Will Dems stand up for Civil Rights?

Today the California court did what politicians have been running away from- giving equal marriage rights to the same-sex couples. Along with the Massachusetts decision, this is in my opinion a landmark decision on this issue. The most important question for Dems now is whether they will be bold enough to make this issue a centerpiece of the new civil rights that this country desperately needs.

In the weeks ahead I will look for which Dem leaders will take lead over this issue. I am especially looking forward to whether our ``presumptive'' nominee or the ``presumptive'' runner-up will lead the good fight over this issue. Afterall, both of them have benefitted from the civil rights fights of the past and would not be here without those fights. The question is whether they will stand up for civil rights of other groups? That more than anything else will tell me all about their character.


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Clinton supporters we have progressive choices

Let us not be misled into believing that Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain are our choices come November. After the powerful DNC member (who is blocking FL) and prominent Obama supporter, Donna Brazile, openly declared on CNN that they dont need support of HISPANICS and white working class voters (and I assume by extension fervent Clinton supporters); there is no point in wasting our precious vote. Those who do not want our vote are not going to be looking for our interests at all. So, come November, remember that Sen Obama and Sen McCain are not our only choices. We have two very powerful advocates of progressive politicians running for President. They both support Universal Health Care, are strongly pro-choice, have a long history of fighting for Core progressive values. I speak of Ralph Nader and Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney.  Indeed, Cynthia McKinney has also done that rare thing that Sen. Obama has not done- voted against FUNDING the war. So, when those obnoxious Sen. Obama supporters challenge you ``so you are going to vote for Sen. McCain'', just turn around and say, ``nope, we have real choices come November.''

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``Liberal'' Olbermann calls for Clinton assassination

The darling of the Kossacks and the Obama fans, that Keith Olbermann, stepped all bounds of political decency and fairness
and literally called for the assassination of Senator Clinton-

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSvyehX1Y 08

And that other ``liberal'' mediaperson Howard Fineman agreed with him.

It is time for all progressives to stand up and ask for Keith's resignation at NBC's website. Afterall, some progressives got angry just because ABC moderators asked some tough and (maybe) unfair questions, but really assassination belongs to dictatorships! If so-called liberal bloggers (Kos, ObamaPost,  Marshall) have any love for democracy then they are also welcome to join us in this protest.

I also have a question for the lawyers out there- I am not a lawyer, but isn't suggesting assassination of a presidential nominee  a felony.

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Dear Senator Leahy, you got that message?

You asked for a good reason for primaries to go on, and yesterday you got over 2 million reasons for it. Now, if your prime reason for asking Senator Clinton to drop out was really were interested in party unity, then I suggest a better plan for that- just pick up the phone call Governor  Dean and Senator Obama and ask them to arrange for revoting in Michigan and Florida. Once the revoting happens, whomsoever gets the most votes can be nominee, otherwise, I assure you that you will have millions of `bitter' Democrats on your hands.

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Hey Kos, If anbody is a Republican its Senator Obama

Dear Kos,

I have to say that you are suffering from a truthiness deficiency syndrome. You see if anybody in this campaign has been running as a Republican it has been Senator Obama. I can give you several examples, I will give you just two.

1. First in that famous interview to LV Review Journal, he dissed on the diviseness of the ant-war and civil rights movement. Maybe you are getting your facts mixed up or maybe its me, but I thought those two movements are the bedrock of the Dem party.

2. In that rather infamous speech in which the good senator suddenly turned sociologist-in-chief and dissed the good Dems from small rural towns (who rather remarkably remain Democratic inspite of their adherence to Church) and virtually called them racists, he also dissed on the economic record of a Dem President. And it just turns out that the economic record of the Dem President was excellent and indeed better than any other Dem President in the last 40 years (the other Dem President being that good man from Georgia who just wasn't ready for being President). And it was also probably better than any president in the last 25 years. So complaining about that record which most people fondly remember as good times is  a ``REPUBLICAN'' tactic.

Anyways, who knows what you have been promised by the Obama campaign, but I sure hope that it is worth it for you are loosing credibility by the second.


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Obama campaign caught in a blatant lie (with link)

I wonder if the networks will drum this story up as they drummed up the Bosnia story (but I think that they will not). Anyways, Politico seems to have dug up the questionnaire which the campaign said had not been ``seen'' by Senator Obama and it turns out that not only he saw it, he also wrote on the questionnaire. Furthermore, he actually had an interview about the questionnaire. Here is the link-
http://www.politico.com/news/stories/030 8/9269.html.

Actually, on reading the answers that the Senator gave way back in 1996, I like him better in 1996 than in his current incarnation. But I guess somewhere along the way, he seems to have turned more conservative for my tastes.

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Dear Senator Leahy, its called Democracy

Dear Senator Leahy,

You have commented that Senator Clinton does not have any good reason to contest in elections/primaries. While I can give you several, I shall just give you one- Democracy. I know it is a bold concept, hard to fathom even for somebody with your knowledge and intelligence, but it is one for which several people have fought for and even died for. It is also sort of mentioned in the Constitution. You know that document that you should have read in your capacity as the Chairperson of the Judiciary Committee, but one that you have obviously not read thoroughly enough to grasp all the nuances.

So, my humble advice to you is instead of bullying people into forgoing their rights, maybe you should go back and read that document. Oh, while you are at it, you may also look at a phrase called ``High Crimes and Misdemeanors'' and  start using my tax dollars for what you are supposed to do as opposed to taking away my right to express my opinion on who should lead this country. If you are incapable of doing so, maybe we can find somebody else for that job. There are several more capable senators ready to take over that job (Senator Feingold comes to my mind).


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The most troubling thing about Rev Wright's sermons

The news media and several dairies here have picked up on the controversial remarks that Rev. Wright made about 9/11, USA, race relations and the plausible conclusion that Obama's campaign was making appeals based on race identities. I share some of these concerns, but I  am most troubled  by the fact that he appears to be using the church to further his political views. That reminds me very much of Jerry Falwell kind of crowd and in fact his sermons look exactly like one of those televangelists taking advantage of vulnerable people. The last thing I want to see is whacky religious kinds controlling the Dem party.

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Dear Senator Kerry, you are hurting Senator Obama

Dear Senator Kerry,

First of all let me begin by saying that you would have been a great President; and  I am still sad that you did not win in 2004. Well, we have what we have. Here is a friendly piece of advice: if you really want your candidate to win the Dem nomination and the Presidency, you should go back and revisit the cause of your defeat against an unpopular President, an unpopular war and a weak economy.

Basically, it seems at least to me that while your policies and records are very carefully thought-out, your choice of words leaves lot to be desired. You already committed a blunder last week by calling publicly for Sen Clinton to back out of primaries. A sure way to antagonize her voters. Now, today publicly you seem to rule out the option of mail-in primaries in Fl while at the same time saying that Sen. Obama will follow whatever the states decide. A famous remark of yours kept coming back to my mind.

I know that you may just dismiss this suggestion from a Clinton supporter, but thought I will just sound you off anyway.


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Dear Jonathan Alter, My MATH problem

Please treat this as an open letter to Jonathan Alter, John Kerry, Dick Durbin and all other math-geniuses out there.

Dear Jonathan Alter,

While I have always appreciated math puzzles ever since I was a kid, I have never
been good at it. I do not know what is the reason. Maybe sometimes I wonder why
2+2 is not 5, other times I wondered whether the world is playing tricks with giving
me these strange questions which seem to have no meaning, or maybe it was just
my migraine acting up. I like your columns, but really this a new MATH puzzle a day
is making my head hurt.  

I realize that you are a genius at Math; and probably have a PhD in Math tucked away. For all I know, this Newsweek job is just your Alter-ego  writing and you turn
into a Math Professor in your day job, But really, you are killing me with these Math
puzzles everyday.  I would really appreciate it if Professor Jonathan Einstein and
journalist  Jonathan Alter keep their worlds separate, and allow this poor not-so
smart voter to vote.

And I am appealing to your better angels (should be somewhere tucked with your
Math PhD).


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