• As a pretty devoted Catholic, I think he's personally pro-life but dosen't support attempts to overturn Roe v. Wade. He's much less public about than say Bob Casey. He's also consistent, being anti-death penalty in a state where it has been pretty popular.

    More on why I like Kaine: He's charasmatic and good on TV, but in a low key way that would balance out the Obama superstar quality. He's a progressive Catholic.

    He dosen't have much of a national profile, but I think picking a relative unknown on the national stage would give Obama more media time as the MSM gets to know the guy

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    The more I think about it the more Tim Kaine seems ideal. He brings pull in a major targeted swing state, but most importantly he enforces a youthful image like Clinton/Gore in 92. He's a pretty solid progressive to boot.  

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    "McCain has some really tools on his VP list according to politico: portman, thune, ridge, cantor, romney, and crist"

    Natalie Portman? It might help McCain with younger voters and Star Ward geeks but I don't think she meets constitutional requirment age-wise.

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    Having him as a VP would be a major disaster but if they could get him to give a keynote address endorsin Obam at the Democratic convention, that would incredibly sweet.

  • Edwards does polls better other lesser known candidates, even in their home states. According to Zogby, he does boosts Obama in VA for example more than Kaine or Webb.

    I didn't believe it first, but their is something their. I honestly think corporate American at this point would rather have Edwards as VP than as AG if they have to have him at all.

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    Edwards made some pretty angular statement about Wall Street and corporate American during his campaign -- which is why supported him.

    I think Edwards would be a boon to the ticket, but I'm wondering if Obama -- now stuck with a bad case of general electionitis -- might worry that Edwards on the ticket would freak out the same Wall Street that he is trying to appease.

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    That's exactly what progressives need to be focusing on: building a legislative grassroots army to build the local infrastructure to make sure every congressman and woman is on board with passing universal hc by 09.

    It's exactly what this election is about. No doubt the media will give it about 4 seconds of coverage.  

    Anyways Elizabeth Edwards is my hero once again.

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    What utter surreal insanity.

    This is like Bob Newhart sketch except it isn't funny becuase its real.

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    "We look forward to a productive conversation with Senator Obama about policies that can resonate with blue-collar Democrats," reiterated Buffenbarger. "As they demonstrated in state after state, blue-collar Democrats respond overwhelmingly to a candidate who will fight to improve their lives. And they are just not there yet. Nor are we."

    Ummm...ok but I think we're pretty clear on who is going to be on the ballot come November. Does he think its even a question which of the two will be more committed to improving working people's lives?  

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    France has a  lot nuclear plants ... so does Illinois. The Exeleon corp. runs a lot of plants in the state and they've been one of Obama's backers. Before you pound on McCain you might want to check Obama's position on nuclear power.

  • Actually that is what Biden was all purposes said. This guy has been a Senator for 30 years and is ready to do everythign to get Obama elected. Why he obviously shouldn't embarass Obama, he shouldn't be required to mouth David Axlerod's talking points everytime he's on TV until November.  

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    It should be added that on foreign policy, Biden can go for throats of Republicans better than anybody.

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    I disagree. Biden was cutting the BS about Obama opting out and gave a much better explanation of why it made sense for him to do it than Obama's statement. Of course if you're a candidate's surrogate you don't want to sound better than the guy you are standing in for, but Obama's explanation justfying a correct move was so lame, Joe gets kudos from me for it.

    On McLaughlin, Pat Buchanan correctly said that the problem Obama faces with opting out won't come with the decision itself; but with his weak argument for it.

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    This is leaning toward Daily Kos territory folks. Comments about McCain being old, having bad teeth or being creepy-- lets not go there please.

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    Can anybody book into the National Press Club? If I claim John McCain is really a lizard monster in disguise can I get a speaking gig there too?


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