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    ...bill richardson to the list.  yes i know he's publicly denied his interest, but i have a feeling he'd take it if offered.

    also, can we please add janet napolitano, and FTR i am among the base who won't tolerate evan bayh.

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    keep in mind that this is only day two.  we who live in internet time expect things to happen at light speed.  well, air america operates in the real world, so things will move a bit more slowly.

    patience, grasshopper.

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    i'd hope they are going to try and reach the "average" am radio listener.  i think randi rhodes will go a long wya towards acheiving that goal.  and i honestly don't think it has much to do with someone's education (or lack thereof), although that is a factor.  rather, i think AM radio listeners want to be entertained. and randi is nothing if not entertaining.

    sure, she's not my cup of tea exactly, but i see her reaching the stern-type of demographic.  average people of all parties listen to stern.  i hope randi will attract them.

    the ofranken factor seems more like a preaching to the converted type of show.  i like it, but not everyone will.  

    i am bored to tears by their 6-7pm news hour.

    but i'm loving the majority report.  i think that will be able to attract the younger crowd (just check their blog for example).  and really, who doesn't have a crush on janeane?  she was funny as hell last night.  

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    krugman put it this way.  obviously this is good news, and in fact it's the first good economic news we've had in quite some time.  but bear in mind this is only one month.  what we need to see is whether the pace keeps up in april and may, then we might actually see a trend developing.

    and hugh, don't worry about this.  even if jobs get created somehow, there are plenty of other reasons to dump bush.

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    ...i hear you aziz.  i did post a suggestion over on the comments thread, and i hope we'll push come congressional candidates.  i really think that the blogs can take a leading role in helping send some backup to washington for our democratic president.
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    he was my governor when i was very young. =)
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    ....and it's not an april fool's joke!

    welcome back, jerome.


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