• This report doesn't really make my blood boil.  There are problems that have existed for decades, and the report says that Bush didn't fix them.  So what?  Neither did Clinton or Reagan or Bush Sr. or anyone else.

    Maybe I'm the only liberal in the country that thinks this, but one of the best things we could try is school vouchers (but only in low-income neighborhoods).  But seems like the teacher's union pretty much runs the roost on that issue.

    The earlier poster is right.  Sadly, this just isn't an issue in this election.  I don't think Kerry will do much about civil rights issues, but there's no doubt he will improve on Bush.

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    I'm not sure helping Eminem disseminate his political viewpoint is really what Kerry supporters should spend their time doing.  I think he's a hell of a rapper and I like to listen to him on a personal basis, but his songs are full of misogynist, homophobic, and blatantly violent imagery.  Sometimes, it is done artistically, which is fine, but other times it is just gratuitious and offensive.

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I actually get embarrassed sometime by the actors and musicians who support our guy, but aren't exactly well-informed or rational in the way they espouse their support sometimes.

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    Like I mentioned yesterday, for whatever reason, Rasmussen polls Kerry well on the weekends and Bush well during the weekdays.  I don't think this is evidence of a Bush trend, but it is evidence that there may have not been a Kerry trend.
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    I agree that tracking polls are only good for trends, but it seems that the trends are going pretty well for us.
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    Massachusetts isn't even as liberal as it used to be in the 70's and 80's.  It has had a number of Republican governors over the last few decades.
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    Looks like the explosives were already missing before we got to Baghdad.  Oh well.  It was useful while it lasted.  I'm sure the Times has more stories like that that it can keep using against Bush up until the election.
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    I hope both sides show some restraint on the litigation and only use it if it is truly warranted.

    We got screwed in 2000, and if we get screwed again we should be ready.  But neither side should litigate just to weaken whoever the winner is.

    There are ALWAYS ballot irregularities.  In the case of Florida, it was so bad that litigation was necessary, but it shouldn't be the outcome in every case.

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    The reason I mention that Rasmussen polls better for Dems on the weekend is that Rasmussen itself said so on its site a few weeks ago.  I believe they mentioned around Labor Day weekend, of course that's a long weekend, and might not be comparable to a normal weekend.

    Anyway, if Kerry is still leading in Rasmussen on Wednesday, then we can be decently sure we're trending the right way as the election approaches.

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    Rasmussen is one that I watch closely.  I don't know if it's correct or not, but the fact it's been tracking so long makes it a good indicator of trends.  Obviously, it looks like Kerry is trending up.

    One warning on Rasmussen is that Kerry always does better on the weekends in that poll and then Bush does better during the week.  It's strange because generally people feel like Republicans do better on weekends, but Rasmussen has had this issue for a long time (maybe they try to poll during the day on the weekends?)

    If Kerry is still up on Rasmussen by Wednesday or Thursday, it would be a pretty be indicator to me that we are peaking at the perfect time.

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    I think your method is just setting ourselves up for disappointment.  Here are the reasons:

    1.  You can't weigh undecideds equally with committed voters.  Undecideds are far far more likely to not vote.

    2. You can't take 86% of current undecideds.  Most of current undecideds will shake out before 11/2.

    3.  I also believe this election isn't really going to follow previous patterns.  I don't know if that will work out for us or against us, but it's something to consider.

    I think a more fair rough allocation at this point would be 2/3 for Kerry and 1/3 for Bush


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