Trump’s Wiretapping Allegations Escalate To Foreign Allies

Allegations leveled against the former president by his successor President Donald Trump about the wiretapping of Trump Tower before the election, on Friday sparked a cemented path towards political instability with Trump dragging allies from two foreign nations into his claims regarding the issue, stating that he’s right.

During a White House briefing in the presence of Angela Merkel (German Chancellor), Trump didn’t relent on the allegations that he had brought forward two weeks ago through a tweet, even after top officials at his party admitted to having no evidence that supported his claims. During the news conference. He also reserved his comments on statements made by a Fox News commentator stating that British Intelligence Agents had something to do with the wiretapping claims. This came after officials from White House had put the minds of British leaders at rest assuring them that they wouldn’t pursue the allegation.

The president’s allegations sparked almost two weeks of intense debate taking a lot of time from the White House staff, the CIA, Department of Justice, and among other intelligent departments. White House called for Congress inquiries, avoided questions, refused to comment, and pointed fingers to a media report that had information supporting the allegations when it didn’t, days after Trump brought forward his claims with no evidence to support the claims.

Trump’s aides were quick to defend him with one of them being Kellyanne Conway who had initially said microwaves or televisions would have been utilized to carry out the surveillance which he later cited as a joke. Both Sean Spicer (White House Press Secretary) and Trump himself have said the claim was directed towards the broader surveilling efforts with wiretapping not being the particular area. However, they didn’t refute the initial claim.

In response to Trump’s accusations, the Obama administration has since denied these allegations with James B. Comey (FBI Director) calling for the dispute of the issue by the Justice Department. Also, members of the Congress like R-Wis, D. Ryan, and the four ranking officials from the two intelligence committees this week reported no evidence was found to support Trump’s accusation.

A federal judge also stipulated that the allegations by Trump could not be legally carried out by any president without probable cause. On Friday, Oklahoma Congress Rep-Tom Cole who’s been a Trump supporter said that Trump owed the former president an apology citing that he shouldn’t level accusations on the former president with no evidence to back it up.

There’s always been unrest between the intelligence community and Trump way before he entered the Oval with Trump adamant that holdovers and career officers from Obama’s administration are determined to ruin his presidency. Trump has also ordered an internal investigation pertaining to the communications information leak during the campaigns that happened between his campaign officials, allies, and the Russian officials.

The contention is set to enter its third week as Monday will see the FBI Director appear before the House Intelligence Committee to testify. His appearance aims at clarifying whether FBI is carrying out investigations on Russia’s involvement in 2016’s election or the claimed links between Russian officials and Trump’s associates.

After issuing requests for Trump-related accusation materials from the Department of Justice, on Friday the House Intelligence Committee were provided with documents with the panel not disclosing whether the documents supported or refuted the president’s allegations.

Sean Spicer earlier in the week further tried to support Trump’s allegations by reading Andrew Napolitano’s (Former Superior Court judge in New Jersey) report aloud. It stated that according to three intelligence reports, Obama had crossed his chain of command boundaries by spying on Trump using a British Intelligence agency and that there was no American involvement in the issue.

These remarks did not sit well with British officials; however, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson reiterated on Friday in a press briefing that White House had assured them that the claims wouldn’t fly anymore. Trump passed the opportunity to address the British concerns on Friday in his news conference.

Fox later issued anchor Shephard Smith’s on-air statements after the president’s press conference saying that it wasn’t able to confirm comments made by Napolitano and that Fox News didn’t have any knowledge or evidence in regards to the president’s claims. White House, however, did not still fold with Sean Spicer afterward telling reporters that they didn’t regret anything and that they provided a list of reports that were available in the public domain.

Source: NDTV

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