Tom Brady’s Shirt Goes Missing After Super Bowl Win

Tom Brady, the four-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player and one of the National Football League’s all-time best quarterback has led the Patriots to win the Super Bowl Championship. However, during the celebrations, his game jersey vanished from his bag. He regrets this as the shirt was going to be his treasured souvenir for his mother who has been fighting terminal disease close to two years.

According to Ken Goldin, Founder of Golding Auction based in New Jersey, Brady’s shirt would be worth up to $500,000 if sold. And since he is the most celebrated and the most collectible football player alive, the bidding would start at $300,000. Brad calls out to anyone with information about the jersey to let him know so he can track it down. The governor of Texas has also requested the Texas Rangers to join the police in their effort to finding the missing jersey.

Forbes published that the Super Bowl MVP was paid $44.1 million in endorsements and salary in 2016, placing him in the list of top 15 highest-paid athletes in the world. Furthermore, he was fourth on the jersey sales list in the previous season, after three rookies: Carson Wentz of the Eagles, and the Cowboy teammates Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot.

On the lighter note, Monday night was certainly a night worth remembering for Brad. His avid fan – her mother, who’s been through a lot – made it the game for the first time this season. She was able to watch the game that had been dedicated to her by her 39-year-old son.

The all-time star was given a silver football trophy for his MVP title and was pleased that he gets to bring it to his kids who are always asking about it.

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