• in what they do. The mark they leave.

    Obama has done some very good things, but he is also doing much less than I think we have a right to expect given his campaign, which I think almost everybody here accepts was very deceptive.

    Many folk here seem to see themselves as somehow above the day to day concerns of America.

    Politicians live protected lives, once elected, they are a bit like the lamprey fish that cling to the sides of sharks, they affix themselves and cannot be removed.

    Perhaps that s what the GOP means when it claims that Obama never got a paycheck (of course, they are wrong, lawyers make a minimum of hundreds of dollars an hour, and Michelle was making something like 800k a year working - I understand part time as a hospital administrator.)

    Those are defintely paychecks..

  • I think a lot of people here are fakes, so I guess its mutual.

  • that the real purose for insurance is to insure confidence. Not necessarily justified.

    As long as people keep buying things, and not saving money for a rainy day, it will have served its purpose.

  • than the survival of all of the working people of America.

    The dysfunctional and corrupt system is valued at more than the people who it is supposed to be helping's lives.

  • Obviously, in the long term caring for sick people saves money in total. But the name of the game in America seems to be using poor people's remaining assets as a bank. For example, people are so desperate for work that they will take dangerous jobs, even jobs that make them sick, to keep a roof over their heads. That represents a subsidy to their employer, using their remaining health.

    In a sense, the fact that Americans must have politicians rule us puts us in a bind. We have a choice, choice A or choice B. Both choices plan to take from us, we have no power, they own everything. Which is the lesser of two evils?

    Okay, its true, work isn't worth what it used to be. People will work for almost nothing, so we are defined by our earnings. A Bernard Madoff is worth twenty thousands Mr. and Mrs. Real.

    Insurance in an ideal world would balance the needs of the various interests, but in reality they take and take. Politicians also take and take, They steal our votes, and then they dont deliver.

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    "Era of Diminished Expectations"

  • Read the UK press...

  • Hillary's plan's balance sheet worked.

    Unlike Obama's.
    Look at what he does, not what he says. IMO, Obama has been dishonest in his portrayal of his healthcare goals.

    He is not doing what it takes to help Americans. He is trying to help big business, and repeating frames that we all know are not working for people, like the big lie that consumer driven healthcare represents a choice. For many people, its been a disaster because they dont have the money for the kind of coverage they need - the risk ends up being way too high. Our insurance model is geared towards catastrophic single events and it also fails when people have chronic illnesses. Drug costs in particular are obscenely high, even those of generics are tens or hundreds of times higher than they should be.

    The states don't have the money or the power to implement the kinds of changes we need.

    Look at the mess in Massachusetts.

  • Obama's ties to the health cartel doom his efforts to eliminate free riders and expand the number of people with coverage, even if it is high deductible or capped coverage that does not cover drugs or nonstandard diseases or treatments.

    (Common these days, google "physician gag clause")

  • The IMF has a new report comparing the US to other nations that have undergone IMF auterity programs and the difference.. The US looks worse.. and the debts are biger.

    But the pattern holds up. The well connected elite here are looting the feeble attempts at recovery - thats their exit strategy.

    This will lead to the entire nation eventually being forced by the IMF into paying a huge, huge bill that will leave us all working for a long, long time to pay it off. It will suck up Social Security, Medicare, everything. All bets are off.

    Just like a banana republic.

  • was trying to get him to say something optimistic and the most he would manage is that nobody knew how long the depression would be that it would be big, He said several times in various ways that the amount of toxic debt is so big that its far, far bigger than any possible bailout.

    So big that it could swallow the whole Treasury up if we try to buy it.

    The consensus seems to be that they are pumping the money in to keep the most visible banks from imploding until after the 2010 elections.

  • and the whole election thing is an act?

    Done for the masses, but not really serious in any way, as a vehicle for change.

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    Not with us..

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    getting discussed. Many of them would not help the situation.

    The worst one I saw was basically asking that people predict in advance what diseases they might get and get expanded coverage of them.. (of course, we don't know)

    This is always put forward as giving the consumer choice.. (a keyword they like to use is cafeteria style health plan, implying that they will be affordable, but they are not.)

    Do not mistake it, they are trying to shove four or more years of bad medical policy down our throats.

    They got elected on a platform of addressing healthcare but they are so beholden to the health insurance industry that the devil is in the details.

    This is going to get worse before it gets better.

    Maybe that is the real plan.

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    Not sustainable.

    Problem gets ultimately worse by postponing it,

    and so on.



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