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Best Shopping Cart Cover: Buying Guide & Reviews

Getting a shopping cart cover is an absolute must if you take your little one with you to the grocery store often. Have you ever thought of how many germs are hiding in those carts?

They’re certainly there — just think of how many people have touched them before you have! And when babies and toddlers start chewing on the handlebar when you’re not looking, they’re at risk for getting seriously sick.

We care about babies’ health and safety, which is why we highly recommend investing in a shopping cart cover. It keeps your bundle of joy germ-free, safe and sound!

Today, we bring you a shopping trolley cart seat protector buying guide. It explains all the features you should look for when buying one. And to make your life even easier, we have also compiled a list of the best cart cover and seat positioner items on the market.

We want you to make the most of your time with your little one without worrying about invisible harmful germs and bacteria!


Are Shopping Cart Covers Really Necessary?

Small toddlers especially love chewing on every hard surface they can find. It eases the discomfort of teething. But this has some health concerns.

Grocery carts are disgusting and packed with germs. Every day, dozens of people touch them, and you don’t know what they have touched before. Do you really want your little one chewing on the handlebar and sides of the cart? All it takes is someone who hasn’t washed their hands properly to get your baby sick with a gastrointestinal illness!

Stopping them from doing so is nearly impossible, especially when you are focused on buying all the groceries you need. This is why shopping cart cover items are absolutely necessary. They cover the trolley’s dirty surfaces and are a much more convenient alternative to wearing a baby carrier.

A young boy drinks from a blue sippy cup while sitting on a trolley with a blue shopping cart cover


When to Use a Shopping Cart Cover?

Once your child can sit upright by themselves, it’s time to get a shopping cart cover. This varies from child to child, but normally, it happens when they are between four and seven months old.

Keep in mind that younger infants who can’t sit up shouldn’t be sat in a trolley cart seat! Opt for a baby carrier or a marsupial, instead.


How to Use a Shopping Cart Cover for Baby and Toddlers?

A shopping cart cover may look complicated to use, but if you read the product’s instructions, it’s really not hard.

Each shopping cart and high chair cover works in a different way. But, more often than not, you are supposed to drape the cover over the grocery cart seat. Then, using the elastic straps and/or the fabric straps, you can adjust the fit and secure it in place.

From there, all you have to do is seat your child in the designated place. Just like you would if the cover weren’t there.


How Do Shopping Trolley Covers Work?

In a nutshell, a shopping cart cover works by preventing your baby from touching the dirty parts of a shopping cart. Thus, they won’t be in contact with germs and bacteria. They will only be able to touch your brand new, squeaky clean shopping cart and high chair cover.


How to Fold a Shopping Cart Cover?

Some shopping cart covers are easier to fold than others. They all come with their own set of instructions, which you should read.

Generally speaking, you should be able to either ball up or fold up the shopping cart cover easily. Then, you can either stuff it inside a cloth pouch sold separately or inside the built-in pouch that comes with some grocery cart cover models.

The image shows the many uses of a shopping cart cover


Baby Trolley Cart Cover Buying Guide: What to Look For!

Don’t get lost among the many, many shopping trolley cart seat covers! Look for these key features in order to narrow down your search.


Safety Features

It’s always important to have a seatbelt built into the shopping cart cover. Babies are unpredictable and love moving around. Avoid accidents by choosing a cover that comes with a safety harness. The sturdier, the better.



A padded seat will prevent your kid from throwing a fit because they’re uncomfortable at the store. Plus, if you choose a cover with pillows attached to it, there’s a good chance your little one will fall asleep right away. Comfort for your child and a stress-free grocery run for the parent — what could be better?


Ease of Use

If you don’t want to spend precious minutes setting up your shopping cart and high chair cover and then putting it away, choose one that is easy to use. Stay away from models with a ton of straps, they will just eat away too much time out of your already busy day. At the same time, don’t bypass straps altogether. After all, they are what keep your baby strapped securely to the cart.



Better than finding a flimsy cheap shopping cart cover is finding one that is durable. Sturdy baby shopping cart covers are the best, as they last a long time and can be used by several children over the years.

This is perfect for big families and, if you look after yours attentively, you can even gift your used shopping cart cover to a new baby in the family if they’re on a budget!



Think of how practical a shopping cart cover will be for you. Is it compact enough to fit your diaper bag or purse? Is it machine washable? The goal is not only to keep your child safe from germs but also to make grocery store trips easier to manage.


Top 10 Shopping Cart Covers

Now that you know what to look for in a shopping cart cover, it’s time to get shopping! To make your life even easier, we have picked the top 10 shopping cart covers on the market right now. We’ve highlighted their top features, their pros, and their cons.

We took into consideration several factors when compiling this list. First, we made sure to prioritize safety. Then, we looked at all the features we mentioned above in our shopping cart cover buying guide. The more they had, the better. Lastly, we read dozens of Amazon reviews to see how satisfied parents were in the long run.

Let’s look at the best shopping trolley covers.


1) Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Baby Seat Cover

The three models available of the Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Shopping Cart Cover are laid out next to one another

The Summer Infant 2-in-1 cart cover and seat positioner got its name because of the gray pillow that is included in the product. It makes sitting in a shopping trolley cart seat safe even for small babies.

Place the cushion on the cart seat in order to prop up your infant. When they outgrow the pillow, simply leave it at home and use the cart cover like always.

This product has a vinyl pocket to protect your smartphone. This way, your child can watch their favorite cartoons while you shop without you having to worry about them dropping your phone. The two fabric loops for toys keep your child entertained and their play things safe from falling to the ground.

This cart cover fits most retail shopping trolleys. In addition to that, it is also handy to use in restaurant high chairs.

After your grocery run, simply fold up the Cushy shopping cart cover into a pouch. While it’s too bulky to fit a normal purse, it will definitely fit inside any packed car trunk.



  • Grows alongside your child
  • Has convenient loops for toys and smartphone cover protector
  • Fits the majority of shopping trolleys


  • Too bulky to store in a purse
  • Not enough pockets for moms


2) Eddie Bauer Baby Shopping Trolley Cover

A child is sitting on the Eddie Bauer Reversible shopping cart cover and smiling

This Eddie Bauer cart cover is a well-known product that keeps older toddlers safe from germs during any grocery trip run.

The cover fits most supermarket shopping trolleys, no matter if they have a modern or an ancient design. The safety straps ensure that the cover and your toddler don’t slip out of any cart.

For added comfort, the leg holes are also padded. And, to entertain your child to the max, this product includes two plush toys. You can attach them to the loops and let your child be distracted while you shop.

Lastly, the reversible cover gives you two designs for the price of one. Once the cover gets too dirty, pop it in the washing machine and let it dry.



  • Fits most shopping carts
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Comes with toys for babies and toddlers


  • Doesn’t come with enough cart seat pad material
  • Younger toddlers may be too small for this product


3) Boppy Luxe Baby Shopping Cart Seat Protector

A young boy sits on the Boppy Luxe Cart Cover and smiles at the camera

While this shopping trolley cart cover is bulky, it provides extra comfort and safety to young and older toddlers alike.

The seat is covered in soft plush mink, perfect to keep your little one comfortable during long grocery runs. The safety belt keeps your child well strapped in and prevents any accidents.

If your kid likes taking their toys with them wherever they go, they can do so with this product. Loop the toys to the fabric straps and let them play to their heart’s content.

Moms and dads also love this product. The large built-in pockets are convenient and offer a lot of storage space. Use them to keep your child’s water bottle or a snack.

Lastly, the Boppy Luxe baby shopping cart and high chair cover can be used in virtually all shopping trolleys. Moreover, it can also be used in high chairs at restaurants. When you’re done using it, fold it into a pouch and stow it away.



  • Plenty of cart seat pad material for extra comfort
  • Fits high chairs and shopping carts
  • The toy loops and the large pockets for moms are useful


  • The extra-large design makes it a little hard to conveniently store


4) Infantino Baby Trolley Cart Cover

The Infantino shopping trolley and high chair cover sits on the cart seat with a sippy cup inside

The Infantino Shopping Cart Cover is an Amazon bestseller with a high star rating. And with good reason! It is durable, comfortable, machine washable, and keeps baby kids safe from harm.

The adjustable safety belt is what keeps your baby safe. It has a child-proof locking mechanism that only adults can open.

All the padded material makes this an obviously comfortable cart seat for toddlers and smaller children. Even the leg holes are padded for extra comfort.

This product is perfect for kids who take their toys everywhere. It comes with toy loops where you can attach their playthings and keep them at arm’s reach. It also comes with a teether, perfect for young children.

On top of all that, the elastic lined bottom makes it easy to put on any shopping cart. The extra strap for sippy cups makes it even more convenient since your child can drink without having to ask for your help.



  • Versatile design fits most shopping carts
  • The padded seat is comfortable for babies and toddlers
  • The toy loops, teether, and sippy cup are convenient


  • Instructions to fold up the product aren’t very clear


5) Itzy Ritzy Grocery Cart Seat for Babies

The picture shows the Itzy Ritzy baby shopping cart cover on top of the cart seat at a supermarket

The Itzy Ritzy baby shopping cart cover protector comes in an extra-large design that fits all retail trolleys.

Padding is this seat’s forte. The padded material on the shopping trolley and high chair cover make it very comfortable for a baby or toddler.

The two safety belts ensure your child is safe. They won’t be able to open the latches by themselves, so you can rest assured they won’t just get out and wander off.

There are also conveniently placed toy strap loops to keep your kid’s toys at arm’s reach. This will keep them entertained while you shop. You can even store some of your belongings in the large built-in pockets.

As if that weren’t enough, this product also doubles as a baby high chair cover. If you’re going out to eat after your grocery run, take this cover protector with you to keep those germs away from your child.



  • Convenient pockets and loops for toys
  • Cart seat pad material to keep your child comfortable
  • Can be washed in the washing machine


  • Difficult to put on larger shopping trolleys


6) Balboa Boheme Baby Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

On top of a shopping cart seat is the Balboa baby shopping cart cover in the color "Boheme"

The Balboa Boheme Baby cart cover may be a mouthful, but it’s well worth saying its name. It’s a reasonably priced, straightforward product for a baby or toddler.

The built-in elastic edges make it easy to put on most carts. Simply stretch the corners to fit the seat and close the velcro around the handlebar.

Even infants who like to move around a lot will be safe in this baby shopping cart. The safety harness keeps them in place and prevents accidents.

The design and materials used are also great. You will find several fabric loops for toys. Strapping them to the loops will ensure they don’t fall to the ground and let your kid play with them the whole time you’re at the store. The fabric cover is super soft and made from cotton. However, the color does start to fade after a few washes, despite it being machine washable.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that this is a smaller shopping cart cover protector than other models on the market. It is a tight fit on Target shopping carts and doesn’t fit Costco trolleys.



  • Can be used as a baby high chair cover
  • Has a safety harness to keep your child strapped to the seat


  • Doesn’t fit larger shopping trolley cart seat
  • The colors start fading away after some washes


7) Skip Hop Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

The picture shows the Skip Hop shopping cart and high chair cover in the color gray

The best compact shopping trolley cart seat cover on the market is this Skip Hop cover. It’s easy to use and convenient for busy parents.

Attaching it to any shopping trolley is a breeze. There is only one (strong) strap to put around the cart seat and another safety harness to put around your child. You can get it ready to be used in under a minute.

Storing it away is just as easy, too. When you’re done, undo the safety baby strap and the cart seat strap. Then, fold it up into a ball and stuff it inside the cloth pouch included in the product, and that’s it! You can then carry it with you around the store on your wrist using the wrist strap — it’s that compact.

Fortunately, there is also a cart seat pad material to keep your child comfortable. During long trips to the grocery store, they won’t complain that they “want down.”



  • Includes a sturdy safety strap for your baby
  • Has enough cart seat pad material to make kids comfortable
  • Super easy to store and travel-friendly


  • It may not fit larger shopping carts
  • The material is somewhat slippery


8) Brica GoShop Baby Cart Seat Cover

We can see in the image the Brica GoShop baby shopping cart protector along with a smartphone and a plush toy

If you’re ready to upgrade your child’s shopping experience, then the Brica GoShop baby grocery cart cover is the way to go.

This Brica cart and high chair cover looks completely different from other baby cart products on the market. It is more structured and compact, which makes it travel-friendly.

The corners of the fabric are stretchy and can be easily adjusted to fit most grocery store carts. On the back, there is a locking system that secures the whole structure in place. No need to worry about ties and fabric straps.

The built-in safety harness keeps your child safe — even if they love moving from side to side in the cart seat. The plush material offers added comfort for your baby or toddler.

The cherry on the cake are the added features. There’s a vinyl cover protector for your smartphone. Thus, your child can watch their favorite cartoons and not drop your phone. The toy straps also keep them entertained with their favorite items at arm’s reach.



  • Secure harness and soft padding material make it safe and comfortable
  • Fits most grocery store carts and can be used as a baby high chair cover
  • Convenient toy straps keep your child entertained


  • Won’t fit warehouse store carts, such as those at Costco


9) Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper Trolley and High Chair Cover

A small child sits on the Leachco baby seat cover protector smiling

The Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper cover is the product for you if you’re looking to make your baby or toddler as comfortable as possible.

This baby shopping cart hammock stands out from the competition because of the high-quality padded material. The seat itself is padded and there are cushions on the side to keep your child feeling cozy.

To make the most of your investment, you can turn it into a baby high chair cover. By removing the side cushions, you can protect your kid from germs even in restaurants.

The front toy loop is great to keep little kids entertained. Avoid tantrums by always keeping their favorite toys at hand for them to play.

There are also three built-in pockets on the back part of the shopping car seat cover. They’re roomy enough to keep your baby’s sippy cup, a snack or two, and even a notebook with your shopping list.



  • Awesome padded material keeps the little ones comfortable
  • The safety seatbelt prevents any accidents
  • Plenty of storage space and loops to attach toys


  • The cart cover and seat positioner design is somewhat bulky


10) Lumiere Baby Shopping Cart Protector for Baby and Toddler

The image shows the Lumiere high chair cover in a black-and-white striped color

The last item on our list is the machine washable Lumiere shopping cart and high chair cover. It is easy to install and compact to take on the go.

This grocery cart and high chair cover is big enough to completely cover the handlebar, sides, and back of the baby shopping trolley. Therefore, it protects against all germs.

The whole padded cover has been designed to be easily installed. The elastic corners and side velcro straps let you set it up in just a minute. Storing it is also easy since you only need to roll it into the cloth pouch that comes with the product.

In order to keep your little one entertained, this item comes with a play mat. Let them take their favorite toy with them to the grocery store, attach them to the toy fabric loops, and let them play to their heart’s content!

If they like playing with your smartphone, you can slip it into the clear pocket. This prevents them from dropping your phone or smudging it with their fingers while they play.



  • Easy to install and store away despite being bulky
  • Toy loops, play mat, and smartphone clear cover protector are convenient
  • The polyester padding offers maximum comfort


  • Will not fit warehouse carts, such as those at Costco
  • The cart seat pad material is slippery


Shopping Cart Cover: Yes or No?

Yes, you should totally invest in a shopping cart cover! These are not just cute pieces of padded fabric to show off at the store. They keep your baby safe and make the whole shopping experience much better for both you and your little one.

By covering the dirty shopping trolleys, these covers don’t let babies and toddlers touch the germs you can easily find on carts. They’re much more effective than constantly telling your child “Don’t touch that!” All in all, they’re a great way of preventing childhood illnesses caused by bacteria and dirt.


Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Shopping Trolley Covers

Is a shopping cart cover necessary?

Yes, yes, and yes! If your child goes with you to the store often, it’s best to get a shopping cart cover. It will keep them away from germs and prevent them from getting sick. As the goes, better safe than sorry.


Which shopping cart cover fits Costco carts?

The Infantino 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Seat fits perfectly on Costco carts without the seams ripping. It’s one of our favorite products.


When can a baby use a shopping trolley cover?

Babies can graduate to sitting on a shopping trolley car seat when they can sit upright by themselves. This happens at around four months old. Once they hit this phase, it’s time to go out and buy a shopping cart cover.


What is the best baby seat cover for shopping carts?

If you want one that is compact, we recommend the Skip Hop one. If you value padding more, then the Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper is the one for you. But, once again, it all depends on what you, specifically, need for your child!