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    The Hillary supporters at this site are truly pathetic. I, however, understand your bitterness and your desperation upon realizing that the so-called Clinton machine has run out of gas.

    Perhaps if the Hillary dems spent more time motivating others to donate to her campaign, or organizing at the grass roots level as Barack has so cleverly done, Hillary and her campaign would not feel the need to lash out and grasp at straws.

    So what if  she wins Pennsylvania? Do the math people. Barack will be the nominee for the Democratic party. So if Bittergate gives you hope and pleasure...enjoy. It will be a nonstory by Tuesday.

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    Lets see.....Barack draws crowds of 20,000 to 40,000. A Clinton 'protest' in a city of millions draws (drumroll).....150!!!!!!!

    Where on God's green earth did they put all those people??? My God, traffic around midtown must've been disatrous!!!!  lol

    150-how sad.

  • You have serious issues. Are you deliberately being obtuse or are you totally unaware that Barack leads your candidate with over 700,000 votes?
    So yes I would say soon- to -be -president Barack Obama, has taken quite a few votes a way from Ms. Clinton in all areas of the country.
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    I fail to see where Barack's comments are condescending or insulting.

    What he said was completely accurate.Those of you (the please help me because I am a victim and can't do for myself pro-Hillary crowd)need to understand that their inability to  understand complexities, and the inability to be able to evaluate human nature -underscores why many feel that your niche are less educated.

    VICTIMHOOD IS NOT ATTRACTIVE in yourself or your candidate.

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    I am fairly new to this site but it is shocking to see the amount of ignorance, total incapability of understanding basic truths and general lack of insight on the part of these Hillary supporters.

    Alot of you really come across as being simpletons.

    Maybe if the Hillary Clinton supporters on this site would OPEN their minds and ears to Barack they could learn a thing or two.

    Heh...wishful thinking.

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    I am really starting to believe that Hillary supporters are uneducated and incapable of complex intellectual thought.This diary is simpleminded and juvenile. My two-year old could understand what Barack was trying to convey.

    You Hill supporters need to stop acting so helpless and rid yourselves of this victim mentality.


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