• "Needle your opponent until they attack you, then claim to be the victim."

    What in the world makes you think I am mentioning any of this to be a victim? I am bringing it up to condemn the ugly, foul, disgusting, abhorrent, debased behavior of Obama supporters, including yesterday's booing of Chelsea Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton. I get satisfaction from exposing to here how consistently offensive, violent, and bullying behavior characterises the Obama campaign

    I will continue to defend myself and my Senator without fail, often and long, and I hope you dislike it mightily, because it won't stop until the abhorrent behavior stops. I hope you really hate hearing how repellent that Obama supporter behavior is, and it disturbs and distracts you until you do something to stop that behavior by your fellow supporters, it reflects badly (and accurately) on the candidate himself, who will remain my opponent for the rest of all time. When the behavior stops, you will stop hearing about how repellent and unacceptable it is.

  • "Progressive values like insinuating being black disqualifies you from being President circa 2008."

    All Obama and his supportoers seem to know how to do to win elections is empty, vacuous bluster, viciousness, and fraudulently playing the race card. How disgusting. I will never vote for such garbage.

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    "she is totally hot."

    So agree!  She will always be "my girl." (the word "girl" only used in the most honoring intention, and because she herself has used it).

    Rise, Hillary, rise!

  • "Are you posting this hoping to position hillary as a victim yet again?"

    When you stay silent and passive like  a doormat and do not object to abusive crap, it is positioning as a victim. Objecting loudly and strenuously to abuse is the antithesis of being a victim.

    You may not like hearing it, and that is tough, and is the intended purpose. The more uncomfortable and unpleasant we can make it for those who indulge their abusive speech and behavior, the more effective we are in stopping it. We don't tolerate it, and we want to make certain we make it as painful as possible for those who try to get away with it.

  • "who the f*ck asked you !!!!! ...and the scum that you are is using it as a oppurtunity to use it to attack obama supporters!!!" "

    You demonstrate the vulgarity and inappropriate language that alienates Clinton supporters and insures that we will never vote for your candidate.

    The fact that many Obama supporters feel it their right to yell obscenities and sexual slurs at Hillary supporters and at the candidate herself is in some measure a reflection of how Obama himself refuses to rein in his supporters and enforce appropriate behavior. Merely giving a gentle reproof along the lines of "some of my supporters get too enthusiastic" doesn't address the problem in the least.

    In the Clinton campaign we are all directed to keep our efforts positive and refrain from any negative statements about BO, and in my experience that directive has been consistently enforced.

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    What is this total nonsense? This is absurd BS, utterly meaningless, baseless crap  in this diary.

    Hillary has a deeply sophisticated energy plan to address the gas and energy crisis long term (while Obama voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill), and trying to trash her short term assist to consumers facing prohibitive gas prices this summer as though it was her proposal to remedy the crisis is misleading and ridiculous.

  • "racists don't need Clinton to tell them that Obama is a black man running for the highest office in the country."

    That is true.

    Just for balance, it it worth noting that Clinton has had two of her campaign field offices burned down, a drive by shooting of pellets through another campaign office's windows. No one was hurt, thankfully.

    In Philadelphia Obama supporters nearly succeeded in pushing me into oncoming traffic from behind while I was doing visibility in front of their City Hall, saying that Reverend Wright was right, and that the US did "deserve what happened to us on 9-11. Reporters were there videotaping our visibility effort, and interviewed me afterward, but it did not make it onto the news.

    While doing visibility on primary day in West Philadelphia one of our Hillary supporter was pushed by an Obama supporter and the police were called, and twice after that we had to call the police when Obama supporters came and blasted a megaphone right at us at two feet away to try to move us from our polling place corner, while threatening us with their signs on tall sticks.

    And those examples are only the ones I have personally have learned of.

    Our Hillary supporters, mostly older women, were in all cases minding our own business, holding signs, and engaging in nothing but respectful campaigning.

    The endless ugly vulgarities and obscenities that Obama supporters across the nation have been hurling at Hillary and her supporters have been the worst and most uncivil I have ever experienced in a campaign. It is part of what has completely alienated so many of us from ever voting for or supporting Obama in any future situation, it is so over the top.

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    Obviously the causes are far deeper than temporary tax relief will provide. The tax relief Clinton proposed was not intended to be an answer, her very sophisticated energy plan provides the answers and context for the minor tax relief she proposed.

    There are countless people on Social Security and other forms of fixed income for whom an extra $30 per month savings from Clinton's gas tax relief means the difference between eating for the last week of the month, or going hungry. People who sneer at the estimated $30-70 per month that a family will save with Clinton's tax relief have no empathy or compassion for those who live choosing between food, utilities, and medication.

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    "how is repeating what the media has stated when breaking down demographics racist?"

    Yes, really, give us a break. It's not news that AAs are breaking at around 90% for BO.

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    " this has been an unsettling past couple of months for me -- and has made me question a lot of my assumptions."

    I will totally respect your decision if you leave the Democratic party after all the serious issues that have been thrust into our faces during this primary season. I share your sentiments.

    If there were a viable third party to join, I might do that as well, after being an extremely active Democrat all my life. The unethical, hateful, and misogynistic practices I have seen are unacceptable to me.

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    We need Hillary supporters to get on the phones to NC as much as you can. Seriously, we are understaffed and have little literature, signs, or other resources to work with here. I arrived here late last night from Mnahattan and was immediately placed in a campaign office in a district with 100,000 voters, there is only one paid staffer. I was immediately given keys to the office and the position of volunteer recruiter/coordinator, and I staffed the office alone much of the day so the paid staff could go out to do some voter outreach. We still fiund people here who ask, "Is there an election on Tuesday?"

    There are tons of votes out here that are ours for the asking, please, please, help us reach these voters.

    Obama has ads running all over the radio, TV, newspapers, getting his voters to the early voting here. We are outspend here by 3 to 1 by him. Please help us make up for it with your phone calls, or visit to help us if you can.

  • I am in Charlotte, NC right now. Please, all hillary supporters, get on the phones to this state whenever you can, we are still meeting residents who say "Is there an election on Tuesday?" They need to know whay it is so important to vote for Hillary.

    I asked the campaign where they wanted me to go, where I was needed most, and they said Charlotte, NC and it is true. I am in a campaign office with one paid staffer, no literature or signs, and a few volunteers coming in for an hour or two each, while there are 100,000 voters in our district to reach by Tuesday. Help us reach them! There are many votes out there for the asking.

  • "Working class people don't need to be vilified or glorified for political purposes."

    Uh, tell me how we working class people should be regarded - as bitter despoiled souls who take out our jobless rage  by kicking the cat, delude ourselves with fantasies of power and control by toting guns, racism, xenophobia? Somehow we don't seem to be plagued by hateful misogyny, though, that character defect seems to have escaped our greedy clutches, since we don't have a problem voting for the first viable woman candidate for the presidency. Funny how that works. Not too logical, is it?

    Maybe she impresses us with her steadfast, disciplined, accountable addressing of our priority issues, spells out brilliant and eminently sensible solutions to the countries problems, and honors us by making it clear exactly what she intends to do as our president. We don't have to wonder where she stands.

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    Interesting idea, I wonder...?

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    CNN really deserves a big, boisterous demonstration outside their offices, between Wolf Blitzer's lies and the Fatal Attraction remarks they are going into the gutter for BO.


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