trying to follow this story...anybody have whiplash yet?

    First, the Philadelphia version: Barack could not disown Wright anymore than he could disown Granny.

    Then, Wright gets thrown under the bus: Barack maintains that he hadn't seen the bile and venom from Rev. Wright that the rest of us had been reading about in the media for two months. Even though he attended this "church" for 20 years.

    Today: after the skit put on at Trinity by "Father" Pfleger, Barak decides to cut his ties to Trinity.

    This, folks, is what we call "just another politician". And his politics isn't the politics of hope, or change...it's just the same old bullshit.

  • the other shoe to drop....you're following a centipede.

    While I agree with your observation that the political blogospshere is a bit of a bubble, you're mistaken if you think that voters aren't already responding negatively to Rev.Wright, or this latest round of bile from "Father" Phleger.Your crack that Rev.Wright "worked SO well in derailing" Obama during the primaries is ignoring reality. At this point--in the worst GOP year imaginable (maybe in history?)--your man is running no better than even with John McCain in trial heats. Often he runs BEHIND!!! Are you even aware that at this point in the 2004 and 1988 cycles, Kerry and Dukakis led their respective Bushes by +15 points? Newsflash: your guy's friends (and his grim wife, for that matter) are not helping him.

    Not to pile the bad news on you, but the Rev.Wright issue couldn't have derailed Barack in the primaries, because it was NEVER USED! One GOP ad was pulled in NC, but now that Obama has said on Fox News Sunday that his associations are a "legitimate campaign issue", the GOP slime machine and 527's are going to beat him like a rented mule this Fall. A black minister shrieking "God Damn America" is like a gift to the GOP slime-masters. And who knows what other creatures like Phleger will crawl out of the closet? You folks think that President and Senator Clinton were mean to you??? You have no idea what's in store.

    Back in 2004, Kerry supporters assured me that the "Swift Boat" stuff had already been thrown at him in his Senate races, to no avail. The ensuing GOP ads--which were met with the Bob Shrum strategy of "staying above the fray" and going windsurfing--were devastating. Kerry's 15-point lead vanished fairly quickly.

    If the Rev.Pfleger helps to open the public's eyes about the enigmatic Obama, he will have done an awful lot for the people of this country.

  • To your question, Obama told a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times (Apr.2004) that he had three "spiritual advisors"--Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks, and Rev. Michael Pfleger.

    Bottom line, does the Senator have any mentors who DON'T hate America and think all its people are racists? In the case of Pfleger, Obama can't claim he that he is ignorant of Pfleger's views as claimed to be of Wright's. He cannot have sat in the pews of Trinity "United", bringing his children there, and heard none of this.

    At this point, his judgment and honesty--not to mention his true beliefs--are in question.

    Several years ago, I left the Catholic faith of my upbringing, because the things coming from the pulpit were just too toxic. Too sexist, too homophobic, occasionally racist, and even anti-semetic. Above all, it was too exclusionary, chasing people out instead of drawing them in. But none of it was as vile as the vitriol spewed at Trinity United; nonetheless, I walked out and never looked back.

    That Obama didn't have the balls to walk out of his "church" is regrettable. Somehow, I can't imagine Christ doing creepy impersonations of people, and screaming "God Damn America"....

  • comment on a post Want Unity? Start By Condemning Hate-Speech over 6 years ago

    Given that one of Barack's talents is supposedly his ability to unite people, the church that he has attended for 20 years first gave us Jeremiah Wright, and now this creature Fr. Phleger (to whom Barack directed a grant of $150,000 while he was a State Senator). Kind of like Alien being followed by Predator...

    In the now-inoperative Philadelphia speech, Obama tried to excuse Rev.Wright with a kind of Moral Equivalence: the elderly relative who uses racial epithets is no different from a pastor who screams hate and invective regularly from the pulpit. Several weeks later--claiming that he "hadn't seen" the Wright vitriol that the rest of us had been watching in the media for over a month, Barack threw Jeremiah under the bus.

    You see, Barack was for Reverend Wight before he was against him.

    Aside from the disconnect between being a "uniter" and at the same time a follower of Wright's hate-filled theology, this also calls into question Obama's frequent claims of having superior "judgment". If these are his pals from the Chicago days, it makes you wonder who will be wandering around an Obama White House!

    Bottom line, a lot of Dems don't enjoy seeing a former First Lady and NY Senator subjected to this kind of disrespect. We've heard Senator Clinton described as a "monster" and the "Senator from Punjab". Last Friday, when she made a clumsy historical reference to the RFK asssasination, Obama groupies like Michael Goodwin (NY Daily News) and Fr. Phleger suggested that Hillary was trying to suggest something sinister.

    Good luck, Obam-orons. In Dale Carnegie's words, you have a strange way of "winning friends and influencing people". At this stage of the game in 2004 and 1988, Kerry and Dukakis were +15 points ahead in the polls. In an awful year for the Republicans, your man is not even running even--and the GOP slime machine hasn't even gotten to work yet! Once the election is over, Barack and Michelle will have plenty of time to spend back in Chicago with the likes of "Father" Phleger and Jeremiah Wright.


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