• i remember being so outraged when told the white house dog joke.  what a fuckhole.  how dare he say something like that about chelsea or any other young woman?

    and screw mccain.  he's a sexist ass.  comments like that just prove the point.

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    "I think I just heard the clouds part rather noisily, and with an angelic choir singing their praises."

    that's awesome. i am really glad to hear geraldine saying this.

  • hidden saint, get ahold of me via email.  i'd love to buy you some drinks before you leave.  we're only an hour apart (i'm in arlington).

  • as someone who's followed hidden saint's diaries, i'll vouch for the sincerity.  this is a good faith effort.

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    damn, must be nice!

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_le ave

    it's pretty sad when about half of all second world countries have better maternity leave than we do in the US.  

  • mojo'ed for it.

    if anyone on this thread has not watched the above video, do it now.  

  • sometimes, if you select a rating, then use your arrow keys to scroll up, you'll accidentally change the rating.

    no biggie.

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    he is a former clinton staffer who has been respectful since he decided to come out of the woodwork and post.  go read his diaries, especially the first one.

    i digress.

    asdem, i wonder if your perspective might be colored based on where you reside.  if i'm off base on this, well, read it anyway.

    as someone who's lived in red states all her life, the 50 state strategy is a godsend.  for years i've voted in elections where dems couldn't even fill a ballot.  i've watched a state party absolutely atrophy from lack of support (rebuilding now LARGELY due to the 50SS). geez, let me just stop with the laundry list.  needless to say, it's been bad here.  but things have changed rapidly over the past 4 years.  we have resources, enthusiasm, and new donors.  we're getting there, and it is absolutely and directly because of the 50SS.  

    i appreciate that you might just have a timing issue with all this, but trust me, it had to happen sooner rather than later.

  • to the idea that obama thinks he can win without hillary's supporters.

    that could not be further from the truth.

    i do, however, believe he thinks he can win without hillary on the ticket.  on that, i agree with him, much as that may upset some folks.

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    it was in the related section.

    "how to speak republican"

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    you should've embedded it, but no worries, here it is

    "i'm voting republican because i think the constitution is just one big headache"  LMAO

  • as someone who's had her heart broken over quite a few election cycles, i say take whatever time you need to heal.

    hell, you may never heal.  but you will get to a place where it's not as painful as it is now.  and when you get there, start digging around obama's issues page.  you'll find he has some great stuff on there for women and families.  things like UHC for kids, afterschool program funding, lowering college costs, etc.  i think you'll find a lot to love about his platform.

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    dummy doesn't know how to conceal her identity on the domain name registration.  sigh

    Domain Name.......... justsaynodeal.com
    Creation Date........ 2008-06-09
    Registration Date.... 2008-06-09
    Expiry Date.......... 2009-06-09
    Organisation Name.... DianaMantouvalos DianaMantouvalos
    Organisation Address. P O Box 99800
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. EmeryVille
    Organisation Address. 94662
    Organisation Address. CA
    Organisation Address. US

    Admin Name........... PrivateRegContact Admin
    Admin Address........ P O Box 99800
    Admin Address........
    Admin Address........ EmeryVille
    Admin Address........ 94662
    Admin Address........ CA
    Admin Address........ US
    Admin Email.......... contact@myprivateregistration.com
    Admin Phone.......... +1.5105952002
    Admin Fax............

    Tech Name............ PrivateRegContact TECH
    Tech Address......... P O Box 99800
    Tech Address.........
    Tech Address......... EmeryVille
    Tech Address......... 94662
    Tech Address......... CA
    Tech Address......... US
    Tech Email........... contact@myprivateregistration.com
    Tech Phone........... +1.5105952002
    Tech Fax.............
    Name Server.......... yns1.yahoo.com
    Name Server.......... yns2.yahoo.com

    via the googles, she seems to be a legit clinton supporter who works in public relations.  with that type of background, she probably knows how to make a lot of noise.  probably more noise than whatever this movement warrants.  ug.

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    i have an old friend who used to use that term all the time.  cracked me up every time he said it.  where does that come from?  nobody else i know/have known uses that term.

  • it's hot as hades here in d/fw today.

    but yesterday, we got a nice rain shower in the middle of the afternoon, which dropped the temp by about 20 degrees.  it was nice while it lasted. :^D


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