Tech World Responds To The President’s Immigration Ban

The president has ordered to ban all immigrants coming from predominantly Muslim countries, so they won’t be able to enter US soil. However, the tech industry and CEOs from influential companies condemn the ban. The CEOs of Apple, Microsoft, Uber, and Netflix denounced the policy as it will have an effect on their employees even though all of them are working in the country legally. Tech companies heavily rely on exceptional minds from different countries all around the world which means that Pres. Trump’s order to ban immigrants will affect the competitive quest of tech companies for talent and brilliant people.

According to the founder and CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, now is the time for everyone to make a united effort in protecting American values especially opportunity and freedom. He added that the President’s actions are hurting the employees of his company across the globe. Hastings also claimed that the commander-in-chief is un-American and that his actions inflict pain on them all.

Moreover, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google Inc., said that the move of the President will affect a tremendous number of employees from the company. He said that he is concerned with the order’s impact and to future proposals that may impose restrictions on the company’s staff as well as their families. Trump is creating barriers in bringing exceptional talent to the country. Google made a statement about continuously making an effort to make the Internet giant’s views on such sensitive issues known to all people including to the leaders of the country.

Pres. Trump’s executive order halts any admission of Syrian refugees indefinitely. The ban also suspends refugee entry to the country for 120 days. Entry will also be barred for a span of three months to anyone that comes from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.