The accomplishments of George W. Bush

The list of George W. Bush's accomplishments is breathtaking.  As we bid him farewell, we should spend some time reflecting on what he has done on our behalf.  Please feel free to add your memorials in the comments.

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Why do Republicans hate America?

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You doubtless remember George Bush's testimonial that he and his administration never stop thinking about ways they, like the terrorists, could hurt America:

Republicans, committed to perpetuating George W. Bush's legacy, are now trying to make a mountain out of a molehill by attenuating the links between the senator from Illinois to the governor of Illinois into something quite sinister:

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Decider is what they sell in a little jug

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The Obama-Biden Transition Team Looks for Your Ideas

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America is a place of great dialogue with the free exchange of ideas.  This conversation can lead to great fruitfulness in potential paths that the nation can take.  The Obama-Biden Transition Team is seeking your input about the great issues of the environment and energy.

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Finally, the election is over

McCain officially has won Missouri, so all the electoral votes are duly assigned to the two candidates for president.  McCain led Obama by 4,355 votes, and even though there are still 3,159 provisional ballots to canvass, there is no way that Obama can overcome McCain's lead in the Show Me State.

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The results are in: Obama wins Omaha's electoral vote

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Let me tell you why I am excited this afternoon.  I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up there the first seven years of my life before my family moved to California.  Omaha is home to a respectable number of liberal Democrats who would no sooner vote for a Republican than play touch football on a freeway during rush hour.  I am living proof of the truth of that statement.  

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Obama 351, McCain 187

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Three Blue Guys have run a database of electoral college projections.  Forty-five prognosticators have given their final projections.  I averaged the 45 Obama projections and the 45 McCain projections, and this is the average of how people see it:

Obama 351
McCain 187

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Why is senior McCain aide "giddy"?

The Wall Street Journal blog describes senior McCain aide, Mark Salter, as "giddy." It quote him as saying:

We feel like we've been saying all week. We're well within the margin or on top in all these battlegrounds.  We got a real good shot at catching the guy."

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Pew's final poll is out

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The Pew Research Center has released its final poll.

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Hyperventilation about Pennsylvania

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Rasmussen has a new poll out this morning on Pennsylvania that shows the state growing tighter:

Obama 51
McCain 47

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