• "Clinton and her oppo research teams have had more than a year to get any dirt on Obama that is out there. "

    And she didn't use any of it, you fools. It's still out there waiting to explode.

  • No, it was perfect the first time, "there are plenty of reasons to oppose Obama". We have opposed him for many months, for excellent reasons, that remain entirely unaffected by a speech. We judge people by their actions, not their words, a main difference between Clinton and Obama supporters.

  • "I'm sure she realizes that if Obama loses the GE, there will be no 2012 run for her. She'll be blamed for his loss."

    I disagree. I think that when the dust settles from this campaign, the way Obama has destroyed her will be revealed, and he is to blame for his own demise in November.

    There is no way the Chicago voter fraud wing of the Democratic Party will be allowed to take over and destroy who we are, George Soros or not.

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    Your repeat insults to Clinton, blaming her for the disaffection of her supporters is merely more of the same delusional and self serving BS that has terminated any hope of reconciliation. It is the actions and words of the Obama campaign and supporters which has destroyed any chance of reconciliation. We don't like or trust him or his supporters and the superior elitist attitudes, and there is no way we want anything to do with helping the corrupt voter fraud wing of the Chicago machine take over the Democratic party. It's a loathesome idea, we want no part of it.

    Pretending that there is no substantial objection to Obama when we have a multitude of serious objections to him is simply the reigning delusion of his supporters. The constant blaming and sliming of Hillary Clinton only puts icing on the cake.

  • This s crap. Endless crap from the Obama campaign supporters. No, we will not vote for him, we don't appreciate being treated like crap.

  • "Then get angry at the McCain campaign for taking advantage of your independent spirit and manipulating it for his own purposes."

    Nonsense, what comes across is you and the diarist trying to manipulate Clinton supporters into supporting Obama by a transparent ploy. You stab friends in the back, sneer and try to browbeat them into submission and defeat with lies, innuendo, and pathological projections about their candidate, then you think you are going to get them right back on your side?  Not in a million years! Those bridges are long burned.

    The Obama campaign has created a huge division in the Democratic party, and it will not just be papered over. Of course the McCain campaign should be trying to woo every demographic, just as the Obama campaign will try to. That's politics, remember?

  • "Geraldine Ferraros and Harriet Christians of the US, join us in making sure Teh Blakk Guy doesn't win. Join us in the quest for Hillary's revenge!"

    This is exactly the kind of insult directed at white women voters that insures they will NEVER vote for Barack Obama, his campaign has been a long series of offensive insults, directly and indirectly.

    They absolutely will vote for John McCain, in droves. It's not ofensive to be called a demographic, vs being called ignorant, bitter, and racist.

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    Barack Obama will not win in the GE, there was nothing so consistently expressed by Democratic voters all over the country as the sentiment that there was no way they would vote for someone so inexperienced and unqualified - they do not trust him to lead this country.

    I don't trust him at all, and will never vote for him. Not after the hateful and underhanded campaign he has run against Hillary Clinton, a fiercely negative, sneering campaign of character assassination and race baiting innuendo. I refuse to assist in helping the corrupt Chicago voter fraud wing of the Democratic Party take over, to me that is like the dark side overwhelming the party I once loved. I fear what will happen to the country with corruption in charge of a major party.

    I doubt I will continue to participate in MyDD after Barack Obama becomes the nominee, I have no interest in his losing campaign, but will be working to promote Hillary Clinton's next candidacy for whatever office she chooses to run for.

    There is nothing left of interest here.

  • comment on a post Ickes: It's all about the $$$? over 6 years ago

    Tripe and nonsense. Obama supporters dream up the most spurious crapola and project it onto those they wish to harm. In this case, their fellow Democrats who disagree with them about who the best candidate is. The "Politics of Hope" is the darkest, most pathological mass delusion I have ever witnessed.

  • comment on a post A Woman on the Ticket-The Promise and the Problem over 6 years ago

    The entire tenor of this diary makes me very uncomfortable, as it appears to assume that women will be welcoming of an obvious attempt to manipulate their support by the addition of people with certain anatomical gifts to the ticket, regardless of their having achieved anything like what Hillary Clinton offers to our country, and despite them having denied her their support to be the next POTUS. It is an insult to her supporters.

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    Too little, too late. If Obama had any intention of being a uniter, he would have run a dramatically different campaign. The bridges are burned, permanently, between him and many vital segments of the electorate. he may even have driven a stake into the very heart of the Democratic party, if the tenor of Clinton supporters all over this country is any measure.

    Should he "wheeze" his way to victory as the illegitimate nominee, it will be a costly Pyrrhic victory at most.

    It's not over yet, folks, we are going to Denver!

  • Yes, terrific suggestions. We will win, no matter how long it takes! Ignore the paid bloggers who post tripe, just laugh at them wasting their time.

  • "It may very well come back to haunt Obama in the fall. "

    It will do more than haunt Obama in the fall. It will haunt the Democratic Party, which is complicit in voter disenfranchisement.

    The problem with stabbing your best friends in the back is that we know far, far too much about you,

  • "Be a fucking progressive."

    Typical Obama supporter vulgarity, and a small part of the reason I will NEVER vote for Obama.

    I am a deeply committed Progressive all my life, and that is why I support Hillary Clinton. She is a Progressive, Obama is not. I will actively work to defeat BO, and all the BO supporters who think we will simply and passively fall into line is delusional.

  • on a comment on Obama: A different kind of dirty over 6 years ago

    Agreed that the BO margin for error in the GE is razor thin, and the decision not to seat FL in full and to overturn the vote of 600,000 in MI seals the deal in those states. Welcome to President McCain.

    People who criticize the Clinton supporters who objected loudly to the decision of the RBC yesterday lack an appreciation of history and any perspective on the ramifications of that crime against democracy. It is silence that is inappropriate and "impolite" to the millions who have died for freedom and democracy over generations, in the extreme. What happened yesterday was an international crime - election overturn by an elite political party inner circle, the stuff of bogus democracies and military coups. That so many are silent and/or dismissive of this event boggles the imagination, their passivity in the face of blatant destruction of voter's rights stomps on the face of every mortal sacrifice made in the name of democracy.

    There will be no good end to this process given the trajectory it has taken. It is the politics of "change" that no one can believe in, and I predict the supporters of this illegitimate nominee will be screaming the loudest when they uncover the betrayal of everything they believe in by him and his minions.


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