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    want a candidate who works less than you, she's indefatigable, what drive, what passion, what courage.  

  • he can probably get away with stomping puppies, Ronnie was the Teflon president, remember?  

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    It's not playing, Hillary's polls are still high and she's getting endorsements.  I wish he'd lose with dignity and not call to mind dirty tricks. That's what we expect from the other side, I'll back whoever wins but it'll be much sweeter if the candidate wins without this kind of stuff, it'll be more fun to vote the the real winner.  I'm sick enough of the Bush nastiness to want to court cynical Republicans who hate Hillary just to give a brief nomination edge to one of ours.  

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    that union members should be able to vote without fearing union leadership is looking over their shoulders, and that they shouldn't have to come to work on a day off or on a shift they don't work just to vote. Votes ought to be in communities.  

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    of his election problems and anyway racists are Republicans.  He's okay, he's trying to win and he hasn't much of a record. Which is his biggest problem, that and he's talking a great game but on earth doesn't show anything new. Same old same old.  I'll go with the girl, she'll make it better for half of all of us, wait, all of all of us.  Even Kansas.  Whether or not they want their lives improved  

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    what happened to change?  I thought he was billed as a fresh, uncontaminated face which makes up for no experience. Seems he has experience, but of his 'wrong' kind?  

  • on teevee news claiming that the working poor who voted for Hillary were probably racist. Never occurs to anyone high up that normal working people appreciate the work she's done for them, that has made a difference. Maybe the rich don't think she's doing much, and maybe she's not doing much for the rich, but the working poor, single moms, sick kids, vets, the weakest among us, know what she is and where her priorities lie. go Hillary, let the fat cats go for the others, you get the real people.  

  • how we'll vote, the pollsters just knew, and so did the pundits. We don't even need the vote anymore, they'll vote for us, not!

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    turns out working moms, single moms, working class folks came out to vote for her.  They know she's got them on the top of her priorities, because that's who she's always worked to help.  She's a real old-fashioned Democrat who will both repair the Bush damage and improve all our lives, with universal kindergarten, college or training school post high school, tax credits to bring jobs to inner cities, better law enforcement in our crime ridden and forgotten neighborhoods. Anyone watch The Wire.  A great place like Baltimore needs help too.  

  • he need to do more than apologize, he needs to search his soul.  This kind of mockery isn't just nasty, it's heartless.  And very retro, not.  

  • he believes real men slap down the girls.  He feels it in his gut. He's being true to himself.  Ick.  

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    Edwards is the hate candidate, we're all sick of hate, and these nasty personal attacks.  I know he's losing, but he has no class about it. Those tee shirts that say iron my shirt, the truth is out Hillary didn't have to 'play the gender card' being a girl is quite enough, she just had to wait for the hate to seep up to Edwards and to some of Obama's supporters. Which is really wild, Obama's hope message is about ending the hate, but his supporters aren't supporting his hope message.  What gives, why isn't the DNC speaking out against hate speech?  This is why a real girl needs to be president, we can't rely on the guys to even notice that it's ugly and harmful.  Are there not enough crimes against women, must our own party leaders tolerate hate speech?  


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