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    The results aren't all in, and no one at all is surprised that Obama won the Potamoc primary, his overwhelming victory among nearly every group, particulary among women, indicate he's stronger than I thought. Before this, I though Hillary would bid her time and bulldoze him in Ohio and Pennslyvannia but now I'm not so sure. Even Texas might be up for grabs.

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    No viability is 15%.

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    At this point I think he stands a real good shot of pulling over 80% in DC. I mean he's pulling over 60 percent in Virginia, a state with a lot of rural white people. DC is uber-Obama territory-a city of soul food and whole foods.

  • Jeez, the polls closed ten minutes go. Obama must have won super big time.

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    Actually I saw quite a few Clinton ads. Good ones too.

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    I voted at 9 PM in DC. I live in a residential, mostly African-American neighborhood in Northwest DC and there were about three people at my poll. Very quiet. I've heard there was more of a turnout at other polls however.

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    DC: 75% O
        25% C

    MD: 60% O
        35% C

    VA: 55% O
        40% C

    An Obama sweep -- no major surprise. Polital power in MD and DC -- and increasingly VA -- lie in the growing Dc burbs, populated by educated professionals and the black population centers like the Tidewater area and Prince George's county.

    The big story will be to see how Clinton performes in the white working class areas of Maryland and Virginia. If she does very well in Balitmore County or Winchester, VA, its a bad sign for Obama in Penn and Ohio.

  • The Resko stuff went no where; in fact it made Hillary look bad. But anything said against her sticks. It's hard to argue that she is not getting harder time than Obama is. Maybye the media's love affair with Obama will never end and he will continue bounce off negativity like rubber for the next eight years. It happened with Reagan. But maybe not. I think there are real weaknesses with Obama's domestic proposals that progressives can't afford to ignore no matter how charismatic he is. (just as there are problems with Hillary on FP that we can't ignore either).

    I'm sick seeing Hillary getting booed just for raising the real problems with Obama's domestic proposals.  Look, Krugman was closest to Edwards, so its bs to say he is angling for anything besides progressive politics.

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    Huckabee is the most surprising guy on the ticket. If anyone earned a VP spot its him, though the right-wing noise machine hates him even more than they hate McCain so I don't see him getting it.

    What's up with the Washington state GOP? Is it dominated by fundies?

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    According to AP, Romney said he is dropping out because a prolonged GOP contest will mean turning over the country to Al Qaeda. No seriously:

    (Romney) then told the crowd he disagrees with McCain on a number of issues, but that he'd given the mater a lot of thought and if he fought on all the way to the Republican convention, " I forestall the launch of a national campaign and frankly I'd be making it easier for Senator Clinton or Obama to win. Frankly, in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror."

  • I'm not sure if he is reading this post.

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    Depiste what both the media and sometimes her own campaign snafu's might suggest, she really can't be held for everything Bill did. She was always more of traditional liberal than Bill was.

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    Good post; not sure if I agree with you yet but I don't get to vote 'till next week so I still have time to make up my mind. Was an Edwards guy and do lean Obama but his vaugeness and post-partisan talking points are really getting on my nerves cause I know it's a fantasy. A quote from Saturday's New York Times sums my frustration with him:  

    "I want an Alan Blinder, and I want a Jacob Hacker, and I want a Bob Rubin, and I want a Robert Reich," (Obama) said, referring to a mix of centrist and more liberal Democratic economic advisers. "And I want a good robust argument about where we need to go."

    Rubin and Hacker? So what will he do when both of them give him diametrically opposed advice?

    Clinton is like a rusty bicycle; it ain't much, but you know it will get you where you need to go. Obama is like a shiny gift box; looks exciting but you really won't know what you got until you open it.

  • Remember that one? I'm deeply perturbed by Sen. Clinton's foreign policy snafus, but if the next President can't get us universal health care, we might as well give it up, because the GOP will come back big time. I really like Obama, but I could only vote for him only if I believed that 80 percent of what he is saying is bullshit.  If ends up wasting eight months of his first term "reaching out" to the GOP with watered-down policy recommendations, he will get his ass handed to him and his big bubble will burst big time.

    I get to vote on Feb 12. I was an Edwards person, and I really wish Obama would give me a solid reason besides electability to vote for him. Maybye there still is time, but he hasn't done much to convince me.  

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    I wish I could agree that the health mandate issues is a "small" difference, but I think it could end up being the difference between national health insurance and a watered down subsitute that pleases no one.


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