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    Yahoo!!! Go Mitt! Let's hear it for endless civil war in the GOP. On to Minnesota and a brokered convention that will make everyone unhappy (except the Democrats).

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    I before E, especially before B.

    McCain/Lieberman, what a ticket. What would their campaign slogan be: "We'll double the number of countries we're fighting guerilla war in in our first 100 days."

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    Hope Edwards is going to stick around in Nevada for a while. Two polls in a row seem to indicate something is going on there.

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    I think Kucinich has as much right as anyone to particpate, but his motives are real questionable. His 2nd round endorsement in Iowa -like in 2004 -- seemed to be more about hurting the strongest progressive candidate in the field than anything else. What's the guy trying to do? I'd imagine he's going to spend nearly all his time going after Edwards this evening.

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    Edwards has a lot of good read meat to offer on his own; not just being Obama's wingman. He can't just go after Clinton like he did last time. He has a chance to really distinguish himself tonight by going after Hillary for negative campaigning and Obama for his conservative leaning domestic policy proposals. I hope the Nevada polls gives him the wind in his sails he needs to stand alone tonight.  

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    I wonder if UNITE-HERE is having any regrets about their endorsement, with Edwards polling high as he did.

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    It should be added that all the unions that have backed Edwards, including the Carpenters, the Nevada CWA and the Steelworkers are still working the state. If Obama and Clinton go Gephardt/Dean on each other it might give Edwards an opening. One can hope at least.

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    It's irresponsible to try to drag Edwards into this. Yes, I'm sure Edwards is disappointed not to get the Culinary Workers endorsement, but the teachers have always been closer to Clinton.  Frankly I think Edwards will get more votes from the "at-large" caucus sites than he we would w/o them.

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    Damn, that is good. Michigan is hurting big time and the Huckabee campaign gets it.

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    Miller is also very close to the AFL-CIO leadership whatever that might mean.

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    What an idiotic post. You manage to conflate Bush with Hillary and then tell Edwards to drop out for the sake of Obama and a vauge notion of "change". If Obama decides to start talking about universal health care, building the middle class and unions w/o prompting than I would back him. Until then Edwards has every right to make sure those issues have a voice.

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    He really burned his bridges with the Clinton camp already. He would look like an idiot if he turned around and backed her. I think he'll lay low. Did Biden or Dodd ever make an endorsement?

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    The utter media elation around the vauge theme of "change" caused Obama to seriously procrastinate developing a more solid "bread and butter" approach which he is going to need to win. Hillary started on the populist theme the day before the vote. A bit tepid, more Al Gore 2000 than Jon Edwards but it did the trick. Obama is going to need "It's the economy stupid" tatooed on his hand if he want to pull this off.

  • I don't see how endorsing someone only week before the election is going to change members minds. Edwards spents years working with members, walking picket lines and the like. Members knew him. Do they know Obama? Unless the union's leaders can square their endorsement with how the members actually feel, it won't guarantee votes, especially when it looks like the union is trying to play king maker. You can't educate members in one week.

    The nature of the caucus system, which is dependent on organzing turnout might make the endorsement worth more, but they should have endoresed earlier if they really wanted to give Obama a boost.

    There is also the question raised by John Judis about whether Latinos -- who make up most the Culinary Worker's membership -- will go for Obama.

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    NPR just called it for Hillary. Wow, this is an interesting election.


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