Trump Proposes An Increase Of $54 billion To The Defense Budget

According to the White House report on Monday, President Donald Trump proposed an enormous rise in defense spending of up to $54 billion, while slashing foreign aid and domestic spending by a similar amount. Trump’s spending design plan forecasted a primary speech that he will deliver on Tuesday night to a common session of Congress, putting down his vision for what he termed a “national security budget and public safety” with about 10% addition in defense spending. Monday, in his remarks to the governors of the country, Trump said that the US never wins any war. As a country, it never wins; it doesn’t fight to win, so it’s either it goes to win or it doesn’t go for the fights at all.

According to Trump, slashing down on military spending was not the solution. He, however, acknowledges that the country has spent around $6 trillion on fighting wars since the September 11 attacks. As an alternative, his proposed increase will be counterbalanced by cuts to undefined foreign aid and domestic programs, which would sequentially be compensated for in part by requesting that other countries increase on their pay for security association that has for a long time been sponsored by the US.

One official at the Office of Management and Budgets, who demanded obscurity to talk about Trump’s spending strategy, said that this proposed budget requires all other countries to take responsibility in some of the programs that the US has been underwriting in the past. Foreign sponsorship adds to nearly 1% of the budget.

The official further said that the budget speaks for itself, and its sole goal is to put the Americans first. Trump’s call for heavy cuts to spending at home is possibly going to bring out heated battles on Capitol Hill, where House Republicans and Democrats are likely to oppose a spending bill that involves such huge cuts in plans for their constituents.

Source: LATimes