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    where in FL are you?  i grew up outside o-town.

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    i posted that on breaking blue earlier today, and i am still bloggled (typo but i'm keeping it).  i sincerely hope it's an outlier, but i dunno.

    to me, this means we have to work twice as hard to get rick's message out.  i cannot fathom that there has been an 18 point swing in one month.  no effing way.  one of these polls must be an outlier.  i am guessing it's this one.  cornyn's numbers have always sucked.  he's got one of the lowest approval ratings in the entire senate.

    and hey, i wrote about that in a diary on this site which has since disappeared.  hrmmm.

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    and i find it offensive.  the first time i ever heard that term it was on a right wing bbs years ago.  the person used it as an invective, to equate people supporting clinton with the sandanista rebels.

    lovely, eh?

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    it was so damn hard to carry water for him.  but i did the best i could (as did most dean supporters).

    this year, i am really excited that the guy i ended up supporting got the nomination.  that's the first time that's ever happened to me, and i've been voting in presidential elections since 92.

    i was brown - clinton (well, by default i guess) - bradley - dean - and now obama.  =)

  • "I do NOT think Chavez or Che are heroes.  I do NOT think White America created AIDS to get the AAs."

    and neither does obama, you troll.

  • for insulting another user.  that's strictly against site rules, as posted by (IIRC) todd last week.

  • for equating obama supporters with bush supporters.  total hyperbole.

  • for equating obama supporters with fascists.

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    and that's why it scares me.  i know there's resentment out there.  i just don't want to believe that older women would throw away my autonomy over some sour grapes.

    and yea, i do want to have kids.  in fact, the hubby and i are practising real hard right now =)

    BUT that being said, i am not blind to the fact that someday i may need an abortion.  say, if i have a fetus with encephaly or something.  i can't imagine the horror of being forced to birth a severely disformed fetus who won't survive anyway.  

    ok, i digress.  i'll go back to saying thank you to you for understanding the criticality of this election, and i am grateful to be fighting alongside you.

  • stop projecting.

    go look at my comment history and find an instance of where i tossed an ad hominem at someone.  please, go ahead, i'll wait.

    there was one instance and i was rightly TRed for it.  

    i am not think skinned.  i am just sick of your crap.  you haven't had one positive thing to say on this thread at all.  it's all negativity, invective, and baiting.  

    the primary is over.  if you can't take a deep breathe and realise you're being divisive, please get off the computer and go take a walk outside.  get some fresh air.  then come back here and help us crush mccain.

    until you're ready to do that, i can't take you seriously.

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    many of us do understand exactly where you folks are coming from.  take all the time you need, just make sure you're on the bus with us when it pulls out of the station. =)

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    i still have a dean bumper sticker on my car. =)

    right next to the obama ones.  :^D

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    because i am so over reading comments made by mature women threatening to vote for the guy who'll force me to give birth.  it scares the shit out of me.  

  • i've seen obama in several venues, several different events, over the course of the past three years.  he has been consistent throughout.


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