RankScience Wants To Replace SEO Consultants

Thousands of ‘search engine optimization consultants,’ potentially face losing their jobs if the dark art of SEO gets in line for software-powered automation. At least that’s the picture painted by a YC-backed startup, RankScience, just graduating from the accelerator’s winter 2017 program. It’s software-like-a-service that automates the process of running numerous A/B tests so as to establish the changes that will help the client’s website rank higher in organic search results.

Ryan Bednar, Founder at the Humble Human SEO Consultant, whose typical day is spent keenly looking at dashboards scores, to try and locate useful tweaks, but, whose highly-profitable employment could come to a halt if manual analytics get overtaken by automation said that ultimately, software is where things are heading. Humans are adjusting and changing and measuring, and this is the start of that.

So the cliché is goodbye specialized in-house staff and SEO dashboards and hello software for automated testing and continually optimized web pages. RankScience claims a boost of 37% in organic traffic within the first three months, contending that such growth differentiates them from competition – although it still has few customers at this point.

Bednar explains that the SEO automation approach functions well for any site, but is particularly beneficial where companies have plenty of pages, such as marketplaces, Q&A pages, and directories.Clients need to channel their web traffic through RankScience’s CDN so it can run the numerous split tests for them, though it claims the setup for this is as an easy-two minutes and straightforward single-line change.

This software executes all the work for you. You don’t need product managers and engineers because it’s a CDN, it can make adjustments to your pages, its competitions can’t. There are no dubious methods deployed to boost rankings, this software adheres to Google’s best practices, and no single client website will get penalized by Google.

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