The Surface Clones We Have Are More Than Enough

Back in 2012 when Microsoft introduced the Surface line to the market, the combination of the keyboard and tablet merging seamlessly with a smart kickstand was just brilliant. With the introduction of the line in the rather stale market (for Windows tablets and Windows laptops) at the time, they were hopeful that they would inject some innovation into the market. Contrary to this intent, we’re experiencing a huge amount of Surface imitations. Having jumpstarted the market and achieving a massive following, only a handful of brands today present a strong case that would warranty one to get their items rather than the Microsoft ones.

The Barcelona World Congress this week presented this truth in regards to the Surface imitations. Contrary to our expectations, Samsung introduced its latest Surface clone instead of its flagship phone-The Galaxy Book. Following the trend of the other Surface clones, Samsung’s Surface clone operates on Windows 10 accompanied by a detachable keyboard. However, the old keyboard cover doesn’t stand a chance against the new one. It also comes with the S-Pen (Stylus) which is the case with all other Surface clones and also features a pretty screen.

Not wanting to get left out, HP has also made a late entrant into the game. The Pro X2; the latest 2-in-1. It features a detachable keyboard cover, 165-degree stand, and an outstanding Wacom Stylus tech. The HP 2-in-1 gadget has some targeted features towards the enterprise market such as the fingerprint scanner and SSD drive.

The sight of Microsoft leading its hardware comrades is kind of interesting. This would be unimaginable some few years back. Not only is it happening now, but we see it happen repeatedly. All we can do now is wait for other Surface Studio clones to make entry into the market with a keen eye on the Dell Surface Studio imitation.

Source: TechCrunch