• "Alot of every day older and older women votes in states like OH and PA just assume that she will be the VP (and please stop with the PUMA insult crap) and they will be upset when it is someone other than HRC.  "

    Yes, even people who should know better are clinging to the hope that it will be HRC, and many others are simply assuming it will be, and they are going to be extremely upset when it urns out otherwise. I believe this number has been underestimated by quite a lot. It's not so clear to me that he is going to get much of a bounce out of the convention. between McCain's negative ad campaign, 527s jumping into the ball game, and no HRC on the ticket it could be a very difficult week for him.

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    She showed up to visit with the volunteers out in the field in every state I campaigned for Hillary in - six in all. She always wanted to "pump us up" and cheered our very presence, and vociferously encouraged us to fight the good fight. I'll never forget how she drove all over, showed up for every little band of supporters, going into every neighborhood, holding signs and waving at cars with us, a veritable volcano of spirit and enthusiasm.

    I promised to fundraise for her next campaign, and to never forget her, and I never will. I'm so sorry I never had the chance to help her in return.

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    It is coming over all the other news media now, including AP, that she has died. This is so incredibly sad.

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    She is one of my favorite people in the entire world, what a horrible loss.

  • You have a problem with gay people? What kind of homophobic crap is that?

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    " Who cares if my comments are not at all helpful to the Democratic Nominee. After all, Ya gots to look out for number one, right?"

    Who? I couldn't care less, if it means staying silent in the face of scurrilous, baseless, ruthless political attacks that deface the legacy and reputation of the only Democratic Party president who was able to get reelected for two terms. Who are the true Democrats here? The ones who indulge in disgusting and false charges against a stand up Democrat, for mere personal ambition, or the ones who stand up for principles? Who is playing the politics of personal destruction by making libelous accusations of racism, a charge that is political dynamite, and renders a politician radioactive, not to mention degrades the concept of "racist" so that it loses all meaning and impact for the situations when it really needs to be a powerful accusation? It's really a gross insult to everyone who has suffered the consequences of real racism, to inoculate the real racists against that word. That's foul play for our entire society, and sets back the civil rights movement by generations.

    There is no excuse for this crap, and you Obama supporters can troll rate me all you like, you won't silence us, you only discredit yourselves.

  • "McCain started to early, Obama will hit back like his new energy, ad, but McCain 3 months of being negative?

    yeah that will back fire, they pulled this to early"

    Nonsense, John Kerry was destroyed in August by the swiftboaters. It's not only not too early, it's almost running late. The McCain campaign has to define Obama in voters' minds before he can define himself. Obama's talking about his family background isn't enough, he doesn't have a record of accomplishments and committed positions taken over time to establish himself and  reassure voters who are only now being introduced to him. His dramatic loss in the number of independent voters is a harbinger of how ineffective and weak a candidate he is. None of his campaign's predictions regarding those independent voters is materializing, he hasn't made his case with them. The "arrogant" meme is sticking, and it makes him very unattractive.

  • Obama's flip flops have already completely undercut his marketing message of "change" quite adequately. A VP choice that further undercuts any illusion of integrity or "new politics" is mere overkill. He could pick Jenna Bush as his VP choice and the dynastic component would be rationalized away as "bipartisanship" by his ardent supporters. Like his ludicrous rationale for rejecting public financing, a ploy so transparently cynical it lowers the bar on his behavior to that of the worst used car salesman. "Believe this and I have a bridge I want to sell you..."

  • "generally unattractive to Democratic base voters is hurting him."

    Rasmussen is saying today that even the youth vote is no longer enthralled with Obama, and the percentage of them who say they "will definitely vote" has dropped from a high of 66% in Feb-March to a more normal 46% in July. So much for the great Movement of the One. Guess he wasn't the One they have been waiting for after all...

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    Of course he was going to stab all the progressives who supported him in the back, once he got our money, votes, and the nomination. Hillary Clinton was the most progressive candidate in the race

    Obama's version of "change" is to give up on all core progressive Democratic ideal and goals. He broadcast that loud and clear, but progressives weren't listening, they rather have their fantasy than face reality. They went ahead and supported someone who will use them for all they are worth, and discard them like chaff when he has what he wants.

    He will never get a vote or a dollar out of me, I know a con man when I see one.

    But so many progressives are still supporting him, saying
    He's just running to the right for the genera; election. But the positions he takes now are he only ones he will have a mandate to insist upon later, when it is too late to take back your votes. You will all be screaming "Betrayal!" then, also...

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    Yes, I fully expect Obama's numbers to continue to lose ground. He peaked last February.

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    I think one of the reasons he is falling is because Clinton has been counted out as VP. The drop occurred since his European trip was panned as hubris and it became clear in the NY Times story that Clinton was out as VP choice. Millions of Clinton supporters were only supporting him because they thought he would pick her to be on the ticket. As those Clinton supporters back away, he will plummet more, and McCain will pick up more Democratic support.

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    Me too! We PUMAs just paid off half of Hillary's remaining debt with  a grassroots, bottom up fundraising campaign over July 4th - to celebrate our independence from the DNC ."No donations without representation" is my motto.

    I last donated to Obama in November of 2007, and I wish I had my money back. Everything I learned about him since then has convinced me never to support him.

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    "it said she gets thrown under the bus if you vote for mccain."

    Wrong. Hillary, and everyone who supported her gets thrown under the bus if you vote for Obama.

    The primary isn't over by a long shot. This is an ongoing process whereby the corrupt Chicago machine is trying to take over control of the Democratic Party. The primary challenges against Clinton supporters are underway, as well as other revenge. The fight is ongoing, obvious to everyone involved.

    If Obama wins, that process of destroying the Clinton supporters will succeed. These people play very rough, it's about raw power only, no ethics or principles anywhere to be found.

    There are diaries posted here by people who seem to think there is anything real to the "hope" and "change" slogans. Those dreamy concepts are totally belied by the very real ruthless tactics being used in this fight. They are nothing more than a silly fiction touted to distract the masses who are not actually involved in what is really going on. There is no vision of hope or change going on, only a marketing campaign to distract those who don't know anything.

    Hillary's only hope for her future and that of her supporters, her beliefs, and her vision, is for Obama to lose the election, so she can still be a viable force in the party, and can protect her supporters' positions.  She can run again in 2012, so she will be maintained as a force to be reckoned with.

    Those of us who believe Obama will be terrible for the Party and the country stand by our opposition to his takeover. The 46% of Clinton supporters who refuse to support Obama will be enough to defeat him. The number is not that meaningful in itself, the trend definitely is, and he has been losing momentum since February, first to Clinton, then to "not voting for anyone".

    There is still a good chance that information will still come out that persuades the super delegates to flip to Clinton in Denver. You don't know what it is. If it remains close, and he continues losing support it will come out.

    Those voting for Obama are voting to bury Clinton and all she stands for. Don't kid yourselves.

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    Hillary is a real Democrat, what don't you understand?

    Driving Obama's  poll numbers down is what we want, to make the argument that he is unelectable to the super Delegates. Supporting McCain is the best way to do that. What don't you understand? Simply different tactics used by different contingents of the Hillary supporters. We are working on all levels to get the job done, and doing whatever it takes.

    Of course it really helps fuel our commitment to our cause that the Obama camp is now waging war against the Clinton supporters. The electeds that supported Hillary are now facing primary challenges and have to fight to retain their seats. The Obama supporters are trying to destroy them. It is a daily reminder that we are not on the same side, that we are in fact enemies, and no holds barred combat will continue. The primary continues for most of us, this is not a rerun, it's a new chapter.

    We are not the only ones saying "Party Unity, My Ass", the Obama supporters are saying the same exact thing in actions, if not so obviously in words. Trying to kill off half of the party will only ensure your own demise at the polls.

    The numbers are going down for Obama, the faker is getting undone. If we fight for the real Democrat in this race we will win in November.

    The most common thing said about Hillary Clinton here in NY state is "She does what she says she will do." That is a fact. She keeps her campaign promises. She wants to be held accountable, and she ran to the center left during the primary so that she would not have to flip flop to the center in the general. She knows that if you spell out what you are going to do, and people support you for it, then once you get in office you have a mandate to get those things done. What you see is what you get with Hillary Clinton.

    BO has deliberately obscured what his positions are, no one knows for sure, and people are scared, with that uneasy feeling of "I hope he will do what I think he should, but it may only be my wishful thinking." People do not trust him. If he were to squeak through and win the election, he would no have a mandate to push for anything at all, because he hasn't stood for anything at all.

    All that grandiose talk about a Democratic landslide is dissolving in the cold crisp clarity of reality, and his flimsy boat is sinking, built on a tissue of lies.

    It's the morning after, and the booze and drugs have worn off, and the person you got in bed with looks more and more like a crummy creep you cannot wait to get away from. What were you thinking?


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