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    They'll make a difference here, we've been hoping Obama would send them.

    Bill brought out new voters in rural and suburban areas during both of his races.  He and Hillary will help Obama close the sale in Ohio.

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    It was incredibly disappointing to see this injected into our own party where so many were leaders in the women's movement.  Shocking, appalling, and discreetly fed by GOP trolls on the political forums.

    In a way its healthy. It mobilized women voters and Dem women leaders and returned them to their feminist roots.  We learned we really can't take for granted that sexism has gone away, its still prevalent in our society and our party.

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    I can only speak for the local Dem women activists I know, but once the convention was over, we backed Obama.  We've been Dems a long time and party always comes first.

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    who really put up with a lot during the primary and the election campaign and stuck with their loyalty to the Democratic party.  They have been a class act and an example of what it really means to be a Democrat.  They're a great example of what this party stands for.

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    for quite a while now.  Its the same MO they used with Clinton - taking the trash they used in the elections and carrying it on past the election, via the news media and DC punditry, as a tool to limit the new president's ability to enact an agenda.

    Obama has an advantage this time around with an economy in crisis.  The Mighty Wurlitzer of the news media is sufficiently concerned about the economy they'll be less willing to help facilitate the GOP's agenda.  Only the right wing hate media will keep beating the drum.

    That's not to say Obama will be safe for long.  If the crisis is resolved, watch the same Clintonesque media harrassment begin.  Its how corporate America advances their agenda in DC.

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    While its great to bring new people into the Democratic Party fold, we learned a hard lesson in how difficult it can be to deal with party neophytes who take primaries too seriously.

    Being a Edwards then Clinton supporter was one of the worst experiences in my many years of political activism.  My hat is off to those like me who had to deal with the narrow minded, knee-jerk, reactionary attitudes of Obama supporters.  I can't help but believe if Hillary had been the nominee, things may have been different, the party still very much divided.

    Here's hoping that you and other Obama supporters continue to stay politically involved, gain more experience and perspective, lose some of your intolerance and remember that the Republicans are the enemy, not your fellow Democrats.  Remember that half this party has forgiven the insults, embraced our candidate and hopes you don't make those same mistakes again.

    And above all, learn not to let the GOP and the news media manipulate you.

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    and I agree with him.  

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    As bad as the economic mess is turning, the odds are in his favor.

    Republican incumbents are becoming toxic to voters.

  • Her leadership in the Senate is crucial in getting it passed.  

  • it won't go away, it may increase.  Recall the crazies coming out of the woodwork after Clinton was elected -

    http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.ht ml?sec=health&res=9903E1D6173BF930A2 575AC0A962958260

    http://archives.cnn.com/2001/LAW/02/20/w hite.house.shooter/index.html

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    She had the support of both Dems and a large majority of the biggest voting bloc - women.

    Like Obama, she was also ranked very high by voters on key issues coming into play right now - the economy and the economy.

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    hasn't changed since 2000, well before the 2008 Primary.

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    Here, let me help you out.

    My remarks are a critique of Donna Brazile.

    Trying to generalize them to a critique of all Democrats is a weak effort to dodge the issue.

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    Anyone who was around and paying attention during the Clinton years knows the man talked endlessly about government and public policy.

    He talked so much to the public about solving the country's problems, the punditry and news media ridiculed him, preferring to talk about his sex life instead.

    Sorry but that's one accusation against Bill Clinton that doesn't hold water.  He didn't pander to anyone.

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    are grassroots Democrats who volunteer, canvass, recruit candidates to run for office, raise funds and keep the party alive - out in the real world. And yes, many of them are well educated, smart and represent all income levels.

    They're the ones who do it for something they believe in, not as a career for a fat paycheck. They're not insider DC Dems, they're the people the insider DC Dems rely on for their paychecks.


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